Top 10 Reasons to do Good Deeds always

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Rabindranath Tagore said, “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy”. Goodness is not too difficult, and certainly not a failure. It is always gifting. Goodness pays you back equally, if not, more. Doing good things must not be a second thought, or a second choice. Why not be good? It only gives nice outcomes, happiness and love. Today we are all getting trapped in a world that is self centered, racing, selfish and egoist. But isn’t that degrading our basic humanity? Give it a thought, it is never too difficult to change little things, and it is never too late either. To help you more, below is a list of Ten Reasons To Do Good Things –

10. A Tribute To Our Upbringing

a tribute to upbringing

We all are brought up to be good people, live a purpose, and serve our world. Yes, none of us is taught to be bad, it is our own self, our thoughts, our emotions and values that shape us into a good or bad person. Again, no person is absolutely good or bad, but it is their deeds that define them for each moment. To do good things, is kind of a tribute to our parents. Every parent wants their children to be good human beings, gain love and live a happy life. When we grow up, it is then our own responsibility as how we carry out living, what we do and how do we it. All our life the thing that is constantly associated with us is, whatever our actions are, our parents are credited for that. If we do good, it is our upbringing that is praise and if we do bad it is our upbringing still, that is criticized. So, why not do the right things and not let the blame fall on our parents, who never guided us to become harmful creatures?

9. Increases Friends

increases friends

We always make new friends, when we do something good for someone. Even the slightest gesture of kindness can make us smile, by the happiness that we see on another person’s face as a result of our gratitude to them. If you help your friend in need, if you help your mom cook food, if you return someone something he has lost that you found, if you feed a poor stomach, if you are careful enough not to harm anyone knowingly, if you care to apologize to someone you hurt, you can make a hundred friends easily. All you need to do is, be good, and you will always have people around you, who will smile at you, love you, wipe your tears, be good to you and treat you gently.  Good deeds are not anything too complicated, but only bits of gentle little duties, some kind gestures and a pinch of selflessness. All these immaterial though invaluable things, combined together, makes for a wonderful lot of friends you get in lieu.

8. Religious


Goodness is certainly connected to religion. Which religion’s scriptures, mythologies or holy book does not teach us to be good? They all do. Infact this is the primary theme of every religion’s belief. Do good, be human, and get a peaceful life and afterlife. We all live to attain peace and tranquility in the end, and our religion, whatever it is, teaches us that the road to it is goodness. Isn’t it? Goodness no doubt has a direct connection to religion. If we talk in a practical way, obviously, it is not how many times we pray, how much do we fast or how many mythologies do we follow, that makes us religious. But our deeds, to be precise, in Hindi what we call our karma defines our belief in religion. When we hardly give a thought to do anything wrong, why wonder before doing well? Good deeds always pay back in gold.

7.  Quality


We all talk of quality. Don’t we? A shoe we buy, a handbag, a dress, a food product, a gadget, whatever we buy, we ensure its quality. It is a mark of our class, our personality and it does matter a lot. But, have we really made any valuable contribution to our life buy buying the most expensive shoes? Have we? Think deeper, and your answer is a sure No. What adds value to life is not how much you own, how much you can afford, your bank balance or your material comfort but what you do, and what you are. Being good is the cheapest thing in terms of price, but the finest in terms of quality.  The very quality of doing good, being good, giving good is so costly, classy and fine that we will be compelled to do it, if we really care about quality. Good quality lies in the real sense, in good deeds. When we do good things, we do a quality thing, and it certainly is something we should be proud to own, a bunch of good deeds.

6. Self Growth

self growth

One of the biggest purposes of every life is to grow, be it financially, intellectually, physically or emotionally. We all grow as life goes on and we all want to grow as we move ahead. One major aspect of this growth is our own self. Our soul, our heart, our empathy, our emotions, our sensitivity, needs growth too. A lot of this comes from what we do. Obviously, when we do good, we grow in a positive way. Our soul when feels the pride and happiness of doing something good, it is motivated to do the same again, and this way we do good, keep doing good, and ultimately grow to be nice human beings. Complex process, it is, but it holds a lot of worth and importance for a human being. The only thing that distinguishes us from animals is reason. And this reason we have, grows with these little things we do, that teach us being kind, gentle, understanding, helpful etc. This is how our self grows, we become better people, closer to humanity, more human and worthy.

5. Basic Moral Duty of Mankind

basic duty of mankind

We all come for a purpose, it is our personal quest to find it and live it. All our purposes are tied with one common end that is goodness. If we proceed with goodness, we go in the good way, if not, the reverse happens. This is the law of mankind that no one can question, no one can jumble, no one can contradict. As human beings therefore it is our basic moral duty to serve the mankind, be magnanimous, loving, caring, helpful and good. As human beings be ought to do good deeds. If not, the outcomes are not good either. For our own sake therefore too, the universe is such established, that we must practice only good. Goodness infact is one of those few things in life that comes for free. Actually, it is magical, we get it for free, give it for free and in return earn a lot. Hence, to mankind, goodness is inevitable, so we must perform it.

4. Increases Self Worth

increases self worth

How important is your existence? If we think on this line, we hardly put a though to making our existence important, even though it counts a lot in the end. To make our existence important is not about the daily rush, the quest to succeed, achieve great heights and earn materialistic pleasure, but what we overlook in this routine life of making our lives like all others. To make your life significant and remarkable, materialistic success is important, but to make your existence remarkable it is the immaterial things that add to the bucket. In the end, after death, who remembers us for our wealth? Or do we really take away any of what fame, wealth and pleasures we have achieved in life? No ofcourse. What we go away with is a handful of people who love us and so repent our death. To earn a bunch of such people, we need to live up to be good people. Only when we give care and love in life, we get that after we die. When with our presence in this world, we affect, influence and shape other people’s life in a good manner, we are rewarded with never ending bliss. This is therefore how good deeds increase our self worth, something that is necessarily important for every human being.

3. Pride


We all want to be proud of something or the other. Don’t we? But how do we earn this? This only comes when we gain respect and admiration from others. However self important and self loving we may be, we can never gain pride until others bestow it on us. That what we feel for our self love and ego is mere arrogance. What we get from others come out from our self respect and compassion that leads us to doing good deeds, perform human duties and deliver happiness in the world. This way, we are respected by others and only this is the time that we feel proud of ourselves. So, goodness is always associated with pride, when we do good, we get respect, and ultimately pride.

2. Meaningfulness


What is life? Just nothing, simple void, soundless, worthless, beautyless. Until we give in some meaning to it, our life is chaos, empty and confused. Goodness is the best way to act meaning to life. It is a very simple yet very effective motive that we can live for. Our life certainly can’t only revolve around this single motive that we will be good, do good deeds, etc. but we surely can make it a point to follow the right path, do good and not harm anyone, as this will give us happiness, respect and love, all that adds meaning to one’s life. Goodness likewise gives our life a direction, a meaning.

1. Happiness


Happiness is the most essential requirement of every human being. It is that one feeling that is only associated with positivity. Everything related to happiness has only positive things. No other feeling is such. Happiness therefore, comes only when we put good. Good inputs guarantee happiness. We may not get it instantly, but no good deed leads us to pain, eventually. It only opens doors to something new, something beautiful, and pays us back with equal goodness. Happiness is an all good feeling, so obviously it reflects back only to good efforts. For adding hues of happiness to our life, good things are a big key, an effective one, and ofcourse a certain one. So, good, get good and live happily.


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