Top 10 Reasons Why you Should End Your Bad Relationship Immediately

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Love is the most profound feeling known to human beings. Early months of a relationship are generally effortless and exciting and everything is sugar coated. Being in love is an eccentric feeling that some of us can’t get enough of. However, research shows that romantic love actually suppresses out critical thinking and the chemicals in our brain cloud our judgement even more. Love tends to give us a ‘drug-like’ high and it feels so good that we simply ignore the red flags waving right in front of us. You get addicted to them, but the thing about addiction is it doesn’t end well because eventually whatever it was that was getting us ‘high’ stops feeling good and starts to hurt. People are afraid to be alone so they find excuses to not walk away and hope that their partner will change over time. Don’t fool yourself, you can’t force change on your partner the change has to come from within. So how do people end up in unhealthy relationships despite warning signs that their partner was bad news to begin with? The answer: We’re blinded by love. But at some point people need to open their eyes and face the truth. Here are 10 reasons why one must end their bad relationship immediately.


10. Change in inevitable


Change is a part of everyday life. Sometimes in a long term relationship people go through many ups and downs some people get past all of those together but some get lost somewhere in the middle. Sometimes people change and so does the relationship. People grow distant and things change. Things are not always meant to be no matter how right they might have seemed at some point of time. After a while they may want other things and have nothing in common so it’s better to walk away and discover what you really want rather than being n a relationship that makes you feel lost and gives you a sense of unfamiliarity.


9. Cheating on you


This is for people who have been cheated on and still choose to give the other person a chance. Why do people cheat? Cheating generally means that one is not fully satisfied with their current partner or they feel that something is missing in the relationship. If they were completely in love and happy within the relationship, then why would they jeopardize all that for a 5 minute fling. Who is to say that they will not do it again? It’s better to walk away before a relationship comes to this and once you are single then you can choose to mingle with whoever you want without other commitments.


8. Unhealthy for you


If your relationship is a bad one then this will affect you mentally as well and sometimes when there is a lot of mental strain it also affects the body. You will probably be unhappy most of the time and you know your relationship is spiraling downward but still choose to remain in it because you may be scared to let go once and for all. But once you are out of it you will be happier eventually. The grey clouds always blow away and as they say there is always light at the end of the tunnel but you have to take the decision to drive toward it. After you mentally decide to move on it will give you some peace of mind.


7. Abusive?


Is your partner abusive? (It could be either mentally or physically) if yes then what are you waiting for. No one can be abusive towards the other it’s an offensive act. They may blackmail you to be with them and will either harm you or themselves if you leave. They need help! Sometimes in physical cases it may start of as slaps or punches but may result into something bigger later on. One mustn’t ignore this at all. Just because the other person claims to “love” you doesn’t give them the right to mentally or physically torture you.

6. Communication is essential


Communication between two partners is very essential to keep the relationship healthy and going. If there is no proper communication between you’ll then how would one know what the problem may be. Sometimes people get so mentally exhausted to care anymore and give up. If your partner refuses to talk to you about anything and begins to slowly shut you out of their lives and not spend enough of quality time with you then take a hint! It’s time to get going.


5. Second chances


Second chances don’t always work! Yes you love the person and you would do anything for them so in spite of their mistakes you decide to give them a second chance or in some cases many chances hoping that one day they will realize and change for the good. You might land up waiting forever. The change has to come from within and you can’t expect to enforce it as much as you want to. In the end every relationship needs maintenance, whether it’s a small gesture or just picking up back where you left off. The bottom line is if there is love then the sacrifice has to come from both sides.


4. Not worth it

not worth it

If you are old enough where future aspect comes into your life then do you see a future with your partner? If not then what’s the point of putting so much effort into it. They may take your being nice to them for granted. If he or she doesn’t make you happy then why be with them at all. If your partner decides to throw a fit and cry or plead you to stay and you decide to stay again, it’ll be good for a few days and then things tend to go back to the way they were. How many times do you want to hurt yourself before you realize you’re in a wrong relationship?


3. Love yourself


The most important thing: Love yourself first and foremost. People may come and go but you have to live with the ideas and decisions you make for yourself. If your partner isn’t treating you right then you should have enough self respect for yourself to realize you probably deserve better. Don’t put someone else’s needs before yours; it almost always does no good for you. No one can determine your happiness better than you; you are the only person who can give power to the other people to make you feel in a certain way. So ultimately your happiness lies in your hands.


2. Feeling under appreciated


Feelings of appreciation keep a relationship strong and running smoothly. People sometimes take initiative to change or do certain things for the other person, even if it’s something really small they like to be acknowledged for it and receive some form of appreciation. Even every small little gesture counts in a relationship. If your partner rarely notices and thanks you for the nice things you do, such stinginess will eventually run your ship of love onto the rocks.


1. Other fish in the sea

fish in the sea

Don’t worry too much! There is someone for everyone out there in this world. Do not feel lonely because everyone goes through breakups and emerges a new person on the other side. Bad breakups are a part of your life and you just have to be strong and fight it out. If you’re thinking ‘what if he/she was “the one” for you?’ Maybe they were and maybe they will always be an epic love according to you. Contrary to popular belief there are actually multiple ones and the only way to find another is to let go and move on. One day someone else will come along and sweep you off your feet and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. So hang in there, you will be just fine!


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