Top 10 Things to do on a Friends Only Night Out

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Night outs are always fun. Be it with friends, colleagues or a romantic date, night outs are sure to relieve you from stress and lift your mood instantly. We all would blindly agree that the ones with friends are the best ones. Catching up with old friends, spending the night, sharing expenses, eating out, bitching about random people, relieving the lost dreams- it’s a pure bliss. But the problem arises when we do not have a plan! Yeah, it is right that the best things in life come unplanned and we should just go with the flow. But when you meet your friends for a promising super fun night out, you just cannot rely on chances and opportunities to come knocking. So before you plan your next night out, you can just go through this list and have some ideas. These ideas are sure to deliver F.U.N!

10. Go Clubbing

Throughout the week we work our mind and bodies off and are always waiting for that Friday or Saturday when we can call our friends and let our minds unwind in some lip smacking food and beverage and great music. Guys, night clubs are the places to be at! After overcoming the initial low light and high voltage music blues, you can just let the atmosphere engulf you. You forget the world outside and everything just blurs out and then starts the fun. Hours of tireless dancing, good food, great lounge areas and even better friends. Just the one you were waiting for, right?

9. Booze, but Less

Now when you are out with your friends, alcohol and cocktails are sure to dominate a bigger part of the night out. But ask yourself, would you like to get drunk like a shark and spoil the rest of the night? Okay, you might be the one who drinks responsibly, but does not mean all your friends will. Someone is sure to pass out and then entire fun just gets spoiled. So why not drink a little less than you guys usually do and make the most of the night you were waiting for so long?

8. Go for Late Night Shows/Concerts

If clubbing is not your thing, late night movie shows or comedy shows or even local small budget concerts are always at your rescue. Google for upcoming late night shows in your area and when you meet your friends, just dart inside. They are sure to make you feel good, give you a good laugh or even a warm, cozy chair to recline if you go for some late night movie shows at the nearest multiplex. Nobody really watches a movie at night shows. You can use that time to chat and have a bucket of caramel or cheese popcorns and recall your old days of togetherness with your friends.

7. Go Gaming

If you want to stay active for most part of the night, which most of us want, gaming is the best option. There are many gaming zones which remain opened till the wee hours of the night. Sign up for a bowling game or snooker or billiard and you can always set up challenges with your pals. Nothing charges up your mind and body like physical activity. After you are all tired and exhausted from all the howling and jumping and running, you can drop in at the nearest café and have a chilled mock tail.

6. Drive Out of the City

If you are planning for a drive with your friends, the best thing would be to drive out of the city to the countryside or even the smaller towns. If not, take the highway route and just keep driving. The fresh air, the secluded streets and some good music. There could not be a better way to catch up with friends, right?

5. Explore the City

But the better way to spend a night would be to explore your own city or town. Even better if you do it on foot. Aren’t there places or lanes in your street you have always wanted to go? This is the time, guys. Not only you will explore new places in your city and tell the others the next day, but will also realize that the beauty of your city has increased ten times in the silent darkness of the night. But yes, the safety is a big issue in current days. So make sure you are in a huge group and stick together. Nothing gives you joy more than getting to know your own city.

4. Go Click- Happy

Pictures- they tell a thousand words. Don’t we all at some point of time go through our old pictures with friends and family and smile remembering those wonderful times? When on a night out, make sure you click hundreds of pictures, posing with every friend at every place you visit. No, it does not look cheesy and even if it does, who cares? These pictures make sure that nights like these will be etched in your minds forever.

3. Eat, Pray, Love

These three simple words say it all, sums up a night out pretty much. No plans, whether a day out or a night out, is complete without good food. Eat wherever and whatever you want to, snatch from each other, share plates, that’s what friendship is all about, right? If possible, visit a church with friends. The stillness and calmness is sure to move your soul. At least thank the gods for giving you such awesome friends and spread the love around!

2. Play Pranks

Pranks are a must when we are out with friends. Whether it is on each other or random strangers or even on our neighbors, they are always fun. Plan such pranks beforehand on a friends’ night out. You can buy a same remote as your neighbor and just while passing by his house, change the channel. Not only he will get confused, but it will be scary as well. Rest, I am sure your naughty mind won’t fall short of ideas.

1. Do Random Stuff you have never done Before

When you are with friends, you know it has to be crazy. Just do anything that crosses your mind and your friends will be there to support you. Call up random numbers and play pranks, get drunk and be the drama queen you have always wanted to be, dance with strangers at the nightclub, just do whatever you want. Remember fun moments always come as a surprise!






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