Top 10 Stupid Gadgets

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If we were to provide a short definition of the word ‘gadget’, then we would have to describe it as an object that is particularly appealing due to its ingenuity or novelty. However, there are many gadgets out there that are highly popular because they also have a practical usage. Is that the same for every gadget? No, there are some gadgets that are so stupid you would not believe they exist. Here is top ten stupid gadgets for you to entertain yourself with.

#10 Avocado slicer


Speaking about being lazy, how difficult it can be to just use a spoon instead of this amazing avocado slicer? After all, you are not eating avocados three times a day and even if you are, the spoon will do its job just alright. Be honest. Do you really need an avocado slicer?

#9 Automatic wine opener


If someone is willing to pay a certain sum of money on an automatic wine opener, then that person is probably the king of all lazies. You can easily replace it with a corkscrew and it will probably take just as long. So, stop being lazy and leave the automatic wine opener for other lazy people.

#8 iPotty


If you have trouble toiled training your kid, then perhaps you might make usage of this gadget. This plastic potty actually has a swivelling mount for your kid’s iPad. How much of bad parents have we become that we actually need such gadgets for potty training?

#7 Brainwave cat ears


The purpose of this gadget is to tell yourself whether you are relaxed or attentive to something. If you cannot figure out for yourself how you are, then the cat ears will do justice. They will go up when you are attentive to something and down when relaxed. How useful you would say this gadget actually is?

#6 Mustache cookie cutters


Cookies are everyone’s favorites, whether you make or just eat them. There many types of cutters out there recommended for making forms out of cookie dough but the mustache cookie cutter is certainly not the most interesting. Just imagine that this is a combination between hair and cookie; would you still eat that cookie?

#5 The handled milk diaper


Regardless of how clumsy you are, there are still very few chances you might spill the milk carton. For those of you out there who want to be extra certain that no spillage is going to happen, someone has thought of inventing the milk diaper. Not the cutest name but you will never cry because of spilled milk ever again.

#4 The Rubik cube/MP3 player


We have just talked about combo gadgets and how they do not work as well together. The Rubik cube is great on its own and so is any MP3 player; the combination between these two is not that interesting, as you cannot put a Rubik cube into your pocket and listen to your favorite music.

#3 The remote wrangler


It is said that one of the items that are lost often around the house is the remote control. For those of you who are extremely forgetful, the remote wrangler might be just the thing you needed. Or not? If you are that forgetful that you need to strap the remote control to your face, then perhaps you should ask yourself other questions. This is certainly one of the most stupidest gadgets available.

#2 The toaster and radio combo


Combo gadgets are often popular, as the customer is given the impression he or she is getting more than he or she paid for. While some combos are interesting and they strike that ingenuity chord, this cannot be said about this combination. Who would buy a toaster that sings, or a radio that can toast? That is just ridiculous.

#1 The pizza scissors


We all love to eat pizza and surely the whole world is on the lookout for a gadget that will help us slice it easier. However, the pizza scissors are not so charming as you would imagine and they do not cut with as much charm either. Why would you want to cut your pizza using scissors?

There are many more other stupid gadgets available out there. Don’t waste your time with them and try to choose only those that are actual useful.


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