Top 10 Reasons for Depression

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Remember those times when we were kids and could literally go all day just playing and watching cartoons? That’s because there was nothing to worry about. All we wanted ever was to grow up like our parents or the elder ones in the home. But during the years of growing up and now when we have grownup, we realize how good it was to be young. With increasing pressures of studies, work, responsibilities, we often forget who we really are at the first place. And this is what leads to depression. And what does depression lead to? I don’t think I need to tell that all over again. So before we find solutions to this depression, let us explore and understand the reasons that lead to depression, or even sadness for that matter.

10. New Place

This can be a great reason that leads you to depression, unless you are extremely extrovert. We often have to move to a new city or new neighborhood owing to our fathers’ transfer or our studies or work. It is tough moving to a new city, leaving behind all our friends, families, known places and faces and get mixed with the new environment we are in. mostly, people in our ‘new’ environment already know each other from before and they somehow do not feel the need to be friendly with us. So things go worse and we, at our new place, just limit ourselves to our confinement and keep on missing the place where we came from. Needless to say, this leads to depression and one hates everything around him.

9. Sickness

A thing like sickness can never make anybody feel good. And when I say sickness, I mean it, not the fake fits or headaches we put up to stay away from college or work for a day. Just the moment we fall ill, everything else outside seem to be enjoying. There’s either a beautiful weather or your friends are going out for movie, or your partner just has to ask you out for a date on that particular day. We don’t feel like eating, bathing or doing anything we normally do. Things get worse when the sickness is long term and we are not able to step out for days at a stretch. Staying at home, watching movies and television series makes us feel no better. Depression zone it is!

8. Unemployment

We study not to gain knowledge, but to generate income out of that. So how does it feel after all the years of studying and mugging up that you just sit at home doing nothing? Extremely depressing! Maybe you were kicked out from the company, or the company was closed down or you didn’t find a job at all. What makes this phase worse is the fact that your friends and even juniors are probably earning in thousands and lakhs, and you are still a burden on your parents. Nothing can be more depressing than this!

7. Fall Out

It would be a lie if we say we never ever fought or had a quarrel with any of our friends, isn’t it? We all have fights all the time and then we again come together. That’s how the friendship strengthens. But what about those ugly fights that drift apart the people forever? You might have been friends with someone for a really long time, and then one day, one misunderstanding is all it takes to break that closeness and whatever you shared, forever. Yes, moments come when we miss that friend terribly but just the next moment the ego factor overcomes the beautiful memories and we get back to being our stubborn self. Don’t you think this leads to depression? The harsh truth that you and your friend will never be on talking terms ever?

6. Break Up

Every break up hurts, even if we have a series of break ups. We agree love is hard to find nowadays but those rare occasions when we actually have successfully found love, it is hard to let them go. We do everything to hold on to them, yet sometimes fate plays the negative role and we drift apart. That’s what hurts the most. Every relationship has beautiful moments, beautiful memories, habits and just the thought that all that wont be a part of our lives anymore itself is so depressing. Having to actually live without them is a whole new level of depression. Of course, friends are there but you know in your heart that the moment you enter your room and the lights go off, it is going to be a suicidal feeling again.

5. Betrayal

We will find all motivating quotes all around on the internet, that encourages us to move ahead even when we are backstabbed by friends. Good effort I would say, but is it really that easy? You trust someone with all your heart, let him be a part of your life, open up your deepest secrets in front with him, at times letting him take over you, and the feedback you get is betrayal? Knowing that all those moments which meant so much to you, meant nothing to the other person. The secrets you shared with that particular person is now an open joke to everybody. Doesn’t that suck? Yes, it does. It leaves a permanent scar and we feel scared to trust anybody else in future.

4. Extended Work Hours

What keeps us going while we are at work? The thought that after this gets over we would go home to our beloved ones and unwind after the day’s stress. You remain motivated throughout the day. But just moment before you are about to leave on your scheduled time, you are given some more work to do, which you have to submit on the same day. The thing for which you have been waiting so long starts to fade away and you somehow enter into a depression zone. All your colleagues leave, but you are left to work alone in the ghastly big room. Just the mere thought of such a day turns us off.

3. Cancelled Plans

So we put all your heart and mind into that one outing we have been planning for long. It might be a friend’s reunion or a romantic date or even a dinner out with your family. So you have been planning what to wear. Do everything to look good on that day, make preparations for a great reunion. But the plan gets cancelled at the last moment due to some or the other reason. How do you feel?  The point I am writing might be petty, but it is the state of mind we are talking about. And anything negative can make us depressed. Cancelled plans, too, do the same job. We lose the excitement and have no other option but to stay back at home and remain depressed all day.

2. Unsatisfactory Jobs

This is worse than unemployment, I would say. What is work? It is simply what we are doing now and what we are going to do the rest of our lives to earn money and support our families. So that place has to be something where we would love going to. Many of us take up academic courses that we may not like, or many of us might be doing jobs that we never wanted to do. The pay scale might be great, the work culture might be great, but so what? The person does not enjoy working there. That would lead him to lifelong depression. So do something you love. It might not earn you a huge bank balance, but you will be rewarded the much needed peace of mind.

1. Death

Nothing in this whole wide world can be as depressing as someone’s death. Knowing that you will never get to see the person again with whom you spent some great times, great memories, derived inspiration from him, but now it’s all gone. So depressing, isn’t it? I miss my grandfather terribly today. Do you miss someone too?


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