Top 10 Signs of Being in Love

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Love is inexplicable. Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. Love is a blessing from cupid. Love is the gift from god. Love is so much and yet not enough. that’s why  it has so many definitions. It has an inexpressible warmth, peace and bliss in it.  Every heart in this world yearns for only two common things, love and god. Love is perhaps the other name of god. That form of god which human beings can attain. Everyone wants to get it. But how do we really know if we are love struck? What are its symptoms? What are its results? What are its signs? No one can explain them exactly. Though there are some common feelings and emotions that everyone in love undergoes. Below is a list of Ten Signs of Being in Love –

10. Music


Love is musical. With love comes music. Even the haziest people, when in love, fall for typically romantic music. It heals and soothes. Lovers can associate with the craziest lyrics. What can otherwise seem mere exaggerations and melodramatic suddenly becomes very close and relative to lovers. Lovers again fall in love, with music. Romantic, soft, melodious music takes them completely. So, if you used to be a sincere rock or metal or disco lover, and suddenly developed a liking for the romantic genre, congratulations, you are hit by cupid’s arrow.

9. Poetry


Love embellishes a person with art. A lover is a natural poet. Love very naturally enables shayari, poetry and expressions in a person. It stimulates the heart with beautiful words. The pangs of love liven up the soul and enrich it with poetic traits. The most ordinary heart gets vibrations of adventure and fun, turning it into an artist, a poet. Love and art have always been friends. They go hand in hand. With love comes art.

8. Restlessness


The love bugs keep one away from sleep all night. Cupid shoots arrows of thoughts and anxiety that remains all night long. Even the slightest incidences result to unrest for a lover. His/ her emotions are so sensitively churned with every little event that he/she is totally restless all the time. One is constantly thinking of his /her beloved and uncontrollably active all the time. He is day dreaming. He is lost. A lover’s mind sways like a tree in a storm.

7. Divinity


Love is a form of god. It is a blessing straight from god. It is pure. It is chaste. It is divine. Once in true love, a person ultimately feels closer to god. One feels like attaining something really pure. The feeling is such that he/she cherishes it always. True love is never without respect, and this respect is so deep that it reminds one of god. So, when love happens, divinity follows, the purity, chastity and the respect of love brings holy emotions.

6. Unreasonable Happiness

unreasonable happiness

Love makes a man happy. There may or may not be any reason, but a lover is constantly happy. A relationship is meaningless if there is no happiness. We often associate love with pain. But is that real love? Love is not to give tears but smiles. If you are trapped in a bond where you are not happy, rewind your thoughts and think, are you still in love? Love is bliss. The feeling of being with your beloved, your love’s thoughts, touch, belongings, habits, care, everything makes you happy. This happiness is unexplained. A man in love is happy, for really no reason. He may just feel like touching the sky, flying high, or in an instant might feel like dancing in the rain and enjoy the sunshine, for absolutely no reason, except that he is in love.

5. Longing


You meet him/her in the morning, remain together the whole day, but feel all alone and useless by the evening, you know you are in love. You are incomplete without your love. Even the shortest partings, feel like long years. Also, the smallest fights, and communication gaps, drives you crazy if you are truly in love with someone. There is an irrational longing to be with the one you love, all the while, all the time.

4. Sense of Responsibility

sense of responsiblity

Love automatically brings a great sense of responsibility. Once in love, you feel a strange responsibility towards your beloved. It is never said or imposed. It is natural. It comes as a result of love. One always wants to shield his/her love from all troubles and worries. He/she wants to take care of his/her partner for the rest of their lives and be a protection, a support and companion forever. This is very usual. Though it comes suddenly it lasts forever. This sense of assumed responsibility to protect your beloved and be a care taker, a support, a friend, a guardian, is one of the most important signals of love. With love comes possessiveness, protectiveness and guardianship. This responsibility is also very important for a bond. It is almost the pillar of a good relationship. Its role is no less than that of love, trust and understanding in a relationship.

3. Madness


“Love is a magic without any logic”. For ever has love been associated with madness. Shakespeare’s great hero Antony, when fell in love, went so mad for Cleopatra, that he lost everything, including his greatness and virtues. His soldiers said “The triple pillar of the world transformed into a strumpet’s fool”.  This foolishness has never been escaped by any lover. The madness, insanity, craziness and foolishness that love inherits is another sign that you are in love. Love makes you irrational. You don’t think when you are in love. Chetan Bhagat said in one of his novels, “I stopped thinking when I was with her”. So, if you feel that you are losing your mind, doing things you don’t think you’d do and  have no control over your heart and mind when you are with him/her. Then that’s nothing but ‘Love’.

2. Desire to be together forever

desire to be together forever

“I long to be with you again from the moment you leave”. If this is what you are thinking of, you surely are in love. If you are already planning to marry him/her, build a home, live together, grow old together and die in each other’s arms, hold onto your thoughts. You are going too far. You know why? Because you are in love. Love brings with it the desire to be with your beloved forever. One starts planning a life. It is very natural.“If it’s not forever, it’s not love”. Genuine love can never be that which lasts for two weeks, two months or two years. If you are in and out of relationships, over and over, you have never been in love. Love is something that happens ‘Once in a lifetime’ to that One person. Real love is constant. When you are really in love and have true emotions.When you have everlasting feelings and it’s not just an infatuation or a crush, you certainly will look forward to a whole life with that person. He/she becomes a permanent companion of yours in the future portrait that you dream to paint. True loves comes with a desire to live together forever and be with each other in every step you take, every decision you make and every path you walk on.

1. Feeling Loved

feeling loved

Love is when you feel loved. To fall in love it is necessary to feel love. Love is incomplete until you feel it. Only if someone says you are in love, you are not. To be in love, is to realize it. Love takes time to happen, and it certainly take time to realize. A special feeling, a sacred bond, emotions that you have never felt before, something that you’d describe as being out of this world . This can’t happen with just anyone, any day. It takes a reasonable period of time for love to happen and for the feeling to finally sink in. Feeling loved, is a complex thing. You can’t just feel it with anyone. It needs to be encompassed with many feelings along with love. Respect, protection and understanding are just a few facets of love itself. They come in naturally as a part and parcel of this phenomenon that we choose to call ‘LOVE’, until and unless you are in love you don’t feel them.

So, if these are the symptoms that you haven been undergoing after you met that certain, someone special and all that you ache for is the warmth of their arms. Then you know that the arrow has found its right place and up above you two, is a smiling cupid with a mischievous grin.


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