Top 10 Simple Tips to Make more Friends

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Friends are an important part of our lives. Our lives are considered incomplete if we don’t have friends in it. Friends can be of many types such as best friends, the ones with whom we go for parties, normal friends and many more. True friends are there for us, whatever the situation may be. They shout at us, make fun of us, fight with us, laugh at us, and what not, but when we need them, they leave all their work behind and come to us just to be with us and to help us. Making friends is not at all difficult, but maintaining friendship is a hard task to do. We don’t become friends with someone, just by hanging around with that person, instead we become friends when we are with them when nobody else is. Friendship brings with it a lot of responsibilities but these responsibilities are fulfilled automatically by our own will. But before that, we should know how to make friends. There can be many different ways of making friends, and this article will provide you with the top 10 tips that you can use, if you want to make a lot of friends.


keep in touch

We should stay in touch with all our relatives and should attend all our family gatherings and functions. This helps us to meet new relatives and people which gives us an opportunity to make new friends. It provides us with a chance to interact with more people and get to know them. And moreover, when we meet new people during family occasions, people there will not treat us as stranger, which increases our chances of gelling with people more easily. Since, all the people are like family, there exists a trust between them which provides a comfortable level and thus it is easy to initiate a conversation. Thus, we should stay in touch with all our relatives, if we love making new friends.


be social

We should try and be social as much as we can. There can be many ways if we want to increase our social circle, such as joining social sites like twitter, facebook, etc, volunteering at different places be it be college events or other events, joining different clubs like sports club, literature club, etc, going to parties, joining different workshops that are held during college fests, going to coffee joints, restaurants, bars, etc and many more. The basic motive behind all this is meeting new people and since all these places have different environment, we get a chance of meeting people with different personalities which increases our opportunities of knowing new people and thus making new friends.


take initiative

As we all know that we can never get anything, unless and until we don’t try for it. To achieve anything, we have to take initiative and have to work hard for it. For making friends, we don’t have to work hard for it, but taking initiative is definitely required. We have to go and talk to people if we want to make new friends as people will not come and talk to us. We can take initiative and can go and talk to new people in many different ways such as for offering them help if they are in trouble, or by just introducing ourselves casually or we can even ask for help. Who knows, a single conversation with someone new can provide us with a lifetime friendship.


open up your heart and mind

The most important thing if we want to make new friends is opening ourselves up in front of others. We should not feel shy and should not worry about what other people might think of us. We should open up our heart and then talk to people around as it reflects our genuine nature which attracts people and thus helps us in making new friends. Moreover, we should also keep our mind open and should not judge anyone on the basis of what other people say. We should use our own sense of judgment and should only make a decision about anyone after talking to them and spending some time with them.  This opening up our mind and heart provides us with ample opportunities of making new friends.


be who you are

If we want to make new friends, we should never fake our personality. If we try and pretend to be someone else, it may help us to make new friends, but such friendship will not sustain for long. We should present ourselves the way we are, as it will help us to make true friendships, since, true friends accepts us the way we are. So, if we want to make true friends who will always be there for us, we should just be ourselves.


take efforts

Taking initiative is not the only way to make new friends. After that we even have to take efforts to establish that friendship and to make it all the more special. We have to prove our friendship, as a strong friendship is depicted by what we do, and not just by saying. Since, it is a very much known saying that actions speak louder than words, the same goes with making new friends also. It is our actions that will help us to build a new friendship rather than our words.


be available

The most important part of being a good friend is to be available for our friend whenever he or she needs us. Any problem, be it be small or big, appears to be small if our friend is with us. A friend provides us with an emotional, mental and sometimes even monetary support if required to cope up with the problem. Even if we can’t help our friend in his or her problem, our existence only will provide our friend with a lot of courage to deal with the problem. Only the presence of our friend beside us can solve many problems. So, in order to make new friends, one must be available at times of difficulties as it shows our reliable nature.


improve your listening ability

A good friend is the one who listens to all your crap and never gets tired of it. We should listen to what people have to say to us. Thus, if we want to make new friends, we should work on our listening ability as it gives people an impression that we like them and are always available for them. It makes them feel special.


make eye contact

We also have to keep a check on our facial expressions if we want to make new friends. We should always make eye contact while talking to people and should always keep a smile on our face while talking. By doing so, we make the other person realize that he or she is important to us and we are interested in talking to them. It also helps to make that person feel special and thus can also lead to a beautiful and true friendship.


work on your confidence

The most important thing that we have to work upon is our confidence if we want to make new friends. We should not worry about how other people might react when we go and talk to them. Also, we should learn to accept rejection and should not let it affect our confidence. It might be possible that we do not gel up with some people, but we should not let it affect us and should take it in a positive way. We should never stop trying and should remove our fear of being judged wrongly by others, as the people who are close to us, knows us and that is what matters. Thus, we should overcome our fear and should work on our confidence if we want to make new friends.


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