Top 10 Reason why Education is Important

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It is wisely said “without education man is a slave “. In today’s world, we all want to be independent. We all want to be rich and superior of others. We all like to have our pockets full all the time but as it is competitive world out there, where you can expect no mercy, nobody will pay you without extracting certain amount of benefits for themselves. The materialistic system of ‘give and take’ seems to be rooted at the very foundation and this can be illustrated with the projection of a whole cycle whose basic element is ‘education’. Education was born with the birth of the human race and it will continue to function as long as the human race lives .It is not only reading books or attending an academic institution or knowing how to read or write; it makes you a person, ‘makes you who you are ‘.Education is a sign of freedom. Here it is important that one should know the difference between being educated and being literate. a literate is a person above the age of seven who can read and write  in any language and perform some basic arithmetic skills  where as being educated means much more than just being literate. One shouldn’t be just literate but educated. Time and again in our life, we are reminded by our parents, teachers, elders and those around us to study and attain a good education. Parents often go to harsh limits to bestow their children good education and make them fit to face the world outside. Parents spend their lifetime savings to get their children some quality education. One wonders, why so much stress on this? Why education? Why do parents do it? They do it because they have a motive which is payback. Let’s see how?

Now let me enumerate here ten reasons why education is important for an individual.

10. A Personality Developer


A very common sensed idea is that education enhances your personality. Education is an essential human virtue. The idea of “BEAUTY WITHOUT BRAINS” isn’t appreciated. An individual much possess a blend of balanced attributes to achieve something . Only beautiful face will not lead you long because as we interact we will be judged and if we are not educated and don’t know how to converse with people, disappointment will knock our door. Nobody wants to have dumb friends and you cannot always get away with your pretty face . So you need to have some etiquettes and manners to develop a particular image and respect in people’s mind and education teaches  you just that .  ‘Education’ is one of the essential personality traits .

 9. Comparisons

It is a ‘show off’ world  and it’s in our nature that we show what is good and hide the bad . In order to build good reputation among your acquaintances, relations and friends, it is necessary that you are academically sound . Parents often compare their children’s academic qualification and grades to prove their edge and establish a sense of superiority. Thus, in an attempt not to disappoint them and save yourself the embarrassment in front of your friends, one needs to be educated. so no matter how much ‘cool’ you want to be you need to be educated.  Education signifies man’s supreme position in society .

 8. Chances/ Opportunities

Education opens up dozens of opportunities for you. If you are uneducated, doors will be shut for you everywhere. ‘Educated people are as much superior to uneducated as the living are to dead’ .More the education , more you will be acknowledged for your skills and prowess . Be it for job, for marriage , for opinions; professional or personal sphere, education helps everywhere  . If we are educated we are needed by everybody as we are considered superior and more intelligent as compared to others .  People approach you for your opinions and ideas . They expect the best advice from you if you are educated . Even for marriages nobody likes a dumb bride /groom .Both should be educated in order to understand each other and to live a happy and long life . Educations gives us myriad  chances  so as to choose the right path . It teaches what man lives and struggle for . It cultivates an integrated life .

 7. Confidence

Educated person is better equipped than an uneducated person . It teaches you to decide what is right and wrong and gives you confidence to fight against the wrong and bring the change in the society . Education builds self confidence in us which helps us to face the real world  and takes actions wisely . We earn the power to put ourselves in front of the outer world in order to achieve our  goals . Education helps us gain respect in the world . It gives us the much needed confidence and with confidence, we can achieve whatever we want.

 6. Broadening your horizons

Education helps us to think wide . An uneducated person will have many difficulties in his or her life because he or she does not possess the ability to reason as well as educated people can . You live in a society where narrow mindedness is not accepted .  With  educated mind you perform a wise and different opinion about everything . It gives you wider view of the situations helps you to understand different people and teaches you to respect them . It changes the way of thinking .  Education gives you better understanding power and  helps you to be a good human being  with rationale thinking .

 5. Security

Education provides security  . It trains the human mind to make right decisions .It is often said that an investment in education never goes waste.  An educated person is given opportunities to earn for his/her  future . More the number of degrees in you file ,higher is your job profile , so more money which leads to secured present and future . Your education and knowledge is something nobody can steal  and thus, they serve as the real ornaments an individual can possess. Your secured education gives you your secure future  for you and for your kids too . Good education secures you for a lifetime . Good education will provide your greater job security which enables you to enjoy a more secure future for your own good and your family.

 4. Dreams

There is practically nothing that money can’t buy . Money can buy expensive clothes , shoes , big house and make you travel the world and u can name as many things , they all can done with money . This whole world works with money . If you have it you are the king . Even your own parents will give you money according to their wish and it won’t be enough to buy you a ticket to ‘VEGAS’ or won’t be enough for you to buy a new car for yourself .  So you need to earn for your wishes and dreams and earning that huge amount again ask for good quality ‘Education’ which will give you what you need .

 3. Social Life

Education is a factor of attraction . It helps you to increase your network and provides you the chance of meeting different people all over the world . Educated kids are aware of latest applications and technologies like smart phones and networking sites like facebook and twitter helps them to know the world . It helps you to adapt according to the world . Education keeps you aware about the new things happening around and teachs you to adapt accordingly . It helps in building relationships , teaches how to  maintain them which is also a major factor needed in today’s lifestyle .

 2. Management skills

One of the most important traits is management . One has to be organized enough to manage things in the right time . Education teaches us how to manage . You give exams in a particular set of time so that you manage the time slot according to your paper and finish it in the particular time . It teaches you to be organized . In real life also , you will be given deadlines to finish the work or you will not be paid . And nothing else than education teaches you that . From the childhood , you are trained to face the real world and education provides you that experience . It prepares you to be managed and disciplined enough so that you can achieve something when you grow up .

1. Best investment

Education is the best investment of life . It will definitely pay you back . Education is one thing which will make you stand somewhere in life . It will teach you to use your skills that you learned in your early age . Education will never leave you empty-handed . The hard work that you put-in will show results later in life . Education will never leave you useless . It is a key to success and you have to just have faith in yourself and never give up . If you are a hard worker and well educated person , you don’t have to run after success , success will come and find you . Education is must and no matter how bored you feel , you have to study for your long term life and not just to pass your exams . It will provide you with glimpses of real life too .It will be the best investment of everybody’s life.


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