Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

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Your birth marked the beginning of a new life. Your birthday is a momentous occasion, to be commemorated and of course receive gifts. We should remember that no matter how things went yesterday, or last year, we always have the capacity to try again. Your birthday is such a chance for regeneration both materialistically and spiritually. How you celebrate your birthday is completely up to you. On the other hand, many people think that their birthday is just another day and it shouldn’t be made such a big deal of. This perspective is also true but don’t we human need another reason to celebrate. You are the most important person in your life and you deserve to have a day where you are the center of attention. You can either follow a tradition that you have been following from the past few years or do something innovative and interesting. We need to advance from the clichéd parties of cutting cake, singing a birthday song and opening gifts. After many years, you need to be able to look back and remember every birthday. Here are some of the top 10 fun ways to celebrate your birthday.

10) Adventure sports or outdoor activities


Get the adrenaline rushing by participating in thrilling outdoor activities like bungee jumping , sky diving , mountain climbing , river rafting, para sailing etc. You need to make sure that it matches the taste of the company you’re planning to garner for this activity. Spend this birthday plunging into the lap of Mother Nature while having a good time. Garner the courage to jump from an exhilarating height and float in nothingness, scaling the heights of terrains, moving with the gushing water can create memories for a lifetime. You can also organize tournaments between family members and friends depending on everyone’s interests or traditions.

9) Plan a Road trip

road trip

Planning a small trip to any destination with your friends is brilliant idea. It doesn’t have to be an amazing destination if the travel is worth it. Keep a budget and travel to a spot while making pit stops on the way for meals. Be equipped with good music if it’s a long road trip and carry necessary essentials especially if it extends over a day. Remember to document your trip by clicking pictures , taking videos or even writing about the places you visited or passed by. You could probably rent your favorite vehicle for a day to drive all the way to the chosen destination .

8) Shop and buy yourself a gift

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Treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted because today is your day! If you’ve been waiting for an occasion to purchase something then this is it. Whether it’s a favorite pair of shoes or a mobile phone , go ahead and don’t hesitate on splurging for yourself. Anything brought on your birthday becomes special by default and will always be treasured for a long period of time . If you have anything in mind , start saving for it in advance so that it doesn’t hit your wallet in one go. Moreover, you might be getting cash as birthday money so finance might not really be an issue in that case.

7) Hit the beach


Sometimes the sun , sand and water is all you need to make your day . Laze by the side of the beach or go for a swim at the beach . While you’re at it , you can also play various sports like volleyball , throw ball etc in the water or on the sand. Watersports such as jet skiing , water gliding etc are also other options if you’re feeling a little adventurous. For convenience sake , you can also book a beach resort for yourself and your friends. Organize massages , spas ,bonfires etc to make the whole experience even more memorable.Have drinks and meals by the serene water. You could also opt for a pool party if you want a more private affair.


6) Go clubbing


A fun night with friends is promised when you go out clubbing with your friends. One of the most fun things is also getting ready with your friends before getting out with your friends. Clubbing is where you get to  grab a drink while busting a move or two. You don’t have to be an amazing dancer to dance with your friends here and no one’s testing your skills here. Let go and dance the night away with the right company and you’ll make this a night to remember. Make sure you make arrangements such as reservation for tables.  Many clubs have special nights such as ladies nights , techno music days , Bollywood nights etc. Choose an appropriate day according to the company you’re going with.


5) Alone time and pampering yourself


Your birthday can be a perfect time to focus on yourself. Treat yourself like a celebrity in countless ways. Go for a makeover and reinvent your looks through haircuts , facials etc. Or you could completely relax by paying a visit to massage parlors and spas. You could also do the same at home all by yourself by setting up a bubble bath , making homemade facials etc. Keep your gadgets away and give yourself all your attention by finding ways to rejuvenate or refresh yourself. Go out for a nice cup of coffee while reading your favourite book or watch a movie that’s playing in the theaters. You can also stay back home and watch your favourite movies while lazing on the sofa or listen to your favourite artists and songs. Take an off from college/work and do something that you’ve been putting off for a long time.

4) Do charity work


Instead of splurging on yourself you could also choose to be selfless and focus on the needy. Celebrate  your birthday with the poor either by spending time in helping them with things or making a donation. You need not spend a hefty  amount to support them and doing little  things like distributing sweets and chocolates in an orphanage can bring about hundreds of smiles. The satisfaction you get by doing this is unmatchable and valuable. Another idea is to visit religious places, streets , slums etc to find people and provide them with food or clothing. You can also visit schools and hospitals in villages to lend a helping hand .

3) Spend time with family


In the recent days , people are so caught up with their work and hectic life schedule that they don’t find time for their own family. Spending time with your family is something that you can’t replace because time passes by without you even knowing it..Go out with the family or call everyone over for a meal , barbeque or anything you can bond over.Dining, wining and chit-chatting will feel amazing especially if it hasn’t happened over a long period of time.

2) Go out to eat

eat out

Taking your friends out for a treat or going and eating at your favourite place are excellent options to consider. You could also do the same with family and other loved  ones. There are many places that offer live entertainment such as singing, dance , theatre etc that enrich your dining experience. You can treat your guests at a restaurant offering ala carte or buffet. Also there are a wide variety of cuisines to explore which you need to choose keeping your likes and preferences of the guests in mind. When planning such an occasion keep in mind things such as reservations , clarity about location etc. Planning in advance can enable you to negotiate the prices with certain restaurants in some cases. If you don’t have a budget to treat people to a main course , you can also treat them to desserts .

1) Organize a themed party


Hosting an ordinary party is clichéd and boring. You can make your birthday party a night to remember for yourself and your friends by making thinks a little more interesting and coming up with a theme. This theme can be incorporated into interiors, dress code, food and beverages etc and since it’s your birthday you could come up with any theme under the sky and people would have to gladly oblige. They can fall under categories of sports, movies m famous personalities, music etc. Let’s say if you had a superheroes theme, you can expect people to come dressed in costumes and capes while you serve them energy drink cocktails and food items with superhero logo designs on them at your place which also follows a similar theme.


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