Top 10 Religions you didn’t know Existed

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Religion can be said to be a way of preserving beliefs in an organized way .From the very beginning of our existence spiritually active people all over the word have been forming different religious associations which encompasses a specific fundamental set of religious beliefs and ultimately guides them towards divinity or their final goal of existence, listed below are few such religions that have rarely been noticed and talked about  but still do exist



Although this religion is very similar to the Christianity and to an extent to Islam, but more or less it is a system of decentralized beliefs, which varies from person to person, on a broad term this can be referred to as a philosophy or a way or life rather than a full fledged religion. Jedi believers believe that there is one supreme and powerful force, an impersonal form of energy that binds people all over the world together and makes people morally aware of their doings. They also believe that humans can tap into or shape the Force to unlock greater potential within themselves. Many Jedi also view themselves as guardians of truth, knowledge and justice, and actively promote such ideals. The founders of this religion are undoubtedly the greatest fans of the Hollywood scientific fiction “STAR WARS”. The followers are not bounded by rules and guidelines rather they are only provided with  suggestions as to improve ones state of mind .the Jedi followers have multiplied manifolds over the last 15 years.




Just the name Satan encompasses a wide variety of ideological, philosophical, and theological beliefs, they are a set of highly decentralized group of followers who not necessarily follow Satan. They are believe in  worshipping their own selves. They believe in no existence of God. In our world anything that goes against the popular belief of god and his manifestations is subjected to public gaze. These groups of people have a materialistic overview when it comes to faith and religion and they are often referred as satanic spiritualists. They are mainly atheist or organostics Satanism as a philosophical worldview manifesting in a particular lifestyle often characterized by questioning authority.  It’s commonly observed that usually people scared  of Satanism, therefore this religion is largely found to operate in secret.






One of the most enthralling religions iI came across is Mandaeism which  has barely survived the battle of its existence in the Asian subcontinent This religion dates from around the same time as Christianity that is approximately over 1800 years old but the significant distinguishing fact remains that Mandaeism doesn’t follow Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed’s teachings instead they follow the principles and preaching’s of John the Baptist. They have strong faith in the principle that the soul is an exiled captive on earth and needs to be freed. This religion thinks of Adam as the first person on planet earth and the religion offers a path of salvation to its followers so that the soul can rejuvenate and reunite with its divine source after the usual course of life i.e death. They pray to the pole star as it is located in the center of the universe. They are mostly centered in Iran and Iraq, this religion faces intense persecution in both the countries.



Baha’i is a very unique religion in its own special way basically it has a monotheistic approach towards religion .The origin of this school of beliefs go back to the late eighteenth century .the Baha’i community has more than five million members from over 2000 ethinic and cultural backgrounds. Further these communities are established  in more than 230 countries approximately. The followers of this religion have strong beliefs in all the teachings of the manifestation or messengers of God, but the main underlying belief is that there is one God and he is the creator who is omnipotent, perfect and has the absolute power and knowledge, further they have a collateral notion that God is transcendent and hence cannot be approached directly. The human soul is given supreme importance in the Baha’i religion they picture all human beings as a single race and promote global equality and harmony within the context of their religion.



Candomble is a popular religion mainly in Brazil and the South African continents, the origin of this religion traces back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. the name symbolizes “dance in favor of God” it has as many as two million followers till date, on taking a closer look at the elemental belief system one can easily find that there is an incorporation of catholic beliefs and  combination of different elements of various other religious practices in this religion. Music and dance are an integral part of the Candomble ceremonies; a popular belief is that every person is protected by a deity who in turn serves one supreme God. There is no particular concept of good or bad in this religion, another interesting fact is that this religion has no holy scriptures or whatsoever as this is mainly a verbal tradition.



Paganism takes reverence for nature as  the utmost basis for laying the stepping stones of  their religious beliefs .It circumscribes a diversely spread community which is drawn on traditional religious faiths of indigenous people all over the world, The number of Pagans in the British Isles is between 50,000 and 200,000. The pagan community consists mainly of Wiccans, Druids, Shamans, Sacred Ecologists, Odinists and Heathens. Mostly it is observed that practices such as Ecology, Witchcraft etc are the dominant practices of the Paganism society. It needs to be specified here that the pagans don’t follow black magic and harm nature and its constituents in any form whatsoever, in fact they worship mother earth in every way possible. They have a strong sense of nature and believe that nature will cure all their miseries .




Mormonism has its roots deep-seated back in the 19th century; it was founded by Joseph Smith and further developed by Brigham Young. This religion has roughly an estimate of 13.5 million followers’ world wide.  The Mormons as they are rightly called, believe that their version of the church is an attempt to restore the actual church conceived by Jesus Christ in comparison with all the other churches, which  according to them have gone astray. They have their own preconceived notions about God as they firmly belief that God is a physical entity and that human beings in their afterbirths can also become Gods if their fate allows them to. The Mormons actively oppose all kinds of social ills and excommunicates anyone who practices such acts as declared improper by their church.



Chinese customs and rituals gave birth to this ancient tradition of philosophy and religious belief system known to the world as “Taoism” also referred to as Daoism. Taoism was one of the strongest religions in China although now the numbers of followers have significantly reduced. this religion originated in China more than 2000 years ago. All things are unified and connected in Taoism. On a larger perspective it can be summarized that Taoism is a religion of unity and opposes the popular belief of Chinese people in Yin and Yang which sees the world as filled with complementary forces – action and non-action, light and dark, hot and cold, and so on. It promotes harmony and the pursuit of spiritual immorality as the primary key to success. Taoist practice include meditation, feng shui and reading and writing of scriptures fortune telling etc .



One of the world’s oldest and fascinating  monotheistic religions is Zoroastrianism. It was founded by prophet Zoroaster approximately 3500 years ago in ancient Iran. They are roughly split into two wide groups the Iranians and the Parsis. Researchers and scholars all over the world have proven the fact along with ample evidences that it was the most powerful religions in the world, it was also  the official religion of Persia which is in Iran, from 600 BCE to 650 CE but, surprisingly it is now one of the world’s smallest religions in existence in the world, with probably less than 190,000 followers left worldwide. Zoroastrians believe in one God who is the creator, they worship pure elements of the nature, their rituals involve offering prayers several times in a day. The Zoroastrian book of Holy Scriptures is called The Avesta.



Raelism depicts one of the most nonsensical beliefs promoted by a Raelian Movement, with over 55000 members all across the globe. The dominant preaching of this belief system is that we, humans were created by scientifically advanced extraterritorial species through complex genetic engineering and that the aliens in near future will take over earth. This religion was founded by a Frenchman named Claude Vorihon in the seventies. One of the major goals of this religion is to inform as many people as possible about the alien race so that when they take over our planet a sense of harmony and a state of equilibrium can prevail. This religion makes use of the “swastika” as a symbol of peace.


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