Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail In Life

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Everyone wants to achieve great heights in his or her life and want to be famous and rich. There is no such person who does not want to be successful . But achieving success is not an easy task and it requires a lot of dedication and hard work and most importantly the determination to achieve it. Many a times when people fail in life, the first question that they ask themselves is that what did they do wrong? There are many a things that makes a successful person different from a failed one which includes the way of thinking, way of handling different situations, lifestyle that the person follows and many more factors are there that contribute in deciding that whether the person will achieve success of will fail in life. This article will point out the top ten reasons that people do wrong which consequently will make them to fail in life and will only leave them with disappointment and regrets. With the help of this article people will know about the things that have to be avoided and will thus be able to achieve great success.


negative thinking

Negative thinking is an important reason why people fail in life. As we all are aware that optimism and having faith in God are considered as the important factors that can lead one to success. If a person is not ready to think positively, then it is very difficult for him or her to achieve success as all the negative thoughts that the person gets over shadows the person’s ability to think in a positive way and also prevent the person to think of new ideas and ways to achieve success. A pessimistic person is only left with failure which can also lead the person to depression.


not being aware of weakness and strengths

To achieve success in life, it is very important for everyone to know about their weak and strong points. By doing so, people can focus on their strong points and enhance their positive aspects all the more and also they can work to improve their weak points. But if people are not aware of their strong and weak sides, then they will never know that what areas need improvement in their personality. And if the weak and strong sides of the personality are not looked up and worked upon properly, then no one can ever achieve success in life. That is the reason why people fail in life as they do not know what has to be done to improve their personality, since they are just not aware about the good and bad or weak and strong qualities of their character.


unclear goals

When someone is not aware of what he or she wants in life, then how can he or she will achieve success? To achieve great heights, it is very important, that one must to that to what height he or she wants to go. Without setting a goal, there is no point of working hard. If people are not aware of their purpose in life and what they want to do in life, then what will they work for. That is why most of the people fail in life as they have not decided any goal and just keep following other peoples without using their own brains and understanding their potential. Sir Isaac Newton did the same and followed his father and started running his family farm which turned out to be complete failure. But when he got his goals cleared, he then became a famous Physics Scholar. Therefore, clearing goals is very important else one will only get failure.


disorganised lifestyle

To achieve anything in life, it is very important that one must first set a goal in his or her life and then start working to achieve it in an organized manner. When someone is depressed or is suffering from mental disorders or when someone’s social and emotional life is completely cluttered, then that person usually becomes disorganized. That person is then not able to offer full dedication towards his or her goal. So, it is very important that disorganization in one’s life have to be taken care of as soon as possible as it takes away the productive environment from one’s life in which the person can enhance his or her quality of life and achieve success. Many people do not know that J.K Rowling was divorced, unemployed and she was raising her daughter with the help of Social Security Benefits when she started writing her first Harry Potter Novel. We see here that if she would have let this disorganized lifestyle conquer her, she would have never achieved success. Thus, one should prevent disorganized lifestyle, as it does nothing except leading one towards failure.


fixed mindset

Success only comes to those who have the ability to adapt themselves according to the environment and the needs. If a person have a fixed mindset towards anything, then he or she will never be able to achieve success as he or she do not possess the ability to modify himself or herself according to the needs. Having a fixed mindset towards moral values and principles is a very good thing and everyone should try and adopt it but if someone has a fixed mind set about old techniques and is not ready to adopt new ideas and new thinking, then that person can never be successful. An interesting thing to know is that Walt Disney was dismissed by a newspaper editor as he was considered to have a fixed mindset and was believed to have lack of imagination. But Walt Disney changed that about him and now his ideas and imagination are admired by every single child. So, in order to achieve success, one must let go of fixed mindset.


giving up

It is a very well known saying that God help those who help themselves. If a person will give up easily without putting in much effort, then God will also not help him or her achieve what that person wants in life. To get anything, one must have to work hard for it and that too with full dedication and determination. Those people who give up early are the ones who fail in life as they do not trust their capabilities nor do they have faith in God. Same was the case with Albert Einstein. Most of the people are not aware that Albert Einstein was not able to speak till the age of four and could not write till the age of nine. But he did not give up. If he would have, then we would have never known The Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of all times. Thus, one should never give up, as it only leads to failure.


no daily routine

Setting up the goal is only the first step, a lot more has to be done after that. Success only come to those, who after setting up a goal prepares a routine and then follow it. Compromising with the pre scheduled routine can never lead to success. This is also a reason why people fail, as they do not set up a routine and even if they do, they do not follow it and thus face time management problems in life which ultimately leads to failure.



Stress and tension are also the main causes of failure. Every person have problems which are the main reasons of stress but the important thing is how capable is the person to deal with it. No person in this world is devoid of stress but what matters is how to cope up with it. People who achieve success in life know how to deal with stress. Stress can be reduced in many like by listening to music, by meditation, by yoga and many more ways that makes the person happy. Therefore, stress can also lead to failure, but the people who can deal with it become successful whereas the others face disappointment in life.


running behimd money

Though money is an important aspect of everyone’s life but one should never compromise with his or her moral values to achieve success. All those people who run behind money will do every possible thing in their hand, whether good or bad to achieve success. They may even get success, but that will be only for a short time because there is no shortcut to success as it can only be achieved with dedication and hard work. And then at the end, all they get is failure. Thus, running behind money is also a reason that may lead to failure in life.


lack of energy

A person having more energy will obviously be able to concentrate on work more efficiently than the one who is physically and mentally weak or ill. A proper healthy and nutritious diet, exercising daily, listening to music that is thus maintaining balance with everything will increase the energy level and thus will keep the person more active and fit. Lack of any of these things can affect the person’s health and will make the person weak and infirm. Thus, having less energy will lower the productivity of the person of doing work more efficiently and effectively and will thus lead to failure.


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