Top 10 Skills You Must Learn In Life

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Never underestimate the power of learning basic skills. After all, you start small to make it big.

We often overlook the importance of certain skills when we’re living under the roof of our parents, but having recently moved to my own dorm across continents far, far away from my parents, I’m beginning to realize the areas where we youths are equipped in, we lose out in in other fields.

The reason is simple: in this generation, we’re taught to focus more on our education and picking up on academic and school-related skills (which no doubt are important) but in the quest for those, we forsake skills our parents brought up in middle-class circumstances mastered.

We were given therefore, the comfort of slacking off in those areas because they made up for it. In the big bad world without our parents, we’ve got to learn to be self-sufficient.

Drawing from personal experiences and accounts of struggles by other people, here are the Top 10 skills you will need at some point in your life:


#10: Cooking

Don’t smirk, men. This one’s for you too unless you believe in the age-old practice of keeping a girlfriend or marrying early to a woman that knows her way around the kitchen. We all know most men nowadays aren’t about that life and that in general our aspirations (both men’s and women’s) are too large to be contained or repressed by marital commitment in our 20s.

Yes, it is a time for exploration, studying hard, meeting new people, finding your feet in this new phase of adulthood so unless you want your daily dose of diarrhea and have yourself wake up in the hospital someday from food poisoning, STOP EATING OUT.

Nobody’s expecting you to become the next Masterchef but it isn’t such a bad thing to watch and learn from your mom the next time you’re home and she’s cooking. Basic sustenance and healthy eating is a habit you must inculcate for your well-being.

If you want to do as much as you can those years you have before you start thinking about serious commitment, you’ll need your drive and energy intact and yes, that does come from food made within your own home.


#9: Budgeting your own finances

Growing up, I always idolized my dad for being the pillar of sole financial support in our family. He managed to provide us comfort without compromising on any luxuries and that isn’t just because he was a hard-working, ambitious man, it was because he understood the value of every cent that was filtered into his bank account.

He arranged out a monthly spreadsheet on Excel that accounted for household and miscellaneous expenses; every cent coming in and outflowing was accounted for careful.

It’s important to keep track of your expenses to keep tab of your expenditure and see you don’t go broke. It sure is a skill that comes in handy later in your life.


#8: Letting things go

More a personality-related, emotional aspect on this list, it’s important not to get too stuck up on whatever your past was like and focus on the future. You won’t have space for happiness in your life if you don’t make peace with people in your past.

It’s not worth holding onto anything because life is dynamic, fast-paced and doesn’t stop for anybody. Life will always see people who you don’t get along with, but why ruin your journey along the way?

Learn to let things go and you’ll see how much more pleasant life can be.


#7: Relationship networking

Which means managing all your separate relationships without making any one of them your life, neglecting them or mixing them up with each other.

You have your friends, family and romantic partner. Any workforce that you join will look for somebody with relationship forming and maintaining skills because it’s essential in reflecting the person you are and what you can contribute to the team.

Relationships are a huge part of your life; don’t minimize it’s important or give it less importance. When you feel like life is letting you down, they are your backbone and sounding boards.


#6: Compassion

A value that will go a long way in teaching you things about life and surrounding your life with empathy.

Treat others how you would wish to be treated if you were in their circumstances, whether they’re oppressed women, stray animals, old age homes, orphanages, or cancer patients, the vulnerable always need your support in society.

You will experience self-fulfillment and an appreciate the privileges you were bestowed in your life.


#5: Operate appliances

Scoff at this all you want, but there’s people lagging behind in the technology department and we simply can’t afford to. Everything in this world is witching over to techno mode and if we need to catch up, we have to be updated on the latest softwares, how to operate appliances ranging from computers to washing machines to TVs.

On the flip side, it’s also important to not be too reliant on them.


#4: Martial arts

You, someday near and dear to you or even a total stranger may need help someday. Besides you stay in shape and nobody messes with you.

It’s a win-win situation.


#3: Remember names and dates

Because it’s frustrating to your best friend who adores you when you forget their birthday, it’s irritating to your birthday when you forget your anniversary and it’s dangerous for you when you forget the doctor’s appointment you urgently fixed last night.

Also, in adult world, it isn’t acceptable to forget names of people you just met. It’s not charming forgetting who they are and what they do, it’s childish and scatterbrained. Start being a better listener and absorber.


#2: Repair and fix things around the house

Or help change a flat tire, a fused light bulb and fix a hanging painting off the wall.

Stop counting on the electrician, plumber and technician for everything. It’s an easier, faster and cheaper alternative if you learn to handle tools better.


#1: Basic first aid

Somebody could get hurt someday and it might be too late when you call an ambulance.

You might not be a Science person but perhaps recognizing symptoms and signs, as well as knowing how to deal with a nosebleed might be useful someday.






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