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Our whole life goes on in the pursuit of achieving various goals and accomplishments in personal as well as professional areas. The prolonged duration of toil and hard work throughout life is then succeeded by a new phase – when we decide to take time off and start considering about retirement. Retirement not only from the everyday work that used to bring the bread and butter to us and our families, but retirement from the high speed lifestyle, stress and anxiety as well. This beautiful period brings us an opportunity to slow down our pace of life, to spend more time with our loved ones, sometimes doing crazy stuff, cherishing the beautiful memories of our lifetime and thus experiencing inner peace and joy. What could be better than retiring to a place where you rediscover your life and yourself? A haven where you can enjoy a wonderful social environment, relish the nature, live an economically comfortable, serene life?  So here we present you the best retirement havens in the world where you might love to spend your life and rediscover yourself:

10. Nicaragua


Secluded from the hustle bustle of the city life and full of rich agricultural land, dry forests, and tropical rain forests and volcanoes, Nicaragua is a brilliant place for retirement. It is one of the safest countries in Latin America. What makes Nicaragua come up to this list is the cost of living that is extremely low. The government has also introduced an appealing retirement program developed to encourage retirees to settle down in Nicaragua, which includes tax exemptions on numerous facilities. The country’s energetic lifestyle and the right spirit of the people makes Nicaragua a wonderful haven for retirees.

9. Thailand


So here we have one of the most amazing places in the world at number 9 that is Amazing Thailand. This popular tourist destination makes a great place for retirement because of low cost of living, cheap property, extremely good health care services at low prices and of course, its amazing people. The retirement visa can be obtained very easily here and you will find retirees from other countries of Asia, US and Europe as well. Public transportation services are excellent, so you don’t have to worry about driving down the lanes all the time.  And of course, entertainment options are aplenty, so you will forget what boredom is.

8. Malta


Malta is a southern European country in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. For many years, Malta has been a preferred choice for people to retire because of the friendly social environment of the country. A place where crimes are almost non-existent and popular for being a famed tourist destination, one can also enjoy the benefits of low cost of living, no property taxes and excellent yet cheap health care services as well. As a country with the lowest crime rates, the residents live comfortably in highly safe and secured manner. The lifestyle is extremely calm, peaceful and relaxed; making every day feel like a holiday.

7. Spain


Spain is a wonderful country with a rich and diverse cultural heritage. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, today Spain is also one of the most favorable destinations for retirees to settle down. And the most appealing reason that attract retirees to Spain is the lifestyle it offers- relaxing on a beach and having a laid back life. In addition to that, Spain charges no sales taxes and extremely low property taxes and offers affordable healthcare services. As Spain’s economy largely dependent on tourism, various opportunities are available for new businesses like shops, restaurants, etc.; thus opening new full time as well as part-time earning opportunities for retirees.

6. Costa Rica


Who wouldn’t love to settle down in one of the happiest and healthiest countries in the world? Here’s why you would love to retire in Costa Rica: a year-round tropical climate, Caribbean beaches, beautiful landscapes, affordable healthcare and loads of entertainment choices. The country has some of the most breathtaking beaches on the planet and it’s a world leader when it comes to ecological development. It is because of this blend of natural beauty and beach surfing that has made Costa Rica one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Thus, Costa Rica promises to be a wonderful place for retirees where life’s truly awesome.  Pura Vida!

5. Colombia


Colombia is currently world’s one of the most emerging economically emerging countries. The year-round weather is best and the country has very fascinating and rich culture. Colombia offers excellent infrastructure and healthcare services. The prices are very economical, so you could enjoy the luxuries more than what you are accustomed to. An important aspect that makes it a favorable destination for retirees is the allowance of foreign investment in the country, thus providing foreigners the same rights as Columbian nationals. The metropolitan lifestyle, diversity in climate, high technology infrastructure, eco-tourism attractions and jovial and friendly people make Columbia amazing place to live.

4. Mexico


If you want to retire in an exotic charming place without giving up conveniences, then Mexico is the country for you. Mexico is one of the most popular American retirement destinations and boasts of great geographical diversity. The country has rich historical culture and offers affordable and excellent health care services. The real estate prices are very low and promises great investment opportunities. This exotic retirement haven offers plethora of entertainment activities like touring, biking, fishing, shopping, sunbathing, diving, mountain climbing, partying etc. You get to enjoy a wonderful Mexican life that is a brilliant mix of traditions and contemporary life style.

3. Malaysia


Malaysia – ‘Truly Asia’, is also Asia’s best and one of the top 3 retirement havens in the world. Malaysia scores highly when it comes to entertainment options and cost of living. Its healthcare amenities are not only excellent but also world’s cheapest as well. Malaysia is also one of the top 10 most visited countries in the world. It is the place where you can enjoy your lifestyle without blowing your budget. Its pristine beaches, islands and jungles give the residents a delightful retreat of the nature. It also offers most affordable and best street food, great restaurants, amazing shopping malls and movie theaters.

2. Panama


Panama is the second best retirement haven in the world, well known for its beaches, mountains, farmland, and rainforests. Panama offers serene weather all-year, low cost of living, safety and beautiful landscapes with high-tech infrastructure. The entertainment options includes variety from clubs to art galleries. Health care in Panama is inexpensive. A major benefit of retiring in Panama is its attractive pensionado scheme to encourage and support retirees. Pensionado basically offers special benefits and discounts in almost every services- from entertainment to transportation, from healthcare to technical services and home loans. Thus, Panama offers a very comfortable retirement where you will never feel bored.

And the number one position goes to…

1. Ecuador


‘Love life’ – this serves as the motto for Ecuadorians. Being one of the most affordable countries in the world, Ecuador is the place to live life king size at shoe string prices. Along with ultra-cheap and wonderful transportation and healthcare facilities, you will find health, peace, tranquility, beauty and adventure at one place in abundance. The country has top notch hospitals and physicians that can be availed at very low cost. The cultural opportunities available in Ecuador are world class. And if you really want to be busy with work, it is one of the best countries for start-ups for locals as well as foreigners. All this makes Ecuador a dream destination for retirement.

So where would you love to spend your life after retirement? Do share with us…


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