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With the Tsunami in SMS use, the world went crazy. Short messages changed conversation. Lingo became language and the world started spinning too fast. Just when we thought it couldn’t go any faster, the new something called Twitter came along in 2006. The new thing was that it restricted the character usage. This was meant as short message services replacement but with added features. The follow, tweet, re-tweet changed the world again. With over 200 million people on twitter, odds being that you are one of them, people fell in love with the tweet. The challenge to make people laugh or cry with restraints on words was accepted and since then we have people who get up and also sleep with tweet. The tricks are by far well known in this day and age, but there is always something new. Check the article to test your twitter knowledge. For amateurs, check it out to learn the ropes of the trade.

10 : Know the lingo and the shortcuts.

10. Know the Lingo and the shortcuts

When in Rome, do as Romans. Tweet in the language, not English, no sir. When every character counts you have to be short and smart. The well established norm is to use the lingo. few examples are : @reply,Direct Message (DM), Follower, Hash tag, Re-tweet (RT),Trending Topics, and Tweet. Twitter description has a full listing of Twitter terms and Lingo and related terms. Do check it for a better faster cool-er experience. Also Twitter gives you more than 20 keyboard shortcuts. Example is “G H” for returning to the home-screen, the key “R” for reply and also “G U” to go to a specific user. You can find all of the shortcuts by following this path : the Gear Icon > Keyboard Shortcuts.

9. Embedding Tweets.

9. Embedded Tweets

In the earlier version of Twitter, the tweets couldn’t be copied directly. The tedious task of copying a tweet took all the fun out of Twitter as fast swift efficient, the USP of twitter, is gone kaput when copying is concerned. The one solution was screenshots. Now its possible to embed it into your blog post. If this was not enough then this trick allows visitors to interact with it as if they were on Twitter. How to do this you ask? just find tweet you want, expand it and click on details and select the option “Embed this tweet” which appears in a new screen.

8.Use Twitter search

8.  Use twitter search

What’s the trick you may ask, but the trick is to know the trick. Curious to know where your name is being used, Search for your website/blog URL and see where others have mentioned you. If you are new in a city and need a place to just chill, twitter is helpful . Say you are in Pune and need a club, you can search anything near you by adding near:”ABC123XYZ”. For example, typing near “Pune city Maharashtra” club would return current tweets that have happened in Pune, with the keyword club thus giving you true information about hangout without any fake promotional campaigns confusions. If you are fed up of add tweets then add ? -filter:links at the end of your search query. Whenever you find any interesting search save it with “Save this search” button. You can get this back with “Saved Searches” on the right-hand part of your profile or under the “Searches” tab next to your Twitter interface.

7. Know when the reply is for one or all

7. Know when the reply is for one or all

Many a times, People start their Tweets off with someone’s handle. When you write this, “@ABC123XYZ writes…” ie. when you put put the Twitter handle (without the period), Twitter sees it as a reply to the said handle. Thus like a private conversation, and only the person you include in the @handle will see the Tweet. If you want everyone to see the same, well the answer is simple, Period! Just put a period in front of the Tweet handle. This way your followers will get to be a part of the action.

6 Download Twitter Archive

6. Download Twitte Archive

In 2012, Twitter launched the optional download of an archive of your tweets. Now starting from the very first step into the tweeting world, to the more daring experiments, you can have all your tweets saved with you.The tweets are downloaded as an offline html file. Along with the tweets it is possible to see the graphs and details of your activities This is super precise and informative data with dates and time. To avail this action follow the path, Gear Icon > Settings > Account > Your Twitter Archive > Request Your Archive. It’s my painful duty to tell you that you won’t get the archive immediately. But this path will ensure that you are informed about it as soon as its available.

5. List

5. Lists

Lists makes it easy to operate. When the information is available as a list its easier to function and check the required data without having to waste time looking for it. In a tweet world, when you have followed numerous people, the easiest way to make the best of the pouring information is to split it into lists. To do this, the path is Go Me > Lists. This will help you categorize the people. Its a freeway drive which lets you go to the profile of people you like, and become a part of their list . Its really simple. Just go on their profile , start by clicking Lists end by Subscribe. apps like Tweet Deck, allows you to make list in a separate column. Now for the level two trick. If you want to see tweet of people without flowing them, just add them to your list. They will know that you have added them in the list unless you mark them private. So take your pick and start listing.

4. Themeleon

4. Themelon

Themelon from COLOURlovers is a personalize ion option which takes tweeting experience to the next level. If you are bored of the standard background and don’t want to see your picture every time you see your account. Now we have the option to use one of the many options from Themelon. With the time we spend on twitter, it’s but natural to want a part of our personality reflected in your page. If you want to try this trick, follow the path, Gear Icon > Settings > Design > “Check out Themeleon.”

3.Third-party tools

3. Third Party Tools
  • TwitPic – post pictures on your tweets. Away from the computer, use the Terrific app.
  • Qwitter – It tells you when a fellow follower quits on you. This is email service which tells you when one of your follower unsubscribes. The service is helpful enough to suggest which one of your post made them Quit
  • Social-Oomph – its a collection of free Twitter tools. Sometimes you have a revelation and a groundbreaking tweets flies into your head. You are sure to score some follower if you nail the timings of the post. Twitter solves this problem with SocialOomph. These tool allows you to schedule your posts as and when you want them
  • Tweet-beat – The it topic on the panel is sometimes a total odd-ball. With twitter beat you get a chance for clear concise explanation. Its a pep talk to prepare you for the game with a quick review of the current rules and helpful weather information.
  • Twitter Grader – To know what’s hot and what’s not, check the Twitter Grader to know the rank of every twitter account.
  • Twitter Fan Wiki Apps – If you wish to find new twitter apps. this is the place for you. Go nuts.

2. Pocket.

2. Pockets

Sometimes we wish to read something twice, or just save it to read it out to someone or just save it for later like the guilty chocolate piece. Twitter understands this need and gives a prompt solution. Its Pocket. When you come across an interesting content, tweet or page which you want to read later, saving, embedding it, screen-shot it is not what you want. The best option is to hover over the post and select the pocket option. Its easy and safe and gives you the chance to read it as and when you want. However you need to download the extension.

1 Multiple Accounts in Mobile

1 Multiple Accounts in Mobile

Good news ! Now we can can tweet from multiple accounts using Twitter mobile. The problem of using different id on phone is tough and tedious, With twitter tedious becomes tiny. We can access multiple accounts on single go with twitter. How ? On your profile page, click on the the button with the silhouettes. There tap the plus sign in the top-right of the screen . This will give you new entry page for your different account. Life is easy when you can just Tweet.


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