Top 10 Reasons to Join Army

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Army or the defense forces in general form a very integral and important part of any functional state. Especially thinking of times when the world has seen the horror and destruction brought down by the world wars of the last century, states across the world have found it impervious to hold a standing army, though on the surface the chances of World war III might seem bleak to many, the political scenarios are in constant turmoil and no one knows when a chain of events may be set off leading to war. Thus having a standard army has become a crucial part of the Annual Budget of India, like many other countries across the world. Besides the usual salary expense, the defense forces offer a lot more which makes working in a defense environment one of the most coveted and sought after jobs. For many the seeds of a dream job in the Army stems from the feelings of nationalism and patriotism while for others it’s a culmination of the lifestyle and other advantages that a job in the Army offers. Here are Top ten reasons to join Army you might want to go over and see for yourself the exuberance of a job in the armed forces.

10. Pay and Allowances

For a fresh recruit the pay can range from anywhere between 15000 to 40000 a month. And although superficially it may look like the salary is similar to other government jobs in the civil sector the number of allowances and other benefits that Army personnel get are flying high. As many as 61 special benefits are entitled to an army officer thus providing much needed economic stability the recruit. On basis of these special benefits if one tries working out the actual salary of the officer it might out beat any MNC package in the current scenario.

9. Post-retirement benefits

Post retirement options are very bleak for those working in the private sector and even in the civil sector of the government, with inflation rates shooting high the security of a decent life after retiring is a grave cause of concern for many. However, if you are in the Army the life after retirement is almost the same if not better. All the special privileges like the use of the Army canteen is still in effect. Medical services are provided free of cost to the Army officer and all those dependent on him. The pension is as high as 50% of the last salary that the officer was getting and there are many rehabilitation and other programs offered by the army especially for the well being of its retired personnel.

8. Social Status

The king of respect and honor that one gets in the Army is quite incomparable. Not only the juniors or the sub ordinates are obliged to treat you with respect, the kind of social standing that one gets in the society being an Army officer is not easy to beat for the services in the civil sector. Adding to all this is the charisma and the style factor that comes attached with the uniform, this is something which is not easy to find outside the Army lifestyle as well.

7. Quality of life

In the dragging jobs that the private sectors provide one can hardly manage time for themselves and their family, let alone extra-curricular activities and frequent travel. All this changes once you are in the Army. The quality of life that Army provides so early in a personnel’s age is another factor which makes Army jobs popular with the youth. In contrast to the suffocating environment of a 6 by 6 feet cubicle the working in the Army is smooth and enjoyable. Also the safety and security of the family and living in the cantonments is another bonus. Educational facilities and medical facilities are located a walk away and the scope of providing education for the children is exceptional. Besides the facilities of a school within the cantonment area there are Army hostels for girls in all the metros, a secure recluse for your children once they are off for higher education. Even in the professional colleges Army runs some of its own institutions just for those children which have an Army background. There are various clubs which provide for a relaxing atmosphere. And you get to travel around India and know your own culture and motherland.

6. Health and Fitness

No one things of health and the much needed physical and mental fitness when one thinks of finding and working a job, but we definitely should. The stagnant nature of an office job in the private sector and the lack of physical work makes for the many lifestyle diseases which are springing up today. From cancer to tuberculosis, all these deadly diseases stem out from a stagnant and improper lifestyles. While you are in army your fitness automatically becomes a part of the routine with the provision so  many extra-curricular activities in sports the frequent fitness camp, one learns to take care of health and fitness in the most appropriate of ways in the army.

5. Variety and Adventure

There is no monotony in life once you are in Army, the scenes of work are always changing, providing a very healthy atmosphere where you get to meet new people and make friends from all around the country. One is more social in the army and there’s no stagnation of any sort. And the kind of recreation and adventure facilities that army personnel avail free of cost, costs a huge amount in the civil world. From trekking, mountaineering to horse riding and membership to best clubs in the country, Army makes for a very adventurous and fun filled life.


4. Job satisfaction


With the unemployment levels shooting high, people are stuck in jobs they don’t want to do. Both in the civil and corporate sectors one is left to wonder why they are leading the monotony of a job they don’t desire. On contrary to this working in army is synonymous with variety, social standing, a certain sense of purpose and responsibility and pride which provides a job satisfaction hard to find elsewhere. Army personnel are one of the most satisfied and jolly people.


3. Training programs

Army offers a variety of training programs not only to the freshly recruited but also to its retiring and retired officers. This is done for a smooth rehabilitation of the officers to the civil life. Army personnel are offered courses in some of the highly coveted institutes in the country, for example the six month short term course in management conducted in the Indian Institutes of Management at various sites including Kolkata, Jamshedpur Ahmedabad etc. Apart from these there are several other courses offered in the fields of Business management, Administration, tourism etc. This makes retired army personnel one of the most sought over candidates for leadership jobs in companies across the globe.


2. Professional advancement and scope for higher education

If you are an academic person with diligence for studies and work both, army offers a plethora of opportunities both in the colleges in India and Abroad. Army personnel might be deputed in the various science related institutions in the country. Foreign assignments in collaboration with the UNO and the Indian embassies are also open for the recruits in the army. Officers even get to go abroad to do Masters in reputed defense related colleges which include the Royal War College, London, US Marine Staff College among many others. Officers working in the technical field have an opportunity to do M.Tech from the reputed Indian Institute of Technology, where a certain number of seats are reserved for the Army officers. Thus for the time that you serve in army you can fulfill your academic thirst side by side. Since army offers upto two years of paid leave for these purposes.


1. Job Security

Today to have a job with long term security is not at all easy, especially with the surge of jobs and an unstable market career choices which provide for or a long standing job are very bleak. Army, on the other hand structures the posts in such a way that the recruits have a standing and secure job during their term and even after they retire the standard of living is very well maintained by the perks provided by the army to them, thus ensuring a secure and stress-free career in the army.


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