Top 10 Super Weird Laws around the World!

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Laws are basically the generalization or the collection of rules imposed by different authorities (or simply governments) as part of their jurisprudence which ensures the unambiguous synchrony in the functioning of all the related elemental parameters required for a stable system to sustain. For any organization or a nation it becomes inevitable to have certain regulations in order to have that ‘law’ and order maintained! But at times some laws are intended to escape out of speculated circumstances, or implemented just because there is a need of laws which makes the whole idea absolutely baseless! Such instances of decrees turn out to be ludicrous and so unreasonable that they invite derision. To look at there are so many such laws around the world which are extravagantly humorous or farcical and makes us to deduce the top 10 weird laws around the world! Don’t believe me? Have a look!

10. Don’t step on the currency!

What do you do when you see a penny lying? Well I prefer picking it up! I might even move on stepping on it as if I haven’t noticed. But if you are in Thailand, beware! Thailand regards its kings with high respect. Photographs of the monarch are always hung high in a room as a mark of honor and respect, and it’s illegal to criticize the king. Since his likeness is on all currency, stepping on money is akin to stepping on the king’s face. So, clearly not cool.

9. Hey ladies! No stilettos!

Women all over the world are so fashion conscious these days. And when it comes to footwear women find themselves addicted! If you see a lady in stilettos or high heels then there is doubt about she being a fashion freak. But would she want her to be compared with an elephant? Don’t make faces at this question! It’s an uncomfortable truth that the pressure a stiletto heel exerts on the ground is much greater than that of a walking elephant. For that reason, Greece is taking a hard line on high heels, with a policy that prohibits shoes that “wound the monuments”. The new guidelines will help preserve ancient sites like Athens’ Odeon of Herod Atticus for new generations of sensible-shoe wearers.

8. Don’t get a fish drunk!

Now this is epic! Have you heard of Ohio? It’s a Midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region. More importantly Ohio is a river that is formed in western Pennsylvania and flows westward to become a tributary of the Mississippi river. Everything looks fine till now, isn’t it? Personally, I am a creature lover and thus I do love the lovely fishes that dwell happily in rivers like in Ohio! And the state guardians seem to be Fish lovers too! There’s nothing fishy about it. If you are really planning to catch a fish and plant to molest it by making it drunk, then think again! In Ohio, it is against state law to get a fish drunk. I wonder, why would anyone get a fish drunk!

7. Ask your husband first!

No doubt these laws are typically anti-feminist ones and would never allow women to have their freedom! Yes you heard it right! In Vermont, New Zealand a woman has to ask and get the written permission of her husband first if she wants to wear false teeth! I mean seriously? What is wrong with wearing false teeth with the lady’s own interests! If that is the case I really pity the toothless widows in Vermont!

6. Don’t trick a young lady!

Men have always been accused of their shady behavior when it comes to wooing women! But be careful if you are in Mississippi, trying to sue a pretty lady. If a male suitor is caught seducing a woman of “previous chaste character” by tricking her into believing that they will get married, he has violated section 97 of the state’s criminal code, although it’s unclear as to how would differentiate a woman on chaste character. Moreover if a woman is deemed “unchaste” suitors can seduce her anyway they want without any penalty! Now that’s called a deadly affair!

5. Stop chewing that!

Here we are in Singapore! A country known for its stringent rules! If you are walking down a Singaporean street blowing bubbles out of a chewing gum then you have violated the strict ban on chewing gum. Don’t act smart by sneaking in some chewing gums into your secret place! Smuggling gum into the country is an offense as well. No doubt why the mint mouth fresheners are more famous there!

4. I have a pig and his name is not Napoleon!

If you have a swine farm and you reside in France you better be careful while christening your plump creatures! It’s against their laws there to name a pig Napoleon in France. The simple deduction is that Napoleon is someone who is respected like anything in France and insulting him won’t sound cool!

3. Don’t die in British Parliament!

If you are one of the political representatives in the British House of Parliament and most importantly you are present there, then you can’t just die because it’s a royal place.  Anyone who would die there is entitled to a state funeral. If they notice you looking even the slightest bit sick, they carry you out of the building immediately. Now that’s strict!

2. Don’t wear Armor to Parliament!

Here’s one more from the United Kingdom’s Parliament! If you have some official business in United Kingdom’s Parliament then make sure you don’t wear armor into it! To be clear the law bars to wear any kind of metal clanking material or weaponry from the hallowed halls of the House of Commons and House of Lords. The law was issued in 1313 by King Edward II in an attempt to keep things civil in country’s legislature. Astonishingly the legislators haven’t made the law off the books!

1. Naked people, behind the blinds!

Here we are in Singapore again for our most weird law of the list and this is for all you exhibitionists out there! The country for strict rules against graffiti and littering is even stricter in banning public nudity. If you happen to walk around your house without remembering to close the blinds, you can be persecuted under the same law, if convicted be required to pay a heavy fine and up to three months in jail! You can even be arrested by a civilian for this offense if a cop isn’t around!

So here were the top 10 super weird laws around the world! I do wonder what was in the minds of these law-making granddaddies while they formulated these ones!


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