Top 10 Things People Regret while Dying

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Life is too short to keep any regrets. Indeed, missed chances and opportunities you shy away from might end up haunting you even on your death bed. We have, undoubtedly a varied range of regrets, some professional and some personal. We keep on wishing, at different stages of our lives, that we had a chance to do something differently. That is why the concept of a time machine seems so alluring to the human imagination. Years down the line, everything might seem silly in hindsight. However, those little regrets will keep nagging you at the back of your head. So, seize the day when you still have the chance.

We have drawn a list of the ten most common things people regret towards the fag end of their lives.

10. Not travelling while they had the chance

Travelling not only helps you explore unchartered lands, but also different aspects of your own personality. And its better to travel when you are in the prime of your health and ready to hitch a ride to strange lands and newer cultures. Just imagine trying to hike when you are seventy. Thus we say, put on your travelling shoes while you still can. None of us are getting any younger.

9. Staying in a bad relationship

It might feel familiar, it might feel trivial. It might seem difficult to fill the blank it leaves in your life. But there is no good reason to stay in a bad relationship and wallow in self pity day after day. Otherwise you will be old and sad, sitting in your armchair and regretting those years of your life you lost in a relationship that gifted you nothing other than insecurity and an inferiority complex. SO stop making excuses and get out today. You deserve better.

8. Conforming to gender roles

Are you a girl not expected to become a mechanical engineer? Are you a boy not supposed to become a hairdresser? Are you letting the gender norms society dictates define your life? Well, it is your life, not the society’s. Lead your own life. Make your own rules. Don’t let prevalent prejudices define who you should or should not be. Throw caution in the wind.

7. Holding grudges and letting them ruin relationships

Life is too short to be petty. Bottled up emotions and vengefulness are the worst. Don’t ruin relationships on the basis of grudges you cannot let go of. You will definitely end up regretting your actions. Be the bigger person. Don’t dwell on the pain that you can let go of.  Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness.

6. Not standing up for yourself

People might disagree with you. That does not mean you have to let go of what you believe in. What you need to do is to stand up for yourself, stand up for your principles. And you will end up making people see things from your perspective. Have faith.

5. Not having time to stop and stare

“ what is life if full of care

We have no time to stand and stare?” – Walter de la Mare

Learn to appreciate the small things in life. Stare at the sunrise. Stare at the clouds drifting in leisurely pace painting pictures of their own. Be amazed at the nests that birds build.rejoice in the simple day to day happenings. Do these if only to have tales to tell your grandchildren about.

4. Not having a purpose in life

Many of us go about our lives embroiled in the mundane day to day happenings. We end up regretting not having worked for something bigger than ourselves. Take some time to know yourself. Find a cause you believe in. make that a driving force in your life. Life will seem so much more meaningful.

3. Not having time for your family

You might be dedicating all your time to work. You might have a high flying career. But if you cannot find the time to paint a smile on the face of your spouse, children or parents, who will paint a smile on your face? Numbers and performance charts can only take you so far. Think about it.

2. Not telling your loved ones that you care for them

Words cost nothing and yet mean so much. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Tell them that they mean a lot to you. Watch their faces brighten up. Nothing in the world can give you more contentment. Say it today. You never know when you run out of chances.

1. Not listening to your heart

Maybe you chose a career of your parents’ liking and missed your true calling. You, as a result, ended up being miserable day after day.

Maybe you compromised for your family’s sake. You ended up losing confidence in yourself in the process.

Maybe you chickened out of expressing your true feelings for somebody. You ended up staring at them longingly for the rest of your life, only picturing what could have been.

So, shirk off all inhibitions and seize your opportunities today. Carpe diem. For there is no regret greater than having not listened to your heart.


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