Top 10 things Women Absolutely Love to Have

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Women are a question mark to a lot of men. Men never understood what a woman actually wants. This is may be because women do not express their desires openly. They simply expect their partner to understand them and their wishes. But I think, some men do not have any hint of what is going on in a girl’s mind and what exactly they expect from others. Here are some things that women would love to have and never say NO to.

10. Conversation:


Women love to have a decent conversation once in a while. It is not true that women love to talk all the time. They do not like chattering always. There are only few exceptions to this. These days, almost all the ladies are working and do not have time to waste for extra gossips and unnecessary talks. Instead, these days, women are a part of intellectual talks. But a conversation with a woman is only way to connect to her. A women love to know that you consider her the person to share your sorrows and happiness with. They expect this from their partner, and when this happens, there is nothing more they want.

9. Surprises:


Women love to have surprises once in a while. Once a month, while you go home, do something for your wife and she will love you more. A surprise does not necessarily mean that you should buy here pearls all the time. When she comes from work, make dinner for her. This will be a lovely surprise for a woman and a relief that she will not have to cook as always. You may buy flowers if cooking is too much for you. Buy the favorite flowers for you better half and she will be in love with you again. Surprises can be very little things that you may do to make her happy. Even if you iron your shirt yourself, this will be a good surprise for her.

8. A ride after work:



Women absolutely love to have some arrangement made so that they do not have to drive to home after work. After a very hectic day, women do not really feel like driving home. They can drive to work in the morning without complaints but after work, they wish to have a break and not struggle on the road to reach home. If someone drops them up home, this makes their day. Some of the women take a taxi home instead of driving themselves when they are really tired after work. When asked to taxi drivers. A survey suggested that the number of female customers in a taxi after work hours is more than thrice the number of male passengers after working shifts. This suggests that women love to have a break for themselves after work. This does not show their lack of strength or do not convey their stamina. It is just that driving is something that they do not feel like doing, unlike men, who are crazy for speed and wheels.

7. Morning coffee in bed:


Women love to have a cup of coffee in the morning in the bed. They never like to make their morning coffee themselves. They always wish that someone wakes them up with a cup of coffee in their hands. While they in their teens, usually they have this habit of having coffee served as the first thing in the morning because their mothers take care of this thing. But when they are on their own, they hate to make coffee. They do not hate to cook; all they want is just a coffee for them not made by themselves. But this never happens. They have to do this on their own, instead make coffee for their partners, if they live with one. The same goes with those women who drink tea instead of coffee. They always wish that someone would make their tea and wake them up later with a cup of tea in his hands.

6. Chocolates and sweets:


Women usually crave for chocolates and sweets. They just love to have them. They keep buying chocolates for themselves and also keep asking their partners to buy them those. They just love to eat sweets and chocolates. When someone brings sweets for them as a surprise, they would love that person for this. Chocolates, candies and sweets are things that would turn them on. They just cannot live without them. They might not keep a stock of bread in the home but would always keep a stock of these in their room. Sometimes men think of women as childish because of their craving for chocolates.

5. Compliment:


Who does not love to have one? Compliment are those that would make a women blush. Having a compliment is like succeeding for a woman. Not only the compliments for her looks are enough, a woman loves to be appreciated about everything, from her work, her job, her cooking, her clothes, her choice of furniture, her plans, her gifts, etc. They will do lot of things for their friends, their boyfriend, their parents, their husband, their kids and their siblings. They will cook whatever you ask them, they will take care of everyone and their wishes; they will never forget the birthday dates and never forget to buy the best gift by taking care of all the desires and demands. In return, all they desire is getting a nice appreciation. All they want in return of everything is that they work is being noticed and liked by all.

4. Makeup and beauty products:

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This is true for majority of women. Not all the women will agree to this point but most of them will. A woman just love to get ready. They love to look beautiful and attractive. It is not because they want to get noticed; but because usually a woman loves herself and loves to look at herself in the mirror. When a woman looks at herself in the mirror, she knows that applying make-up will make her look more beautiful. She knows that using beauty products will let her keep this beauty forever. They do this for themselves and not for anyone else. Sometimes, they do it for the boyfriend or the husband as well. But mainly, it is for the sake of her eyes, for when she looks at herself in the mirror, she should have a sparkle in the eye appreciating her own beauty.

3. Shopping:


Do I need to explain this? I think everyone on this planet is aware of the fact that women are shopaholic. Since the day a girl starts understanding how to do shopping, there is looking back. The girls will go for shopping for clothes, furniture, accessories and food products. They just love to buy stuff, in the desired color, in the desired shape, in the desires size, etc. The accessories for ladies are unlimited and infinite number of accessories is found in the world. Woman may buy a dress and along with it, it she will buy suitable shoes, suitable hair band, matching head band, the contrasting belt, contrasting ribbon, necessary make up and what not. For the interior, they will buy a bed sheet and along with it, they would want a complementing cushions and matching covers, matching curtains, contrasting sofa covers, and matching floor carpet.

2. Jewelry:


Ornaments and jewels are the love of a woman’s life. The gold, platinum and silver are the dreams of a girl. The diamonds and precious stones are something they are proud of possessing. They love to wear the jewels, precious stones and precious metals like gold and silver. Ruby, Emerald, diamonds, pearls etc. are some possessions that a woman always love to have and love to wear. They feel a lot for sophisticated by owning and wearing the jewelry. Their love for the jewels never die or reduce with the age, in fact grows or remains the same but never decline.

1. Clothes:


No matter how many clothes they have in their wardrobe, there is always a color missing or always a pattern that they do not own. They love having a lot of clothes. Women in every country have the habit of wearing new every day. A woman would get upset by seeing someone else wearing the same design that she herself is wearing or have in her wardrobe. Clothes are very dear to a woman. It is the identity for them. They take care of their fashion and clothes more than they take care of their health. They try to look the best and appreciate every compliment. They cannot bear to look a little less than their colleagues. Even if they travel somewhere for a week, they would carry clothes as if they were travelling for a month. No one has been able to understand their love for clothes ever.


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