Top 10 Reasons why We must Save Water

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Water might be one of the most undervalued things there is in the world. We have grown up taking water for granted because all the basic needs we take care for in our life like turning on the tap and there is water we flush the toilet and there is water from taking a bath to washing utensils we have water available easily everywhere so we have started to undermine the value it has in our life. We all use water without really thinking about it. But now we are at a point that if we do not use water judiciously and think about ways of saving water we might come across a day when there will be no water left for our future generation. Although water conservation is a big scale thing but every little bit helps, we should not think that what we do doesn’t matter. Every little bit matters and a whole lot of people doing a little thing add up to a whole big thing. If you think about water you will realize how important it is. So here are the top reasons why we must save water.

10. We need water for recreational purposes

As we all know that we need water to fill our swimming pools before we swim. We need water for many of our recreational purposes. Nowadays a lot of water parks are being built and we all need water for running those rides and hence water becomes an important part even in our recreational life. Everybody loves swimming and hence to continue have the fun of having these pleasures in our lives we need to think about saving water.

9. Water is directly linked to energy

Water takes energy. A considerable amount of energy is required in bringing safe drinking water to your tap. A lot of machines and treatment facilities are used to create safe drinking water from water available to us in oceans or as in groundwater. These machines and facilities require large amounts of energy in treating water and the lesser the amount of water we use the lesser the water they have to treat. Also water can also be used to produce clean energy. As we know that another crisis that this world faces is energy problems and hydroelectricity is a great way of producing clean energy by the use of water. So if we save water, we can produce energy for our future generation.

8. Water is required to maintain sewage system

Water is also an essential component in draining human waste from houses. When we use the toilet and flush it the water takes the waste through drainage pipes into sewers through where it is properly disposed off. We all can imagine what the drainage system would be without water as all the waste would be laying at a place for days giving rise to foul smell and diseases. Therefore water is an essential component of a sewage system and we must save water for its proper functioning for the future.

7. We need water to wash everything

Water is required to clean almost everything. We need water to clean our utensils, our clothes, the table, the floor almost everything. Without water we will not be able to clean the basic things we use on our everyday life like utensils and our clothes. Just think about using the same dirty utensils again and again for cooking or wearing the same dirty clothes every day to work. Therefore water is a basic necessity required in cleaning up off our basic needs and thus we need to start thinking about saving water.

6. Saving water saves money

We all know that saving water in the end saves us money. The lesser the amount of water we use the lesser the water company charges us. The saved money ultimately goes into our pockets as savings. By using basic water conservation techniques like using a bucket to take bath than a shower or washing utensils by buckets of water than a dishwasher we can save water which ultimately leads to saving money. Therefore this sounds like a good deal save water = save money. New entrepreneurship innovations are designed on this concept, like m-pesa.

5. We need water to stay clean ourselves

Water is required to take baths and wash ourselves every day. Without water we won’t be able to take showers or baths and stay clean and thus will make us feel dirty and unclean every day. Without us cleaning ourselves we won’t feel hygienic. Water is required for every task we do in the bathroom. From brushing our teeth to taking a bath we need water. Washing ourselves helps us get rid of the germs and stay hygienic and keep the diseases at bay.

4. Everybody needs water

Not only do we humans require water but everybody does, plants and animals everyone requires water to live and if plants die we all die as plants provide us with oxygen without which we won’t be able to survive on this planet. Animals also require their share of water without which they would not be able to survive leading to a dis balance in the biological life cycle.Nowadays people like growing plants and vegetables in their own backyard and to grow such vegetation and for them to survive they need water. So to have good greenery in and around your home and to have good vegetation we need to provide them with water.

3. We need water to grow food and crops

Water is required as the basic need in growing crops as we need water for irrigating crops and in the growth of crops. We need large amounts of water for correct growth of crops and as crops are the basic need for providing us with food we need to save water so that we can get good yield of crops to fulfill the food requirement of the people. Good irrigation and easy availability of water leads to better and cheaper means of irrigation which in turn affects the quality and the price at which the crops and the food is sold at.

2. We need water to cook food

As in growing crops for food, water is also a necessary component in cooking food. Water is required in every part of a cooking process from cleaning the utensils to cleaning the vegetables to cooking food. Water is a basic part of cooking food and is required for cooking majority of the dishes. Without water there would be no way of boiling the vegetables and as our body consists of 90% of water we require the amount through food or drinking water. Therefore it is very important to save water as without water we won’t be able to cook food which is the source of providing energy to human beings.

1. We need water to drink

Without fresh water we will die. No stopping or denying the fact that without clean drinking water we will die in just a few days. Drinking water helps our body in a lot of ways. Drinking water maintains the balance of fluids in our body, it controls calories in our body, helps our kidneys, keeps us hydrated and a lot more. In short water is a basic necessity for sustenance of life and for us to live. This helps get a point across that water equals life and for sustainability of life we need to save water for us and for our future generations.


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