Top 10 Reasons Why Organic is Better

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Food is one of the most important things for our survival. As population rises, the world needs more and more foods which has given rise to industrial farming that uses a lots of chemicals and artificial ways to produce cheap and huge quantity of foods,  also faster. But are they nutritional?  In the name of technological advancements we are only deluding ourselves. We are poisoning our body and destroying nature, ecosystem and killing our children. Organic farming and organic food is the solution to this problem. Choosing organics is a most powerful decision that we can make to bring personal and environmental health.

Compared to the industry produced cheap food; organic is safe, friendly and highly nutritional. Avoiding chemicals in our food plate means testier and healthier food. It is also a way to create a better, greener ad sustainable future for the generations to come. If you are still not convinced, here are the top 10 reason to choose organic.

10. Protection for the farm workers

Protection for farm workers

Survey shows that many of the farmers working in constant exposure to harmful chemical like fertilizer and pesticides are more prone to cancer and other dangerous diseases. This farm worker health problem is a serious trouble in developing nations. An estimation says that more than 1 million persona are poisoned annually due the use of pesticides and other chemical in agriculture. The pesticides carried with the cloths raises potential danger to the farm worker children. Even though organic farming is highly beneficial, still today there is a minor group of farmers practicing organic farming. Organic has huge economic and environmental benefits, but not many are aware of this. Promoting organic will create many jobs and healthier tomorrow.

9. Promote agricultural diversity

Promote Agricultural Diversity

Diversity is the very cause of existence. The evolution always favored diversity, be it animal, human of agricultural species. Recently the rampant loss of species is a major global concern.  According to an estimate more than 70 percent of the genetically diverse agricultural species have been lost in last century! Now only a handful of the crops existed compare to thousands once existed. The new monocropping farming process only brings disasters for us. The crop rotation technique followed in organic farming is an effective idea that reduces the dependence on fertilizer and pesticides which improves soil fertility naturally. Organic firms grow vegetables using natural elements and periodically verified techniques in to consideration for the best result.

8. Better for wildlife and animals

Better for Wildlife and Animal

Organic standards avoid use of any growth hormones. Animal in organic farms are kept in naturally healthy environment to produce best quality food, be it meat or milk. They have more freedom, access to open air, pasture and forge to meet nutritional needs. They often eat wider range of nutrients compare to those in factory firms and shown to be significantly healthier than their factory counterparts. In organic farms, the animals are treated in a humanly and ethical manner unlike those reared in factory farms where they are treated like commodities and kept in highly confined pens. The rampant use of antibiotics in animal feed has the potential to create epidemic that medicine has no defense.

7. Balance the natural resources

Balance Natural Resources

Organic farming standards require program of soil building that protects soil against corrosion and water pollution. It supports eco-sustenance, a culture of farming in harmony with nature. The process of crop rotation keeps the farm healthy and abstinence from pesticides, chemicals helps in preserving the ecosystem. The use of industrial chemicals causes damage to the complex ecosystem that supports wildlife, microorganism, insects etc. this results in soil infertility, less pollination and pest development. This danger can be avoided using organically produced foods and this farming also promotes insects, birds and animals to play their vital role in tapestry of ecosystem. We all have noticed that nature is more plentiful and cleaner in organic areas which prohibit the use of chemical. This culture prevents water, air and soil pollution and enhances natural food cycle.

6. Avoid GMO and GM food

Avoid GMO and GM Food

Everybody is now talking about the Genetically Modified Organism and Genetically Modified food, but many may not be realizing or be aware of their harmful effects. This GM and GMO contaminate our food supply at alarming rate with repercussions beyond imagination.  It is surprising to see that these cloned food, rBGHs, &GMOs entered our food market and body so easily while 10-11 years ago they were not even a part of our diet. Today more than 30 percent crop fields are planted with GMOs. The only reliable way to stay away from these lab-produced monsters is to use organic food.

5. Good taste

Good Taste

A major portion of people who take organic actually food says that they buy it because it taste better and this is very true. Organically grown food taste because of the environment they are grown in. The naturally fortified soil with rich content of minerals actually produces well balanced, healthy and testy vegetables and fruits which are readily seen with the heirloom varieties that are grown for their flavor and taste mainly. The organic farming do not use nitrogen fertilizers which helps plants to use balanced water ( plants take excess water in presence of nitrogen fertilizer) and minerals which results in high yield of nutritional products  with rich antioxidants than their conventional and industrial farm developed counterparts. This was only an experience before, which is now proven scientifically by the study of Washington State University researchers. Hence for yummy foods, use organic.

4. More nutritional food

More Nutritional food

There is no doubt that organic foods contain more vitamins, enzymes, minerals, micronutrients and nutritious compare to those born out of conventional and industrial farming. This is supported by the study conducted by ‘’The Journal of Complimentary Medicine’.  The organic farming feeds the soil with organic matter and uses natural animal products. It starts with nourishment of the soil which enhances the fertility and production capability of soil. The organic food that develops with natural soil having rich biological activity, implants high nutrients to plants resulting in more and better nutritional, mineral and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables.  The study performed by nutritionist Shane Heaton, says that the average organic food improves the vitamin C intake by 27% and minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorous also increases around 29%. The child needs best quality nutritional food, not artificial flavored food, in order to develop properly. It is also found that the breast cancer patients who follows exclusively organic regime recovers at better rate compare to other orthodox treated patients.

3. Avoid chemical- stay away from deadly diseases


Crops which grows in natural organic environments, develops natural defense mechanism in form of Phenols, which are antioxidants and the vegetables are capable of protecting us from horrible disease such as Cancers and Heart diseases. Many of the pesticides which were approved by EPA and registered before extensive research took place are now found to be dangerous. Among them, EPA now considers 90% to be fungicides, 60% to be herbicides and 30% are carcinogenic which when enters our body through the food we eat and beverages we drink results in high risk diseases including cancer. They also resulted in birth defect, genetic mutations and nerve damage.  So keeping the chemicals away from food plates helps us living healthy and longer.

2.Protect the nature and environment

Protect Nature and Environment

Organic foods help in protecting nature and environment. The chemical used in farming are exposed to environment and begin to contaminate and destroy it. The industrial agriculture not only pollutes farmland but contaminates everything. The pesticide drifts to non-firm areas in form of invisible poison and creates dead zones in water bodies including beautiful oceans and lakes. According to the Science magazine, August 2002 issue, the drifting of synthetic fertilizers is the main culprit for creating the 22,000 square kilometer dead zone in Gulf of Mexico, an area larger than New Jersey! Organic firming promotes eco-sustenance, culture of farming in harmony with nature. The ecosystem develops naturally in the absence of chemical which is good for nature and animal.

1. Protect the future generation

Protect Future Generation

Children are the future. Now days due to excessive use of chemicals in foods, the toxic makes their way in to the body of child even before a mother nurses her baby. The effects are well known. Exposing the infants to harmful chemical is just a kiss to death for them. The scientific study conducted by National Academy of Sciences shows that ‘the neurological and behavioral effects can result even from low level exposure to pesticides other harmful chemicals’. The child does not have enough resistance and tolerance level to ward these harm effects, the way adults have. So for the same amount of exposure, infants are more prone to develop incurable mental and physical disorders starting from childhood. They loose their precious life even before they become aware of it. Avoiding chemical in food means a safer future for the coming generations.


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