Top 10 Simple Tips for Better Health And Well-being

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Health is Wealth is a very popular saying and I guess everybody must have heard about it. Health is the most important thing in our life as obviously if we do not stay healthy then no materialistic thing would matter to us or could provide us comfort. It is very important to take care of our health as our well being is an important issue not only for us, but also for the people who love us and care about us. Our live is connected with many people, which makes it all the more important to follow a routine which keeps us healthy and fit. This article will provide us with the top 10 simple tips that we should or in fact must follow in our daily routine so that we can have a better health and well being. Everyone must try to adopt at least some of these tips if not all, so that they can live a long and sound life.


eat healthy

Healthy eating is the basic step that one must espouse in order to stay fit. We should say no to junk and oily food as it increases cholesterol level to a heart extent as that is why is considered harmful for our heart. Including fruits in our diet provides a great source of antioxidants thereby preventing many health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, macular degeneration and many more. Also, we should intake high fiber food which includes beans, grains, vegetables, cereal and fruits. Moreover, it has been proved in many studies that eating more snacks or eating between meals is much more beneficial for health as compared to taking heavy meals plus eating regularly also has an added advantage of preventing weight gain. So, we should consume healthy diet rich in nutrients in order to stay hearty.


be optimistic

Optimism is the key to happiness and thus health. Most of the problems which we deal with in our daily life develop stress and depression which is the root cause of all mental problems and many physical health problems. The best way to cope up with stress is to think positive. Imagine whenever we face any problem, if we believe that it will be solved and do not take tension then automatically we will think of some solution to cope up with the problem. So obviously, if we have that faith that the problem will be solved and we can deal with any situation then we will not take stress thence preventing health issues. This courage that we get is only provided by thinking positive, and we should definitely adopt it in our life.


persue yoga or meditate

Practicing meditation and yoga are practically simple ways to keep us calm and to relax our body and soul. It has unlimited health benefits such as it increases blood flow, helps in chronic diseases, enhance energy, provides higher skin resistance, drop in cholesterol levels, decrease in the aging process, relax nervous system, produce beneficial changes in electrical activity of the brain, helps in quitting smoking and alcohol addiction, develops emotional maturity, provides peace of mind and the list goes on and on. Basically meditating and pursuing yoga increases the synchronicity in our life and is responsible for our emotional, physical and mental well being.


walk daily

Walking is the easiest exercise that we can easily perform. It requires no difficult stretching and pulling of weights. We can go for a walk either in the morning or in the evening according to our convenience. All we have to do is to walk in the fresh air for half an hour, to stay healthy and sound. We can gradually increase the perimeter or the time for which we walk after fixed intervals. One cannot imagine that this simple exercise has in store countless number of health benefits which includes healthy heart, cutting the risk of diabetes and hypertension, improvement in brainpower, more age, prevention from cancer and a lot more. So, we must take out time from our busy schedule to go for a walk at least for 30 minutes in a day as it is much more beneficial and easier than difficult rigorous exercises.


maintain proper hygiene

Hygiene is something that not only keeps us healthy, but also it enhances our personality and helps us to be recognized in a crowd. Maintaining hygiene is very simple as we just have to wash our hands before and after meal, bath daily, wear clean clothes, brush and floss daily and that to early morning and before going to bed and other simple tips which basically includes keeping ourselves and our surroundings neat and tidy. If we maintain proper hygiene and stay clean then it prevents us from getting flu, cold and other infections that are spread by viruses and bacteria. Therefore, proper hygiene serves as a barrier and prevents us from getting ill frequently thereby taking care of our dental and physical health.


stay connected

Keeping in touch with family and friends makes us feel cared for and included. We get to know about different views of the situations that we are going through. Also, different people offer us with different new ideas to deal with those situations. Staying in touch with different people thence makes us practical and helps us to solve life problems. Connecting with people helps us to stay down to earth, provides us with support and enriches our life. The personal and professional relationship that we develop has a great effect on our well being and can bring us great mental, psychological and physical rewards.


drink sensibly

Alcohol is the main cause of health issues and early deaths. Smoking, drinking alcohol, intake of drugs possesses a bad impact on our respiratory system, circulatory system, immune system, musculoskeletal system and sexual organs. It also increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, atrial fibrillation, higher blood pressure, brain damage, bone diseases and many other health related problems. Moreover, it also affects our emotional health as we become more aggressive and people do not like to be around us which thus leaves us all alone. One must quit smoking and drinking in order to stay sanguine. If we have to drink, we must prefer juices, milk, shakes and all sorts of healthy drinks. Also, we must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to stay free from infirmity. That is how a simple and smart decision of sensible drinking can help us to be rubicund.


be expressive

Talking about our feelings provide us with good mental health and it also helps to deal with troubled times simultaneously. When we share our feelings it helps us to reduce stress and may also sometimes can provide us with ideas to deal with it. It also helps to remove all the excessive baggage which if not removed frequently will then make us a loner and a person having bad behavior. Expressing is something that is the simplest way to stay mentally fit, and if we are mentally fit, it will also have a positive effect on our complete wellness.


rest and refresh

Maintaining a balance is very important to stay healthy. Excess of work pressure is considered to possess a very negative impact our health. Taking vacations is the best way to deal with excessive work load. It refreshes our mind and body and boost up our energy level. If it is not possible to go out for long holidays, we should at least take proper rest on weekends as it is very essential for our body to rest in order to stay fit. Also, we should not compromise on our sleep as a sound sleep plays a very important role in keeping us firm and hale.


go for a regular checkup

Even if we follow all the tips to stay healthy, it is still very essential to get our health checked from a doctor. We should visit a doctor regularly as frequent checkup provides us with expert’s advice which is obviously the best. So, however healthy we may feel, we should never skip a doctor’s visit as it the most essential tip that we must follow to stay florid.


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