Top 10 Tattoos you should Never Get

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Tattoos are everywhere. These days getting inked have become the biggest trend one can follow. From children to middle aged people to older people everyone these days seem to want a tattoo on their body now a day. Getting inked isn’t bad. However choosing the correct design for your tattoo is very important.

Historically tattoos are being practiced since centuries in several cultures, especially in Asia, and now are being practiced throughout the world.  Even though tattooing is considered as a taboo in several cultures, tattoo lovers aren’t afraid of getting one. (I am one such person)

Coming back to the topic, getting inked is something very personal so anyone looking to get one should think about the design carefully, well before taking the big step. I have seen most people regretting their tattoos.  So it becomes very important to remember that tattoo is going to be a permanent feature of your body and will stay the longest.  Therefore, I don’t think you want to go wrong, do you ?

If you are thinking of getting inked and don’t know what to get, then like thousands of others around the world, you too are sailing in the same boat.  I definitely can not suggest a design you should get, but I can surely stop you from getting the wrong tattoo done.

Here is the list of 10 tattoos you should never get.


10) Gaming tattoos

We all love games since we were kids, from PAC man to Contra we all have very special memories of our child hood associated with gaming. But no matter how deeply and emotionally you are attached with the game you love, it is not at all advisable to get a tattoo of your favorite game or your favorite gaming character or the gaming console itself. Think about it, you have to live with that tattoo forever and it cost a lot of money. Besides, there no  guarantee that you are going to love that particular game all your life as preferences over video games are bound to change. So a tattoo like that will not only make you look incredibly stupid, but will also highlight your crazy obsession for the game. If you like the game simply play it don’t get a tattoo.


9) Religious tattoos

Yes we all love God and we all are religious.  We love Jesus we love Om and we are very much fond of the rosary beads and of all that sorts but getting a religious tattoo is the worst thing one can opt for. Question why? Firstly because you can never be sure if your tattoo artist is artistic enough to get it spot on. Because it is incredibly difficult to make faces and you certainly don’t want to end up with a face of Jesus that looks like everything but Jesus. Secondly it is not a good idea because even a slightest of mistake might easily offend many people.  Religious tattoos are far from being cool not because it is religious but because it can go horribly wrong from much perspective so it is always best to avoid any such blunders.


8)  Superhero tattoos 

We all are fond of superheroes we certainly cannot ignore them.  The most famous one for getting inked being Spider man, Superman, Batman and so on. But think about it, getting a superhero tattoo always make you look like a wannabe and it also looks cheesy.  Getting superhero tattoo will make you look geeky and nerdy and definitely won’t get you any female admirers because of that tattoo. Superheroes might be awesome and cool but their tattoos aren’t. So it is always advisable to get a tattoo that does not  scream “Poser”.


7) Cartoon tattoos

Yes we love cartoons they are part of our life. We love everybody from Winnie The Pooh to Aladdin from Scooby doo to tom n jerry, but it is not a bright idea to get them on your body. It may seem like capturing the golden childhood but don’t you think they are far better in your mind? These tattoos serve as a childhood memory wreckers and are equally disastrous.   Cartoon tattoos are very commonly made mistake by thousands of people around the world which can easily be avoided.


 6) Celebrity Portraits 

Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley they are all legendary actors and actresses and one of the great people ever lived, but getting there portraits inked is a little creepy. Any beautiful or handsome celeb literally looks like a cartoon character when inked. There are good chances that the facial detail can get distorted and the good looking celebrity may end up looking like an ugly creature.  Moreover such portrait tattoos reflects your inner incessant preoccupation with that celebrity which might be very unhealthy in life.


5) Face tattoos

Face tattoos also includes face x rays which are not only super ugly and creepy but is also extremely dangerous. Your eyes, ears, nose, lips are the details that make you who you are and it is not a good idea to ruin a good looking face with some random tattoo drawings.  Facial tattoos are not cool at all in fact it is bound to make you look stupid. If you have face tattoo be ready to be neglected for the rest of your life as people find it extremely difficult to take those seriously who doesn’t even take most important factor of their personality, the face seriously.   Apart from this I have come across numerous reports of people being turned down a job because of a tattoo right on the face. So there you have it, if you want people to make fun of you and you want to stay jobless all your life opt for a tattoo on face, otherwise you are smart enough to know what to do.


4) Gang tattoos or jail tattoos

Gang tattoo design like  Nazi Swasthik, tear drop, spider web, eight spire stars on the shoulder etc are what we see on our favorite rapper like Lil Wayne or in several hardcore movies. But it is not at all advisable to get any gang tattoo or jail tattoo done as it is a deep criminal meaning associated to it, unless of course you are a criminal.  If you dawn a gang tattoo simply because of the attractive design, you are going to be in deep trouble because around the world especially in USA there are rival gangs who shoot down (I mean literally killing) other gang member simply by recognizing the gang tattoo design. And I am sure you don’t wish to get gunned down by any gang. Apart from this other tattoo designs like spider web or a tear drop or a spider represents that you have been to jail or killed somebody. This may leave you in trouble with the law too. So be careful of what you choose and stay away from any dangerous gang or prison tattoo.


3) Pop Culture tattoo

Just by following a trend or just because the way you speak to your friend is Dope! You might think getting pop culture reference tattoo might look so cool. Well I have a bad news for you, it ain’t cool. In fact it ends up making you look like a fool. Apart from this most of this funky cool pop culture references will become outdated so it’s better not to invest your hard earned money in getting such a tattoo.


2) Tramp Tattoo

Tramp! Yes that is what it is being called now a day. Dictionary meaning of this word means a hobo but these days tramp term is used to represent a characterless easy going woman. So any intelligent being will understand that getting a tramp tattoo is not trendy at all and having it on your lower back is certainly not a good idea. Cheap, Vulgar and insulting is what these tattoos scream.  So be a smart lady and opt for a classy tattoo instead of a tramp tattoo


1)  Lover’s name

Love! We love our girlfriend or boyfriend. And when we are in a great long relationship it becomes absolutely normal to get your partners name tattooed as a token of your love for them. No matter how romantic it may sound, it is not at all a good idea to get your partner’s name tattooed. Once your relationship break, you’d probably wish to tear it down which was once the consent of your love. You never know what is in the future so better be cautious and refrain from getting such tattoos as if becomes physically as well as mentally painful to remove such tattoos.


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