Top 10 Reasons why you should Always be Yourself

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William Shakespeare had it right, “To thine own self be true”. Or in simpler words, “Be yourself”. We have heard these two words surplus number of times from our teachers, our parents or life counselors. But why is it so important?  Why you should stay original and not pretend being somebody else even when you can? Somebody who is more successful than you or somebody who is more likable than you. Well here are the 10 reasons why you should stay who you are and be yourself, instead of trying to be someone else.

10. There is no reason to be somebody else

there is no reason to be somebody else

Why, first tell me why do you want to be some other person? Your friend has had more number of boyfriends than you do, so you try to look like her by changing your hairstyle? Your cousin lives abroad and whenever he visits your place your friends get drooled over his stylish accent so you try faking a similar accent too? Your rich spoilt friend wears nothing less than a Gucci which you can’t really afford, so you go street shopping to buy fake ones? Do you really want all this? Reality Check!! Having a long relationship history doesn’t promise a blissful lifelong commitment. A stylish accent doesn’t make you a better person. Wearing an over expensive Gucci or a Prada can’t change what’s underneath all that clothing. So first realize that what matters and what never will.

9. What is Fake will Fade


what is fake will fade

Do you remember what we used to say about saying truth? That the best part about saying truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said. Well we normally add another line to it and make it a joke by saying that that’s why you should lie because that improves your memory! But hey, here we are talking about your personality, your attitude, your genuineness. And when you lie about that, you lose a part of yourself, a part of your integrity.


8. You will feel better

you will feel better

As I said staying true has its benefits (okay! Forget what I said about improving your memory; eat almonds if you want a better memory!). When you are pretending to be somebody else you start feeling tense and scared, you tend to develop a fear that you might get caught and people will know your true-self and they won’t love you the way they do now. Whereas accepting who you are generates a feeling of calmness and relief. You don’t have to be under any sort of pressure that how you should respond to any particular situation so that you come along as a brave or a heroic person. You just have to follow your heart and go with your instincts and that sounds so much easier right?  Trust me, it is! Give it a try!


7. By not being you, you deny the opportunity from others to know the real you

you deny the opportunity from others to know the real you

Okay let’s get this clear. You were not sent to Earth to please everyone and neither it is your job to make sure that everyone loves you. But right out there, there is somebody who would have loved the person you actually are when you were too busy faking your super cool attitude. And guess what, you didn’t just deprive that person from knowing you, but you also deprived yourself from being loved. And that’s your loss buddy!


6. You lose your own identity

you lose your own identity

When you are acting who you are not, you are not just deceiving others but also yourself. You are masquerading and that is not at all advisable. Because in this faking process you tend to forget who you actually are. Your strengths, your weaknesses and your very own essence. One forgets to believe in his or her own existence and starts living with a virtual identity. And when you don’t know who you really are then how can you have compassion for yourself? And ultimately you surrender your identity.


5. Staying true to yourself enhances your creativity

staying true to yourself enhances your creativity

Pierce through your skin and peep into your soul. Explore your talents and you will discover the real YOU. The deeper you go, the more familiar you become with yourself. And once you get united with your soul, you can transmit the positive feelings in others too. You can take up a new hobby or just enhance your old ones. But once you will be yourself, creativity will start pouring out like a chocolate fountain! You see? I thought up the phrase “pouring out like a chocolate fountain” using my creativity! Also they are really tempting!


4. Following a trend mindlessly makes you look like a fool

folowing trends mindlessly makes you look like a fool

Today, when I scroll down my Facebook profile and check out the comments that I made 2 years ago, I find stuff like “Tenq fo d lyks”, “ua amazing gurl”, “miss eu” etc. Gosh!!! That’s so embarrassing.  What was I thinking? I guess I was just doing what everyone else was, what I thought to be cool without using my own brains and forgetting about my true personality. Come on! Am not that “eu”, ”mah”, ”tenq” type of “gurl”! So, got my point? DON’T follow such stupid trends and make yourself look like a nincompoop. STAY ORIGINAL!


3. People who judge you are either frustrated of their own self or are simply jealous

people who judge you are frustrated or jealous

You don’t know about anybody’s life journey so you got no right to judge them. Similarly they have no idea what your life is all about. May it be the compromises that you have made, the difficulties you overcame or your purpose of life. You are not accountable to anybody. Neither you are answerable. So never be hesitant for your beliefs or your attitude. Being confident makes you sexy the way nothing else can! And pay no heed to your annoying colleague or your interfering neighbors or your relatives who are constantly criticizing you for the choices you make, where the reality is they are just jealous of your happiness or are unsatisfied with their own lives. So focus on the person you daily see in the mirror! Make him/her happy.


2.  Your heart will never lead you astray

your heart will never lead you astray

Everyone makes some mistakes in their life and that’s a pretty natural thing. Nothing you need to worry about.  But what you certainly don’t want is a life full of regrets. The moments at which when you look back years later and you wish that you should have followed your heart. Some major life changing decisions or some simple moments where if you went by your heart, life would have been a whole lot different. No phenomenal success can guarantee you the happiness which you get when you follow your heart, your dreams, and your true desires. Then is it being a DJ or a veterinarian. Just go ahead! Because your heart never leads you astray. It knows exactly what you want, whether you know it or not, but it does. Start listening to it.


1. YOU make the best YOU!

you make the best you

“Life is a stage, And we are the actors

And everybody have a part to play, Like a never ending movie

With all different character, Each one have a role to portray”

These are the lyrics of the song “Life is a stage” by Brother Valentino. I really like his apropos use of the metaphor to describe life which is indeed like a stage and we all have roles to play. But you know what, all the roles are taken except one. And that’s yours and nobody can play it better than you do. So get in your own shoes and don’t just walk a mile but run, dance, swim, do whatever you like! And don’t forget to stay positive in a world full of negativity. To stay loyal in a world full of distrust. Lastly, to stay original in a world full of followers and trends.


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