Top 10 Reasons to Look Good

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The importance and prominence of looking good and physically appealing have been existing from the time man has ever existed. As much as we have been taught to not judge a book by its cover, it is only human nature to pay attention to details relating to physical appearances.There are countless reasons why people would want to look good. It isn’t always  about pleasing others and they could  be doing this  solely for themselves. Most people are afraid to admit that their physical appearance is crucial to them and plays an important role when it comes to interacting with others.The widespread desire for physical beauty is nothing but a  natural human feeling and is also programmed into our brains relating the concept to mating and reproduction. We were in fact born with impulses that react to good looks and drive us towards the act of procreation. Here are the top 10 reasons why good looks are so important :

10) Deep connection with your social life

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The importance of attractiveness depends on the social environment where we live. Looking good only matters in the case of a more socially mobile and urban section of the population. No one is really sure whether good looks lead to a colourful social life or the system runs vice versa. However it is for sure that there is a direct relationship between the two.  You cant help but notice that the most popular people we know around us are well known for their looks above everything else such as talent , personality etc. Even if you just look like you have your act together, people will be convinced that you have everything in place. The opposite is true too, if you don’t look all that great, people will attribute all kinds of negative traits to you. But clean up your look, and suddenly you don’t seem so bad, and they’re more willing to give you a chance, even though you’re the same person deep down. It is sometimes a reflex to quickly judge someone’s appearance. And if someone’s good looking, then it might want to make you socialize with them more then a person who isn’t good looking


9) Communication


Personal appearance is not usually considered to be an integral part when it comes to communication and presentation skills. Whether it’s about just speaking to another person, people in public or representing a particular, people can’t help but make assumptions and generalizations. Good looks can only add to the impact that your words can make and can profoundly influence the other person. Effective communications is all about engaging various aspects and senses of the other person while delivering a message to them .  Looks can give you the confidence you need in order to put a point across to someone.

8) Helps in making an effective first impression

first impression

Not only are your looks an important factor when you’re making a first impression, they’re literally the only thing that constitutes of what the person thinks of you. Your appearance greets and meets the person before you even start talking. It doesn’t really matter if you’re the most amazing person on this planet, the ugly truth remains that no one is really going to pay the attention that you demand unless you take an effort to look good. Good looks are your ticket to get into people’s lives and may not really matter later on. People are always going to remember you as how they saw you for the first time when they have to think about you again for the second time. Also , since it is impossible to talk to everyone remotely around you , the only way you can communicate with them is through how you look.


7) Gives you a higher self esteem

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Once you look good, you tend to feel good about yourself. When you receive compliments on your physical appearances, your self esteem shoots up. This can work the other way too .Beauty may reflect the self-esteem that you possess and the more happy you are with yourself, the more appealing you are to others. You exuberate positivity and you tend to notice that other people start paying more attention to you .Everyone is bound to feel extremely reassured when other people admire them and prefer to work better in every other aspect of life. A higher self esteem can do wonders for you in different areas of your life.

6) Boosts Confidence


When you know you look good, your self confidence strikes a high note. This confidence reflects in your attitude, the way you speak, body language, actions etc. When you like what you see in your reflection, it reflects in everything else. Despite the face we wear in front of the world, most of us personally lack inner confidence. We are extremely conscious and sensitive about people judging us and the impression we form even to strangers. When you’re presentable and look good, these inhibitions tend to fade away and we tend to focus on the real deal without being distracted and worrying about what others are perceiving .

5) Fun process

fun process

The process of steps to look good can be made fun and also very therapeutic at the same time whether done individually or with others. Many people enjoy parlour visits, makeovers, shopping trips etc with friends or family thus enabling bonding over a topic, socializing and spending time together. Also whenever you feel down or depressed, there’s nothing more uplifting than seeing yourself in a more good looking avatar. Even if you don’t look at yourself in the mirror, pampering yourself in the process of beautification is a highly relaxing process. Trying clothes , cutting your hair etc can actually help transform how you look and make yourself feel amazing from within.

4) Adds to your unique identity

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Like commodities everyone has a unique brand identity and your looks are a crucial part of this unique tag. Dressing well and looking good can only add to the positivity of your image. Your personality will seem even more enhanced when you look appealing and you can use these same looks to slightly cover up existing flaws and defects. You can also use this as a factor to differentiate yourself from the others and make it your USP. You can also use looks to give shape and mould to who you really are from deep within. It can serve as a form of outwardly expression wherein you have a chance to say what you really feel and think without using your words and the process of verbal communication.

3) Helping you  in your professional life


You never get a second chance to make a first impression on others especially when it comes to your career and work life. Apart from your qualifications and experience, your appearance can say a lot about you at different times from interviews and job application to meetings and appointments. You should also take care of your looks everyday at the office, while interacting with colleagues and clients. When you meet clients you are actually representing your firm, and the image that you project gives you a glimpse of the company’s image. The way you look and your appearances is critical in your climb up the career ladder.

2) Proof of effort


When you take an effort to look good it shows that you aren’t lazy to do things and pay attention to details. Grooming is a very important aspect of a person’s identity and also hints about the individual’s self discipline. If you maintain and take care of your looks, it will automatically reflect on your outwardly appearances. This will give others an impression that you want to get somewhere in life and you’re completely ready to work for it. Looking good will even get you to that position you desire at a quicker pace and reduces the need for you to take little effort than required.

1)Attracting the opposite sex


We have been naturally drawn towards good lookers whether we admit or not. Looks have always played an important role when it comes to love and romance. Although true love is about loving the person for who he is and not what he looks like, one cannot completely do away with the relationship between sexual attraction and looks. The phrase “love at first sight” is proof to this justification. Once can’t really judge a person’s behaviour or personality at the first glimpse and thus attraction occurs only on the basis of one factor.


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