Top 10 Reasons why School Life is the Best

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School is the first learning institution for every person. It is the only place where for the first time a person receives serious and planned education. A child is definitely educated at home, but the kind of education that school provides is inevitably superior. At school, every aspect of a child’s development is kept in mind, and worked upon accordingly. School not only gives a child bookish knowledge but also social, moral and cultural growth. This is why the role of school is extremely significant for every person. As a person grows, he learns more and more, and finally, reaches the age of learning and growth where he has to leave school. After getting out from school, the majority of people miss it. Why so? There are many social, psychological and moral reasons for it.

Below are Ten Reasons Why School Life is The Best:-

10. Homework


The most unique thing about school is Homework. At school, hardly any child likes the concept of homework. But as we grow up we realize its significance. If homeworks were not given, regular hard work and practice would be very difficult to be learned. Homeworks therefore play a very important role in shaping up a person. It teaches us hard work. Also, homeworks ensure a student’s regularity and punctuality. It plays a vital part in our lives later on. We never realize how what we always hated at school has made us what we are. Homework is necessarily one of the best things about school life therefore.

9. Teachers- The first role models and inspiration

teacher the fisrt role model and inspiration

A child always looks up to his/her teachers. They are the first disciplined, knowledgeable, well mannered, professional, caring, understanding, organized, person we see. Children see them as the first perfect figures. A child’s first inspiration to gain knowledge and to earn an independent life often comes from the teachers. This too is rarely noted by anyone. But every child at some stage of their school life has admired atleast one of his teachers so deeply that he gained an inspiration to be like him. For this reason that a teacher is the first person to set an example for a child, and the first person to motivate him for life, school life is certainly the best, as in this way it sets aims for the life of every person.

8. Punishments and Rewards

punsihments and rewards

The role of punishments and rewards too is crucial to a person. Only at school does a person receives a very balanced share of rewards and punishments. And these serve to them as a moral for ever. At school, with punishments, a child gains the various virtues of honesty, helpfulness, goodness, discipline, manners and friendliness. While with rewards, he receives motivation and encouragement.  The various cultural and sports activities a student participates in at school, and compete for rewards is a major requirement for every person to develop. And the punishments one receives for his mistakes too is important to teach a person the difference between right and wrong and thus guiding him to walk on the right path.

7. Fun


School is fun. A majority of people believe that school life is the most fun filled one. At school, there are big groups, and good friends. Kids are unselfish friends to each other. They have a great time together. Fun in school is a totally different thing. There is fun in playing games together, fun singing songs while prayers in the assembly, fun in bunking classes and hiding in the school itself, fun in the between the class chit chats, fun in school trips and night camps, and so much more. Every person’s school life is therefore the most memorable part of their life, since that is the only time they had fun, free of any tensions or troubles.

6. Carefree 


A child is free of any worldly concerns. At school, he has no worries, no pressures and no tensions. A school goer’s life is sheer innocence. His mind is young, fresh, unexploited and unexhausted. He has a life that is full of newness. He is yet to face the real world. The fact that at school, life is protected, shelled and covered from everything else, except his studies and friends, life is totally carefree and fun. There is pressure to study, compete and succeed, but this is absolutely negligible to all the burdens and responsibilities a person faces after growing up.

5. No monetary issues

no monetary issues

A school going is satisfied and happy with the little pocket money he gets. He doesn’t need to bother about his clothes, hairstyles, looks, or anything else. He has no monetary issues. At college, or the work place, everyone wants to appeal well. Everyone wants to impress. There is a competition that can be satisfied with only material sources, while this is totally absent at school. At school, the uniformity maintained never lets children get trapped into thinking of themselves as any different, or less, or superior to others. They all look alike, get alike, think alike and feel alike. This is one great advantage of school life that makes it the best part of life.

4. Less social pressure

less social pressure

At school, there is no social pressure. Yes, children do have to compete and excel. But this race is nothing in comparison to the greater races of life that they don’t touch till they leave school. After school, they have to compete on a much greater scale, because they are no more confined to the school boundaries. After school, the real journey of a person’s life begins. And this journey is full of social pressures. A person has to earn a living, make a decent life, get married, make a family and take up a hundred responsibilities. The initial steps towards attaining all this, begins right after school. A kid is suddenly expected to be a grown up as he is out of school. This calls for a lot of social pressure from which school goers are entirely abstained. Thus, school life has very less social pressure, being a great boon in making it the best phase of life.

3. Long Vacations

long vacations

At school, the long vacations that one gets, is out of the scene for the rest of his life. Even though a child gets these breaks at college too, he hardly can enjoy them as much as he enjoys them at school. At college a child is not as free as he used to be at school. One has to go for internships, study for competitions, and keep looking forward to utilizing the breaks they get. While at school, these breaks are real breaks. They are totally free time, when a child gets to relax, enjoy and have fun. This is a great thing to miss for the whole life afterwards. For the rest of a person’s life such a long break remains a yearning for them always.

2. Childhood friends and memories

childhood friends and memories

The memories that one gets at school are priceless and the friend that one makes at school are irreplaceable. The true, unselfish and emotional friendship that happens at school never happens in life ever again. Those friends are always the most special one that he makes at school. Never in life again do we get such friends as that we had at school, it is extremely rare to get such a selfless bond again. The memories that we have with those friends remain for life. Though they fade with time, they remain in some corner of the mind forever. Other than friendship, school gives us many other beautiful memories, like the first innocent love, our teachers, inspirations, mistakes and first achievements. These memories and friendships are inimitable and irreplaceable.

1. The basis of personality – grooming

The basis of personality – grooming

Why are we sent to school? The answer to this question is the most important reason why school life is the best. Our school is what makes us who we are. It gives us the soul of our personalities. The first things that we learn, the first encouragements that we get, the first ambitions we set, the first rewards we achieve, the first lessons we learn and the first memories we gain, all happens at school. It is our school that makes us who we are. It makes people. It shapes people. And this is the greatest reason why school life is the best. It is school’s life that forms the latter life of a person. The tinniest bits of our personality are gained from our school, good or bad, great or small, simple or serious, all that we are, we are because of our school. School is the foundation of our personality, the greatest teacher and our biggest groomers, therefore the best part of life.



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