Top 10 Things we can Learn from our Parents

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Ever wondered why you should be grateful? Are you one of those people who introspect and try to look deeper? Then you have come to the right place! Even otherwise, there is something you need to know! Yes, we all should be grateful to many people who have helped us and guided us throughout: friends, teachers etc. But I think the people who you should be the most thankful to, are parents. Just ‘Thank you’ is not enough! We are all indebted to our parents. It is because of them that we are what we are. They brought us into this world and they were with us when we grew up, attending to our every need and protecting us like pearls inside seashells!

Parents are our greatest reserve of strength. They make our life beautiful. Whatever hope we have in life, is because of them.  They are our saving grace! They cater to our services all the time. Our happiness is their biggest aim. They put in a lot of hard work, just to make our lives better. Our safety and well being are their concerns. They strive and slog to put us on to the right path and see to it that we are well settled and comfortable. It is thus our responsibility and duty that we reciprocate the same love and care to them. We must strive to make the best of what they provide us and make them proud with our achievements.

Well, this article is about the ten things we can learn from parents. There is so much we can learn from them. They are the greatest teachers. Their wisdom and experience are unfathomable. No one knows us better than them and that is why we must listen and learn from them. Not just that: One day, each of us will be a parent. These parenting skills will come in very handy. Read on to discover these stalwart skills!


10. Religious practices and customs


    Whatever our religion is, we learn the customs and the tradition from our parents. They show us the right path of prayer and goodness. Prayer and meditation give us peace of mind and help us strengthen our mental capacity. We become aware of the various procedures, festivals and insights through our parents. They explain the best. And even if it is atheism or agnosticism, they still teach us how to be good human beings. What I’m trying to say is, they show us the right path of righteousness! Thus, from parents we can learn being religious, being right and being conscientious.

9. Good manners- setting the right example


There is probably no one who illustrates good manners and etiquette better than our parents. Good manners and good behavior are first taught to us by our parents.  Having good manners makes us more approachable and presentable. It reflects that we have had a good upbringing, the credit for which goes to our parents. They teach us by setting the right example themselves, for us to follow. And this is what we should imbibe too. We should learn from their impeccable behavior and steadfast character.

8. Co-operation and teamwork


Co-operation and teamwork first start at home, in the family. Without these virtues, a family cannot run smoothly! To make any major decision regarding the family or anything else, difference of opinion(s) may arise. But our parents talk it out and settle it smoothly. They respect each other’s feelings and sentiments.  Any issues are thus settled amicably and without much ado. Co-operation and teamwork are very much essential to work in a group. We learn these important qualities from parents.

7. Multi tasking- wearing many hats


A mother has many roles to play: that of the mother itself, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law etc. Likewise, a father too has multiple roles to play: dad, brother, husband, son etc. They justify each role of theirs properly. They perform their duties assiduously. If they both work, they have additional responsibilities. All this they do with ease and grace. They multi-task efficiently. Many times in life, we may have to wear more than one hat and so, we must be versatile. We can learn this art from parents.

6. Confidence- to take on the world with ease


Parents are grown-ups. They have seen everything in life. They know the why and how of everything. This makes them bold and confident. They can handle anything that comes their way, without getting unnerved. Life has taught them many things. Nothing can quite beat their experience. We should look up to them for this. We have got to get inspired by them to be bold and confident. Confidence is the greatest asset one can possess in life.

5. Sharing and sacrifice


When you love someone, you go any length to please them and keep them happy. You tend to make sacrifices, because that person means the world to you. You are ready to let go. Do you know who made sacrifices to you before anyone else could? It is your parents. They sacrifice their time, money and so many other things to make you happy. Sometimes, they even sacrifice their career and dream, because you need them during your wee years! It is a very selfless virtue, sacrifice! It is like an unsung hero! We must not hesitate to make sacrifices for our parents, if need be!

Sharing is just another word for caring. If you share, it shows just how much you care. This we can learn from parents. They share their everything with us.

4. Tolerance- epitome of patience!


Parents are the epitome of patience. They are a reservoir of tranquility and calm. Their tolerance is commendable! We drive them crazy at times, even after they have done so much for us. Yet, they never stop trying to correct and never lose faith in us. Who else can have so much of trust and faith in us? That is why, we should never let them down!

We should learn from their cool temperament. It is of great help. Patience always pays, if not now, definitely in the long run. Haste and anxiety are evils!

3. Commitment- undying devotion


A parent is dedication personified! Parents have a commitment that never fades. It only gets stronger with time. Even the worst of situations cannot deter their devotion towards us. Their aim is to give us a good life and they accomplish this, no matter what. What we can learn from this is, when you really want something with all your heart, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from getting it. Whole-hearted determination is what is required.

2. Responsibility – bearing it all!


Parents bear the responsibility of the entire family on their shoulders. They should see to it that everything runs smoothly and that there is no dearth of anything. They should always regulate the valves and keep a vigilant eye on the checks and balances! Nothing must go wrong and that’s why they are so responsible and efficient. We learn leadership skills and the sense of responsibility from them. We cannot be lax all the time. Taking on a responsibility and initiative helps solve many issues. It makes us strong and capable individuals. We must be pro-active.

1.  Unbound love, which is beyond compare!


Parents’ love has no bound! It is the best bestowment from God to us. It is God’s way of showing love to the beings created by him, through parents. Parents love us unconditionally, and this love never dies. It is very true and very powerful. It is selfless. Every creature on this planet loves its offspring and protects it. It is a natural feeling which comes about. We should be grateful for having parents who love us so much. What more could we ask for? We should learn the power and need for love from parents. Love that transcends everything!

We should love our parents the same way and be grateful to them. Parents are like God’s incarnation. We must worship them and serve them.



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