Top 10 Things I Would do if I Could Fly

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Ever wondered what those soaring birds felt while they were in the sky? Why they hate to rest and spend their time flying more than often? The answer is very obvious and apparent. I am sure all of us at some or the other point of our lives must have envied birds because of their wings. We have limbs but they are not enough. We need wings so that we can fly and feel the wind across us. When it comes to flying, we ought to lose ourselves. We tend to feel free and devoid of any obstacles. Of course we can’t fly. But what it would be like if we could just for a moment? We would have millions of things to do. Instead of looking up the clouds, we will be able to actually go near them and feel. We could fly with the birds and empathize with them the independence. In fact flying to us will be like any other superpower. I for instance personally feel that flying is next to becoming invisible. But at the end of it, the reality strikes. However the article is not about feeling low concerning our inability rather the various options we have if we could miraculously fly.

10. Travel and experience


I would soar high up in the mountain tops, above the clouds. I would bring a camera along and take many snapshots from that height. Instead of getting struck in the traffic or tiring myself from walking or cycling, I would trek without sweat. I would glide above oceans and lakes and skim the water. Since I am a non-vegetarian, I would even try to catch the fish by hand just like the birds do. This is childish but fun. One can only imagine what it would be like to be around the world in air. The unbridled freedom of the clouds can only be experienced when on wings. As a child, I have always had a dream of exploring the world. From the shores of the Dead Sea to the cold and fierce climate of the Antarctica, I would travel the world.

9. Choke the chimneys


You read it right. I would definitely do that. Those industries might have made our lifestyle easier but they are nonetheless polluting the environment. Though the thought of carrying heavy boulders up the chimney walls will be a tedious job to do but it is worth the shot. The industries should not go about smoking the atmosphere. If I could fly I would take big chunks of rocks and throw them down the chimneys. Or pour down plaster of Paris. It would solve the problem then and there.

8. Scare my foes


Wrapped in white attire, I would hover outside the window of my foes. The mere thought of doing this gives me the chills; I could barely imagine the one being haunted. The idea is a vengeful one but don’t forget to reveal the secret. You don’t want them to be scared till death. Why only foes you can try this option with your friends as well? Of course just for fun. The plan can even lead to worsening your relationship with your friends unnecessarily. Get set to bring a little spice in your friendship and animosity.

7. Repair streetlights


How often do we curse the municipal corporation for those dim roads and alleys? We blame them and become silent again. Wouldn’t it be nice if one of us knew how to fly and repair those broken lights while staying in mid-air? Imagine you don’t have to hold on anything to keep your balance. All you have to do is use your wings or whatever flying organs you have to fly off and stay. Take the tools with you and start with some social work. It will do well to all of us. But don’t go on repairing lights at night. Otherwise you may get beaten up for being an intruder or an alien!

6. Help elderly and kids


See those old aged people standing and waiting for the light to turn red. It seems like ages to them. What about those kids who just can’t wait to get in queue and cross the road? For them it’s just another law which needs to be followed. How about taking them along just like superman and bringing them to their destination? Those smiles on their faces when they would be in mid-air to see a heavenly figure will be a sight to behold. It will be equivalent to any deed. By helping the elderly you will cherish their god wishes and blessings. Added bonus!

5. Wear tights and cape


Act like a superhero or a super villain, whichever you like. You won’t get a better chance to showcase your skills and be known to people. Once in a while you may get the opportunity to fly, wear tights and put on a cape. Stretch one of your hands high above your head and take off. Roam around to see who needs your help. Act like superman! You have dreamt of him and even thought to be like him. Here is your golden chance to be superman. If your nature is too good to be a superhero, go for a super villain who can fly. But I can’t really think of the things which one can do while in a super villainous role. Wouldn’t it be way too evil?

4. Transport-child’s play


Who likes being stuck in the traffic for hours? With the continuous honking of the cars and the buses, people now days prefer to stay indoors rather go out. Even if they go out, they prefer public transport. Petrol and diesel prices are soaring and burning a big hole in everyone’s pockets. In these times of crisis, when the common man is working hard to pay his bills for petrol and other transportation means, flying would come as a boon to him. I would definitely fly to my college. Who else wouldn’t want to try this alternative? No one wants to walk without a reason and going to college is a liability for some. Why walk when you can fly?

3. Fly to the moon


Ever heard the famous song by Frank Sinatra “fly me to the moon”? The lyrics get into you to such an extent that you actually start to feel yourself flapping against the wind and the other odds of the space. Think of playing among the stars. This is one imagination which is the wildest and the craziest of all. I am pretty sure each one of us have visualized ourselves be sitting on a crescent moon. Take your special someone along with you and spend the most romantic date ever in the cradle of the night sky. Your girl/boyfriend will never leave you. And moreover why waste your country’s time and resources in building spaceships. Fly off anytime you want.

2. Date in mid-air


Take your dream girl/boy on a date. A date literally under the stars would matter a lot to your best half. Imagine the joy on her face when s/he realizes your ability to dodge the traffic and fly across all the hurdles. Take your special one along with you and fly off to the nearest building of your choice. Enjoy a moonlit sky without having to worry about parking tickets and gate closing. There wouldn’t be any time restrictions until and unless it is from the parents. You two will have any place of your choice at any time of the day. Let’s get romantic in mid-air!

1. Fly and enjoy!


There is no other thing which you can do that can bring you so much joy and freedom. Fly and relish the experience. Stay on the clouds till you get the hang of it. We know that the most lovable creatures of this world are the birds. The sole reason is that they can fly. They instantly become adorable due to their ability. If I could fly just for a single day or more, I would spend most of the time flying and enjoying the wind, the rain and the open space. Of course the above mentioned points are significant and need to be done if gifted with such ability. But for the moment’s sake let’s just fly!


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  1. Noah's Ark

    August 25, 2013 5:13 pm

    u know, u can choke a chimney without the power of flight… anyways, jokes aside…. awesome list.. and great elaboration as always… signs of a great writer…. keep up the good work..

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