Top 10 Sachin Tendulkar Unknown Life Facts

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Each time he walks out to bat, he is a student of the game even though he has played it for many years. He bats, and records change themselves. It’s almost like they change as he bats, or rather they gear up to change while he’s batting. A young boy who played his part as a ball-boy during the 1987 World cup in India went on to become one of the world’s best ever batsmen. The world knows him as Sachin Tendulkar, and India will always know him as its cricketing son. Sachin Tendulkar, no matter how many fans he has or how well he is known world-wide, will always have a few secrets that aren’t well known amongst the public. The little master was the first batsman to be given out by the third umpire in 1992. Sachin owns a Ferrari that he won’t even let his wife Anjali use. Sachin is a huge fan of Kishore Kumar songs, and was even named after the legendary singer SD Burman by his father. But what about the facts we don’t know? Don’t worry, here are 10 facts about Sachin that will absolutely amaze you.

10. Gavaskar’s pads:

 gavaskars pads

Sachin made his test debut against a Pakistani side in the 1990’s. Nervous as he was, Gavaskar who was then part of the team calmed the young kid down by gifting him his pads. That day when Sachin walked out to bat, he proudly wore the pads gifted to him by Sunil Gavaskar, one of India’s batting legends!

9. Superstitious Sachin:

superstitious sachin

What most of you fans may not know is the level of superstition within this great man. Of course, Sachin Tendulkar is a highly superstitious man. Every time he goes out to bat, he always gets his left pad on first before the right pad while padding up. It can’t be any coincidence, especially as he has been doing it right since he played his first Ranji game at the age of 14. Talking about another superstition he had that actually worked during a game against Pakistan in Ferozshah Kotla. Yes, in this very game Anil Kumble picked his record 10 wickets in an innings. The story is that a superstitious Tendulkar handed Kumble’s cap, sweater to the umpire each time Kumble started a fresh over. Shockingly, Kumble picked up a wicket each time Sachin did so.

8. Prankster Sachin:

prankster sachin

On one of the many tours Sachin travelled with Sourav Ganguly, the little master was always upto some mischief. Sachin decided to play a prank on Ganguly. When the team was staying at the team hotel, Sachin left a running hose pipe in Ganguly’s room while Ganguly was asleep. Once Dada woke up, he was shocked to see a pool of water surrounding him.

 7. Sachin abides by the law:

sachin abides by the law

Sachin Tendulkar scored his first Test century in 1990, for which he was adjudged the man of the match. As a mark of celebration, he was given a champagne bottle. At that time he was below 18 and hence he could not use the Champagne bottle for himself since the age limit for alcohol was 18. No he didn’t let his team-mates have the bottle opened for a drink for themselves. Instead, Sachin had the champagne bottle opened on his daughter Anjali’s first birthday in 1998! Believe me, this was one fact about Sachin even I never knew until recently.

6. No net sessions:

no net sessions

Remember the 2003 ICC World Cup when India were beaten badly in that final against the mighty Australia? India had a brilliant World Cup till that final, with Sachin leading the way for them. He ended up scoring 673 runs in that World Cup, highest by any batsman in a single World Cup. I know what you’re thinking. “Sachin trained brilliantly in the nets to improve on his batting form, he trained well in the nets to get his impeccable timing”, and what not. Well let me tell you a shocking fact. Throughout that World Cup when Sachin piled on so many runs, not once did he even bat in the nets during practice sessions. Well, that is Sachin for you.

5. Sach”in” school:

sachin in school

Sachin loved sitting on the last bench like every back-bencher, always up to playing pranks. He was an average student in his studies. He was like any other ordinary boy until he took to wearing his cricket whites. This very ordinary boy turned into extraordinary as he became one crazy run-scoring machine. He tamed the best of bowlers with his ferocious bat. Once, while training with Kambli, his PE instructor called it a day to a practice session. A sad Tendulkar begged his instructor to let him and Kambli train for an extra half hour or so. We all know what such eagerness to learn and train has done to this master batsman!

4. Sachin fakes a look:

sachin fakes a look

It shouldn’t be hard to wonder how such an important celebrity like Sachin Tendulkar could just merely venture out for a walk onto the streets. It’s impossible for him really. The moment he steps out into the public, he will be thronged by fans around him, all wanting that elusive autograph. However, there is one such incident that many fans don’t know about. It was in the year 1995 when Sachin wanted to get out to watch a movie called Roja. Of course, he couldn’t venture into a public theatre just like that. Instead, he took to disguising himself, a plan that failed when his glasses fell off only for him to be recognized by everybody! On that day, he even sported a nice French beard to not be noticed by the public.

3. Ranji at 14:

ranji at 14

Sachin wrote himself into the history books very early in his career when he represented Mumbai at the Ranji level when he was just 14 years old, thus being the youngest player ever to do so. Most kids his age then were attending schools while this lad was attending Ranji games! But then, you surely wouldn’t think he would neglect his studies would you? All you Sachin fans, please note: Sachin was a sincere student. Yes indeed, as he carried along with him his books as he could stay in touch with his studies while travelling along with the Bombay Ranji team! Be it cricket or studies, the dedication remained the same. As his teachers would say, ‘Sachin was more on the field and less in the classroom. But he always managed to finish is homework and studies on time’.


2. Sachin “Mac” Tendulkar:

sachin mac tendulkar

We all have heard about today’s generation of players talking about their sporting idols whom they adore and idolize. How many times have we heard a batsman saying his idol is Sachin Tendulkar? Countless times to be precise? Well, interestingly Sachin too had a sports idol while he grew up playing cricket. However, it was no cricket legend. Tendulkar would idolize tennis star John Mcenroe and he was so crazy about this tennis star that he even grew his hair and tied it with a band to copy Mcenroe. Hence, many of Sachin’s friends nicknames him as “Mac”. Sachin was also a big tennis fan!

1. Sachin’s 13 coins:

sachin 13 coins

Sachin would train a lot back in his youth days under his school coach Ramakant Achrekar. To develop Tendulkar into the perfect batsman, Achrekar would provide him with a coin each time Sachin got through a batting session without getting out. Young Sachin at that time was eager to prove his ability and always looked forward to earning a coin. Tendulkar trained with hard-work and dedication, always looking to preserve his wicket through good batting. In doing so Sachin earned 13 such coins, all of which he has preserved until today even after achieving laurels.

Here is a batting legend that comes only once, twice in a lifetime. Sachin Tendulkar, to me will always be the greatest batsman ever. It’s not just his records that speak for himself; it’s also these little stories about him the world knows very little about that makes his life more impactful.


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