Top 10 Subconscious Embarrassing Things We Do

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Each one of us have been embarrassed at some or the other point in our lives. Isn’t it? Well, yes true. And this is pretty obvious, since you cannot always be mr/miss perfect. Hence you make blunders which are both amusing and embarrassing. Such things happen to occur both in our conscious as well as subconscious mind. However when it comes to subconscious mind, there cannot be a better example than ‘sleep’. But that does not mean only when you are asleep your mind tends to hover in the subconscious world. It is said that the conscious mind is logical, analytical. Subconscious mind is illogical. And since most of our behavior is governed by the subconscious mind, you can imagine what will be the outcome. So let’s have a look at the list of ten subconscious embarrassing things that most of us tend to do in our daily lives.


You are walking with something on your mind, and suddenly bump into someone. Well this is still fine. You can say sorry and move ahead. But what if you collide with something like a wall, a door or a pillar. This can be really embarrassing. You are left with no option other than laughing at yourself. Of course you don’t have the choice of saying sorry because that would do nothing other than making the whole situation funnier. And this is not even when you are sleeping. Of course your mind is in a different world, thinking about something either good or bad.


This happens both when we are asleep or awake. While sleeping most of us have a habit of blabbering, which can be really interesting to the people around us. This is known as somniloquence. Some people speak slangs and take out their grudges against somebody which when awake they can’t. Unknowingly they also make noises which they are not supposed to make. By now it is pretty evident what we are talking about. However when you realize what you said and did, it becomes quite embarrassing to face it.


People gaze due to different reasons. One is the very common male gaze. Second is the one which we are talking about here. You are sitting in a crowd, and you don’t even realize that you have been continuously staring at someone, but your eyes don’t intend to do that. Its just that your subconscious mind takes you to a different direction leaving with no clue what you have been actually doing. Well the consequences can be diverse. The victim of your gaze might feel uncomfortable and you never know you might get a slap in return, though you didn’t mean it that way.


We all have been through a torture phase when the person sleeping next to us makes that snoring sound, generally in a train or a bus. Some of us are fortunate enough to have them at home itself. It can actually turn out to be a disaster sometimes. Those who actually do this can relate it to themselves better. Of course, nobody does it by choice. But people do make fun if they discover this special talent of yours. Suppose you are making a night out with your few friends and suddenly at midnight you find one of your friends snoring at his peak. The very next morning you play a recording before the whole class and it turns to be an audio of your friend snoring last night. Just imagine how embarrassing can it be.


Those monkey face expressions which you make when you are actually in your dream world of subconsciousness. Remember ? No doubt, all of us have done that at some point of life. It can become something really funny to the person sitting next to you and nothing on this earth can be worse if that person happens to be your crush or someone you admire. And the moment you realize what you have been doing, the first question that pops into your mind is, Oh shit ! How could I make that stupid expression in front of everyone ?


I am sure most of us have seen people picking their nose and ears in public. Some do it intentionally whereas some don’t. Also when asleep, many people don’t realize what amazing places there hands have been to ! This can be even more hilarious if friends click you in that weird posture when your hands were worshipping your genitals or your thumb was inside your mouth. Now, what happens to the picture after that need not be mentioned. Embarrassing, isn’t it ? Well, it’s all the game of hands going in different directions. If it can be an asset, it can also be a dangerous tool of embarrassment in public.


You have been pondering over something and it didn’t come to your notice that how stupid you have been looking all this while scratching your head in public. They might end up assuming that either you are raising a good number of lice inside or you are too lazy to take a shower since a long time, though neither of them might be valid in reality but people do come under such kind of false impression and you come to realize this only after you get that disgusting look from people which is meant to say, “How filthy have you been ! “. And suddenly you are out of your dream world trying to come up with some best possible explanation to cover up the embarrassment, but all goes in vain.


You have a presentation to make and you are so nervous thinking about the blunder you did last time that while walking towards the dice you fail to notice the wire coming in your path. Your legs get tangled and you fall down thinking this was the worst thing that could ever happen to you in your life. Those who have faced this, must be nodding their heads right now. Your face turns red like a tomato and you are embarrassed like anything. True, isn’t it ? Such incidents also happen when you walk on the road, climb stairs etc. All such mishaps tend to occur generally in a state of absent mindedness.


On a lazy morning you get up from your bed and unknowingly wear your clothes upside down thereby making a good joke of yourself. People will no doubt laugh at your stupidity the moment they see you. And fortunately if you are in a place with no washroom, then you are left with no choice other than roaming around in your unique dress code all round the day. And undoubtedly this can be really embarrassing since wearing your clothes upside down is something uncommon and weird.


A smile can seriously make a blunder sometimes. How do you feel when the teacher notices you smiling during a boring class lecture because of no reason? Well, it’s pretty obvious that you were least interested in the class and were wondering about some romantic date or wandering in your world of fascination. But once this comes in the notice of everyone, you ought to feel really embarrassed. This has happened to most of us and we know it very well how it feels being caught in such a situation be it in class or in some public place when you smile at some serious issues though you don’t intend to do it that way !!
However, no matter to what extent you get embarrassed in life, you must learn to take it as a new experience since not everything in life goes perfect and smooth. There are slips and falls, which frame memories that you can cherish all round your life.


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