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It has been rightly said that college life is the best life, no responsibility, no obligations, just a dream to do something great, a dream to excel, and a life full of friends, full of enjoyment, in short the life has everything, anyone can except  for, but as it is said “ Ye Dil maange more”. There are some things which I wish my college had to make my life even more awesome. Although expecting these is being very demanding and probably very few (read none) of the educational would have thought of providing these, still as they say there is no limit which isn’t in the reach of minds. Here is the list of 10 such things.

10. All night coffee and snacks vending machine

All night coffee and snacks vending machine

Being in a B school makes you realize that there is no time as late night. No stipulated time to sleep and no specified time to get up. You can easily find people awake till 4 am in night (rather morning) and sleeping till 12 noon. Needless to say that people here get an urge for some snacks and beverage round the clock. Although our college has the facility of a night mess which is operational for 12:00-3:00 am, but having any a coffee vending machine for later hours (or early morning hours) will add more spice to the college life.


9. In house Music station

In house Music station

I we try to find one thing common among the various nationalities, we will find that is music lovers. Just like anywhere else the students of our college too are music lovers. However most of the times we have to quench our thirst for music through our laptops where we search in for our favourite songs. But it cannot be denied that the music on laptops seem incomplete after hearing it even once over the big music systems. Therefore,I wish our college had a big music room which could serve as a one stop destination for all our music needs.


8. Chaat house

Chaat house

College days are incomplete without spicy gossips and spicy food. What if both these interests are clubbed together? Well if this is a requirement then a no place on the campus could be better than a “Chaat House”

Well chaat is the all time favourite cuisine for all the girls around the country; they cannot find a better place to hangout with friends and gossip about various topics and boys will definitely visit a place and thereby add to the ongoing gossips.

Therefore,I feel to give a break to the tedious lectures and tiresome assignments, the college must have a Chaat House where spice could be tasted with spice.

7.  Better Mess Food

Better Mess Food

I think that if someone is asked for one thing that they don’t want to remember about their college, it undoubtedly will be their mess food. Our hostel mess, like most of the mess in this country has a mouth watering menu, but the food quality is such which cannot be described in words. Only thing that we can say about the food is that everything tastes the same irrespective of the menu.

Hence, I wish for a college mess where the food is as tasty and healthy as they sound.

6. Automated Library

Automated Library

Like most of the good colleges in India, our institute has a huge library with numerous books, journals and newspapers of various languages. These books, journals and newspapers are very helpful for the students and the faculty. However one facility that I feel should have been there at the library is automated system, where we could get the details about the books, availability and non availability of the books right on our computers, similar with the journals and newspapers. I wish for a system where visiting the library becomes a place where visiting or not visiting the library depends on their wish. If students do not want they can get all the details in their computers and ask for the book they want, and get the books they require in their rooms.

5. Relaxation zone

Relaxation zone

I dream for a college which has in its vicinity a place where students after long tiring studying sessions can come and relax to the extreme, hence I wish that the college had a provision for something like a paid common room (excluding the general common room) where they may find the facilities like aroma therapy, music relaxation sessions and massage sessions be there.

Such a place would relieve the students of the immense academic and peer pressure they have to face daily so that they might come out of it refreshed and ready to face the new challenges.

4. More holidays

More holidays

My college has a very hectic schedule, and there are many instances that we have weekends packed with classes. Although being students it is our duty to attend more classes, but still being a residential college, we also often want to visit our homes. However the hectic schedule of our college makes it a distant dream. Hence I want my college to have more holidays (definitely not at the cost of studies) so that students may visit their homes at regular intervals.

The visits to the home and the company of their parents will definitely cheer up the students, and in all probability they would return with at least twice zeal and enthusiasm, and hence perform better.

3. Transport system

Transport system

The residential students of any institute to go out of the campus in their free time, and therefore they often need some transport facility. Although our institute has an institute bus of its own, and it is used by the students to travel, it happens only when the there are a large number of students visiting any given place. For such an event, the students take permission from the administration department and then can take the bus.

But I dream when there are the provisions for the transport of even small number of students can avail the transport facility from the college and they do not need to avail the public or personal transport for visiting places in the vicinity. Such a system can be ensured either by having small vehicles in the college, or by a collaboration of the college with any private transport provider.

2. Movie nights

Movie nights

Although the computers these days have all the movies one can want just at clicks distance and malls around the cities have various movies running at any given time. But still those movies are confined to either watching alone or with few close friends, but if the colleges arranges for the screening of few new and inspiring or influential movies either at our auditorium or as an open theatre, if not every fortnight, then at least once a month.

Such a movie screening will serve a dual purpose, as the all the students of the institute will get a chance to get along with each other and have a great time together, and with so many students watching the influential movie together will get them a chance to discuss about various issues and interpretations of the movie and hence there will be a greater impact of the movie on the students.

1. Discussion Zone

Discussion Zone

Most of the students these days are filled with new and innovative ideas, which they want to discuss with other students. However, most of them get a chance to discuss their views only with their close friend group or on online discussion forums. Thus I want that my college should have discussion zone in the college so that all such brilliant minds of the college can meet each other and discuss upon their ideas or any other stuff which they want to discuss upon.

This kind of a zone will be a great help for the students as it would help the students both in a personal front by helping them personalized relations and in professional front as it will help them discuss about their ideas and get suggestions to improve upon them.


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