Top 10 Reasons why you should Keep Your City Clean

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What is the first thought in mind that comes when I tell you to imagine the scenario of a slum area?
Of course it will be “Yuck! So unhygienic and how do people live in such a dump yard…”

This one thought clears the answer we need for as to why we should keep our city clean. There would be no single instance where we would not crib about the irresponsible, callous behavior of the Municipal Organisations . We should be equally responsible for the tidiness of our hometown. Not only good environment to breathe in, there are several perks to have a clean city.

10.Set an example for children:

These little angels come light our lives. They are like the molten wax; you can mold them the way you want. When they see you engaged in keeping the environment safe from the clutches of waste devil, they learn the exact things and naturally would love to keep their city clean in the near future. It will be a treat to see your child having a clean room free of germs unlike the other messy ones. It will impart them to be responsible and have some civic sense for the city.

9.Reducing traffic chaos:

We are living in a developing city decimated by the traffic snarls of the vehicles. More often, vendors dump their waste on the road causing huge chaos when the day is at its peak. To avoid huge piles of waste, people in chase mode have no control on their rides and whoosh! Crash!! No wonder people still dump their waste on roadsides.

8.Save on costs:

We recklessly throw things here and there on the streets expecting the public workers to sweep it away. But those wastes can be recycled again and used accordingly. In a way, it will save some penny and help in reusing those products. If we keep our city clean, country’s expenditure spent on sewage treatment plants and the public workers would be lessened. This would help improve country’s economy.

7.Be safe:

The last banana peel you left was the cause of a small accident of an innocent person who just had a minor injury in his hand.

But would you like the same be happening to you? You better know the answer. Even animals feed on waste including plastic which can make them ill within few weeks. So why don’t we start thwarting our waste in the dustbin rather than the by lanes of the society!! More people will be safe and no further troubles will haunt you keeping your work at bay.

6.Manage resources efficiently:

The waste littered on the roadsides can be categorized into various types- organic, inorganic and plastic. Then they can be recycled again to produce a new range of products. We should follow the 3R’s-Reduce, recycle and reuse. Plastic is non biodegradable, so it cannot be degraded by soil and can create havoc by polluting the soil. Recycling it would ensure good use and resources can be saved used in new making of the product.

5.Show diseases the door:

Waste dumped near the roadside or the drains are the source of endless water borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, etc. Even stagnant water is the breeding ground for the mosquitoes causing malaria. To stay safe and free from any diseases, better start keeping the city clean.

4.A ride towards employment offers:

As a haven for the clean and healthier society, the city will attract many companies and industries to setup big plans in here. These companies will merely not attract huge customers but also decrease the unemployment crisis. Many openings would be huge boon for the city and the country. Hence, poverty will die out of nowhere.

3.Big leaps towards improvement of tourism:

Often when we look forward to a vacation in a far off country, one thing we notice is the roads and beauty of the city. Tourists in the present day are well aware of the city’s culture and living conditions before travelling. And for a developing country like ours, tourism is a major boost in country’s economy. When we present the lanes free of waste, clean roads to the city, tourists are bound to flock in large numbers.

2.To boast of residing in a fresh and serene city:

Wouldn’t you be proud to live in one of the best cities of the world? You can boast off about it to your pen pals across the globe. It can be a reality if we keep check on our dumping habits and plant more and more trees. To keep the city clean and in a way would impart good qualities among others. Then city can prosper in all spheres getting the tag of the cleanliest and prospering city.

 1.For mother Earth:

Even nature knows how to ward off the waste and keep the place clean. When the dead animals are left rotting, birds like eagle and vulture venture out on these prey. So there is a balance within Earth. But humans are the abode of selfishness. We in order for out higher standards forget to pay respect to nature. We dump waste anywhere causing a nuisance in the surrounding and paving way for diseases. As the living, we should have the same responsibility to wipe out the unhealthy habits.



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