Top 10 Simple Lip Care Tips

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Lips are considered as the most fascinating feature of the face and are usually  defines your face. You always use a lot of beauty products and cosmetic items to make your face look beautiful and charming. Same way, it is very important to take good care of the lips to prevent the lips from diseases like lip herpes which is commonly known as cold sore, carcinoma and other lip problems. Thus, you should always use those lip products that provide protection against the sun as otherwise the products can cause an opposite effect and instead of protecting the lips can contribute to skin cancer. Apart from protecting the lips, it is also important that the lips should look glossy and pleasing all the times as it helps to make a good impression on others. Chapped and cracked lips can ruin the elegance of the whole face. This article consists of easy to use top 10 tips that you can follow in order to protect your lips and thereby to get naturally attractive and florid lips.


apply milk cream

Milk cream is one of the most common remedy to get pink and soft lips. It can be applied to lips in many different ways. Milk cream can be mixed with rose petals and honey and the paste has to be applied on the lips. This will make the lips reddish by removing the dead skin of the lips. Also, when a paste of milk cream, milk and saffron is applied on the lips, it makes the lips softer and more beautiful. Milk cream can also be applied on the lips by mixing it with tomato paste. Always remember to apply and clean the paste with the help of cotton pad and keep it on your lips for at least 15 minutes to get best results. Milk cream is thus the most effective way to take care of lips and it is best suited for both dark and dry lips.


use chapstick

Chapstick is usually a lip balm or a petroleum jelly which helps to prevent cracking of the lips. You should always keep a good quality chapstick handy with yourself. Chapstick can be applied whenever you feel your lips to be dried off as it moisturizes the lips and makes them soft instantly. It is small and can be easily carried anywhere. It provides a coating to the lips which prevents the lips from drying and cracking and thus helps to keep the lips soft and pink. Glycerin also helps to moisturize the lips and thus makes them more lightening.


apply branded lipstick

People usually apply lipstick as it provides a glow to the lips and makes them more attractive and sparkling. It is very important to use a lipstick of a well known and good brand as the ingredients in the lipstick can also have an adverse effect on the lips. You should always buy a good quality lipstick as a branded lipstick will not only give an irresistible gloss to the lips but will also hydrate and protect the lips and thus makes the lips lustrous and appealing.


apply lemon juice

Lemon juice is considered as a useful remedy for the treatment of dry lips. You can mix lemon juice with honey and the paste can be applied with a cotton pad on the lips as it will help to prevent the lips from tanning. Lemon juice can also be used with castor oil and glycerin. It is best advised to apply the mixture before going to sleep as it gives most impelling results when used overnight. Also, you should never use lemon juice directly on the lips as it is acidic in nature. It will provide instant brightening of lips but if used frequently then it will burn the delicate skin of the lips and will ultimately lead to permanent darkening of the lips.


rinse lips with rose water

Whenever you apply any paste on your lips whether of milk cream or honey or lemon juice, the best way to rinse your lips after that is by using rose water. Rose water can also be used to rinse your lips anytime as it helps to lighten the color of the lips. You can also rub rose petals directly on the lips if you want your lips to look fresh and naturally red. The best way to get rosy lips is thus with the help of rose petals or rose water.


intake healthy diet

The diet you consume also plays a vital role in keeping your lips healthy and pretty. Coffee and tea usually leads to blackening of the lips and thus should be consumed in less quantity. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables will not only keep you healthy and fit but is also very beneficial for the glow of your lips. Gulkan syrup can also be used to keep the lips lusty plus it has an added advantage of having a favorable taste. Also, you should drink plenty of water as it nourishes the lips and prevents them from drying.


apply oil

Oil is also a very powerful ingredient which can be used if you want to take good care of your lips. Castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil or even ghee when applied on the lips helps to treat them from harmful allergies and even from UV radiation of the sun which can thereby lead to tanning of the lips. Ghee can be mixed with saffron and then is applied on the lips as it creates a protective layer on the lips. Mustard oil or desi ghee can also be applied on the navel as it heals the dryness of the lips. Thus use of any of the oil will help to provide the natural shine of the lips.


massage your lips

Massaging your lips is very important. You can either massage your lips with ice cubes or any of the oils. There are also some massaging tips that you should keep in mind such as you should massage your lips every night before you go off to bed. Also, while massaging your laugh line it is preferable to move your finger in upward stroke. Then you should massage your lips in anti clockwise, clockwise and in inward direction. Also, after massaging always apply lip balm on your lips for more utile results.


avoid smoking

We all are well aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to health. There are countless harmful effects of smoking which includes heart attacks, cancer, strokes, hypertension, impotency, kidney failure, diabetes, early aging, mouth and teeth problems and a lot more dangerous diseases. Not only this, it can also lead to premature death if a person. Apart from all these ill effects, it also takes away the natural splendor of the lips and makes them dark as if they have been burned. If you want to regain the beauty of your lips and want your lips to be mesmeric again then you must quit smoking at this instant, by doing so you will get not only healthy lips but also healthy body and mind.


do not peeel of the skin of dry lips

Skin of your lips is very delicate and peeling it off can make blood come out of your lips. You should never peel of the skin when lips are dry. First apply any kind of remedies which are mentioned in above points and then when you will remove the paste with the help of cotton then dry skin will automatically come out and that too very easily. You can also apply lip balm on dry lips to hydrate it first and then remove the dead skin with the help of cotton pad. This way you can prevent your lips from cutting and bleeding.


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