Top 10 Reasons to get yourself a Dog

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A companion for your every endeavor, a faithful buddy who will never your side, the perfect addition to a holistic family; a dog is all of these, and more. Letting a canine into your family and warming up to them is a profound experience that captures you psychologically and emotionally. And it is something that humans rarely regret. Dogs keep your well-being in check and have often proved to be the most loyal of beings. Their presence is known to be highly beneficial when it comes to health related aspects as well. Having a dog in your life can benefit you in more ways than you think. Here are 10:-


10. Their personality

Dogs are highly altruistic in their mannerisms, and are often regarded to be almost therapeutic in many ways. Their spirited personality makes it a joy to have them around and keeps you on your toes. They are also kindhearted beings and their love stays blemish-free. No one can resist stroking and cuddling these cute furry animals, hence fulfilling the basic human need of touch. For humans, the natural behavior of dogs eliminates the feeling of ever being lonely. Nobody is ever going to seem as excited as your dog to see you when you return back home from work.


9. Part of the family

When you let a dog into your home, it is not soon before he becomes an integral part of your family. They are patient with the little ones and a source of emotional strength to the older ones. Children even learn how to be responsible, dutiful and care-giving when there is a dog around them. Taking care of a dog’s needs is a responsibility that kids willingly take on. The intimacy of the relationship between dogs and humans naturally equate dogs to being a member of the family. Dogs live to love and protect what’s theirs. And to them, nothing is more important than their family.


8. They feel your pain

Canines are naturally very empathetic animals. They recognize and understand human pain to a size-able degree. This notion is even supported through studies conducted by the Goldsmiths University where a majority of the dogs displayed the consistent behavior of approaching people who were crying or looked depressed over people who were humming or talking. Even if the person humming was their owner, they would still approach the unfamiliar person who was crying. Indeed, this reveals how dogs are always compassionate and responsive to human feelings. And they are eager to offer their comfort and consolation when they realize that someone is suffering.


7. Effect on children

Dogs have proved to be great friends to children time after time. Infants and babies also benefit from the qualities of a dog. It is widely accepted that having a dog in the house enhances an infant’s immune system through the mud and earth that the dog might occasionally carry into the house. However, on an altered scale, their effect on children with autism is remarkable and sometimes considered miraculous. Numerous cases have shown how therapy dogs have a distinct calming effect on autistic children and can significantly pull down their stress levels. Autistic children connect with dogs very well. Their presence assures them that they have an inseparable companion which might otherwise be rare in their lives.


6. Emotional well-being

Dogs can quite easily enrich our state of mind and our emotional stability. Apart from enjoying the lovely companionship of a dog, a dog owner is also pushed by his pet towards socializing more and interacting with other people. Moreover, dogs are considerate and can comprehend the needs of humans to a certain extent. Owning a dog makes you feel protected and unconditionally loved. The bond between a dog and his owner is unlike human relationships. With a dog, you never have to worry about being questioned or judged, because in their eyes you are perfect.



5. Exercise (And lots of it)

Having a dog in the house almost eliminates the need for a personal fitness coach. There’s no better motivation than having your dog circle around you multiple times with his leash clenched in his mouth. No excuses will work with dogs. They have daily exercising requirements and are always in the mood to play “fetch” or just about anything, which will simultaneously give you the work out sessions you need and keep you in shape as well. You can stop worrying about going to gyms when you have a dog. With their dynamic nature, children are also constantly engaged with dogs, which helps them in being more active and energetic.


4. Avoid the risk of heart problems 

People in possession of a dog are less prone to the risk of heart problems. This belief is backed by the American Heart Association and several other studies carried out. Having a dog has revealed that the owners are constantly active, trying to keep up with their dog’s energy levels. Moreover, the presence of a dog keeps people zealous and spirited. Dog owners are more likely to be stress-free than other heart patients, hence keeping their mind and heart in the desired condition.


3.      Canine detection abilities

With the heightened senses that dogs have, the relevance of their existence in human life has also heightened. Dogs can be a huge help and support to people with physical disabilities and medical issues. Depending on their kind and breed, dogs are trained in various realms of health and medicine which has made tremendous changes to lives all across the world. These trained dogs can go as far as detecting cancer in people near them. They are even able to warn patients about impending seizures and attacks, sometimes even several hours before it occurs. Dogs can even alert their owners or diabetic patients when their sugar levels have dropped. They are even trained to sense the presence of ingredients that their owner might be allergic to. Such abilities when inculcated and developed in dogs have not only made a difference to a large number of people but have also saved lives from time to time.    


2. Support through stress and depression


Dogs are the most devoted companions through thick and thin, especially through the thin. The unconditional and selfless love that dogs exude is a powerful aid that helps us get through the other side of depression. Their altruistic nature acts as a strong support system for those who face chronic psychological depression. Having a dog around you is a major factor in diminishing stress levels on a daily basis. They provide effective sensory stress relief in abundance as we hardly resist patting and stroking them. They help in releasing the anxiety within us, and when they are around, you feel hassle-free with no worries. Even when you return home after a tiring day of work, their warm and affectionate welcome is enough to make you forget the troubles of your day.   

1. Greatest care givers

No other creature can love the way dogs do. For a dog, you and your family make up his entire world. The manner in which a dog understands his owner and expresses himself is truly unique, hence, strengthening the bond between the two. They can sense the slightest change in emotions and comfort us during our moments of sorrow. Dogs always put their owner’s life before their own. Only they would run that extra mile for you.



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