Top 10 Things Kids Love about School

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Let’s be honest for a second. The thing kids love the most about school is holidays. Am I right or am I right? However, there are things inside of school too that kids love. School might be boring and long and not very nice, but there’s always a bright side to every situation. Here is a list of the top ten such bright sides to school.

10- Lessons


Kids usually hate lessons, unless they don’t. Okay. That sounded confusing. What I meant by lessons was certain favourite subjects. We all had that one subject we looked forward to studying. For me, it was English. There is just something intoxicating about interpreting a poem or a novel. For some students it could be maths (the magic of numbers always eluded me, but a few kids seem to enjoy it immensely) or psychology (another favourite of mine) or physics (learning how things work is intriguing) or something else. The point is, we all have one (or even a couple) subject that we love. A subject that seems to make the otherwise tortuous timetable less dreary, one that we actually look forward to studying. So the 10th spot on the list, surprisingly enough, goes to a study-related topic.

9- Crafts


The creative outlet provided by the crafts lessons is something most kids love. Messing around with glue and glitter, running around with scissors and putting fevicol on desks. Fun! Younger kids, especially, love the cutting and pasting hour where they can make a mess and nobody yells at them for the same. Remember all the hours spent modeling with clay and glaze paper into the shape of boats and flowers? Sticking them onto white paper and pinning them up on the soft board? Happy memories, right? The joy of creating something beautiful is enough to make kids love school. For older kids, the crafts lesson usually becomes a ‘free period’, which in itself is reason enough to love it. In some cases, kids utilize these periods to hone their talents and work on creating things and learning skills like embroidery, knitting etc.

8- Free periods and lunch breaks


Free periods are the best. When your prayers are answered and the teacher is absent. It always reminded me of that line “When the cat is away, the mice will play.” Substitute teachers, if by hard luck they arrive, are usually not very smart and let kids play around. Lunch breaks are also eagerly awaited, like the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. They allow the tired kids a break from their studies, giving them time to run around and play. No wonder kids love both these aspects of school.

7- Competitions


Schools usually hold competitions to encourage healthy competition and enhance performance. Kids, on their part, love such competitions for the healthy rivalry they get to engage in. These competitions can be inter-school, inter-house or at the individual level. Almost all schools hold and participate in athletic competitions and matches like foot races, basketball, cricket, kabbadi etc. Painting and drawing competitions are much loved by everybody, especially younger kids. Singing and dancing competitions are also held for students to showcase their talent. The audience loves such competitions too. Students cheer on their friends, their school or the house they belong too. The added advantage of such competitions? Missing out on study periods.

 6- Back-benching


There is always a mad scramble for the last desk as soon as the bell rings to indicate that it is so and so extremely strict teacher’s lesson. Back benching, as it is popularly called, is done even when the teacher isn’t all that strict. The last bench offers freedom, the freedom to not pay attention in class, the freedom to fall asleep or play cross and nuts at the back of the notebook. Even the certified nerds of the class try it sometime or the other, perhaps when they haven’t prepared for a lesson. Back benching is fun too. The teacher doesn’t call on you, you can hide and text in class, you can play games quietly, you can sleep or gossip in whispers..the possibilities are endless. For me, personally, the hours spent back benching were some of the best hours I spent in school. I’m sure they are so for other kids as well.

5- Gossiping


Drawing in from the last point. Gossiping is something almost everybody engages in. We do it in parties, at our workplace, during our evening walks, everywhere. The habit of gossiping is first picked up in school. Even kindergarten kids do it! There is something exciting about knowing other people’s business. As kids grow up, gossiping becomes more and more important. Innocent remarks about so and so’s expensive crayons become not so innocent comments about so and so’s dress or boyfriend. Gossiping becomes an integral part of school life, and kids like it. It gives them an incentive to get up every morning and go to school, if only to get to know who is dating whom. Gossiping in whispers during a class, gossiping over five rupee ice creams, gossiping about the teacher’s love life. School gossip is really the most important part of teenage years, something that kids love the most about school.

4- Teachers


Not all teachers are mean monsters that Indian family drama serials portray them as (and they’re certainly not as hot as Bollywood seems to believe they are) There are a few teachers whose lessons make all the other boring lessons worthwhile. They have a knack for teaching, their lessons are never boring and they actually make learning fun. These are the kind of teachers who make students look forward to coming to school. There are also teachers who manage to leave a lasting impression on students for life. Such teachers manage to forge an emotional connect with their students. So one more reason for kids to love school is the teachers they love.

3- Crushes


Crushing on classmates, juniors and seniors is such an important part of school years. Willingly getting up every morning at the unearthly hour of 5 am only so you can catch a glimpse of that cute guy or girl (as the case may be), during assembly. Trying to grab a seat next to the hot classmate. Rushing out as soon as the bell rings to indicate lunch to look at the handsome, unattainable senior prefect. Blushing when you catch the eye of your crush while passing him or her in the corridors. Getting embarrassed when your friends tease you. Giggling when you see the guy or girl in question look at you. The happy feeling when your crush smiles at you. Yes, crushes are definitely one of the major reasons why kids love going to school.

2- Annual Days


The month preceding the annual sports day or concert is always the most fun. Relaxation of rules, virtually no studies, roaming around all day, bunking classes on the pretex of practices, basking in the winter sun, actually practicing for the big day. What’s not to love?! Kids love practicing for their annual concert or sports day. It gives them an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of their parents and teachers. It also gives them the golden chance of missing classes and not getting in trouble for it (mostly) Annual days are bucket-loads of fun! And all the hard work and days of constant practice pay off in the end. Dressing up on the final day, solving last minute crisis’, going up onstage fighting stage fear, cheering from the audience, clapping for the winners and yelling for the losing team to buck up, singing and dancing. Kids love every minute of their concerts and sports days, and with a good reason too.

1- Friends


Absolutely the most important aspect of school. Friends can make anything better. Even the never ending chemistry and maths classes seem to pass a little faster when you are sitting next to a friend. They help you cheat in tests, they make you stay awake during important lectures, they lend you their notes before exams, they tease you about the guy you like, they get you in trouble and get in trouble with you, they pass on juicy bits of gossip to you, they got your back in difficult situations, they stand up for you, they play with you, they cheer you up when you are down..I could go on and on like this. The friends made during school time are the most important ones. The friendships forged during this time are the strongest. None of the abovementioned things would be half as fun if we did not have friends to share them with. School friends are truly the most important, most lovable part of school life.


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