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Ask a couple who has children that what it was like to become a parent for the first time? What you will get is a mischievous smile which explains it all. Parenting is a life time transition. First-time parents are surprised to find that the addition of a one small and helpless person can make them feel joyful and competent one moment , small and helpless themselves the next. You can say that some days are better than the others. You feel amazing when you hold that infant in your arms for the first time but it also gives way to a whole lot of responsibilities. This being your first time you hardly know what to do. It is a lifetime opportunity to get a chance to nurture a small baby. In spite of it sometimes you just want to leave all of this and shut yourself in a room. You become too stressed out to even give time to yourself. These are times when you need a little piece of advice. Well in order to solve this issue lets quickly brief you up with ten tips that will help you in making your work easy.



Giving birth to a baby means adding a newer meaning to life. You grow out of your relationship phase and act as a guardian for a small helpless person. It brings joy to life with a big package of responsibilities. Despite this heavy load that is shouldered upon you enjoy this phase of life. This chance comes just once in a lifetime. Spend as much time as you can with your little one. Enjoy watching your baby smile with its toothless gums. Don’t miss out on this wonderful time when your baby needs your finger to walk and your lip sing to talk. Taking care of someone brings you closer to that person. Enjoy what you do.

Now that you have somebody who looks up to you for everything try to be a good example. Create a positive atmosphere at your place so that the same reflects upon your baby. If you want to imbibe good values in your child you have to come up with the same. Avoid doing negative things that might have a wrong impression upon them. Though it is just a small baby but it is the tendency of children to take in the negative qualities first. Avoid fighting, using abusive language at home. Maintain a peaceful environment.

This being your first time as parents try and keep yourself informed about everything. Read books and magazines on parenting. It will help you make your task easier. Surf the net for all kinds of information. Though you yourself know what is best for your child but take an idea for the whereabouts. Join some parenting group so as to be confident enough in what you do. Ask as many questions as you can in order to be sure.

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When you take up something for the first time you are bound to make mistakes. You intend to do something but end up doing the other. The same happens with parenting. In fact parenting is something new which even drives you crazy sometimes. Dealing with a small baby is a tough task. It is at such times that you need to take a hold of yourself and relax. Learn to forgive yourself. Don’t freak out even for the smallest issues. It is imperative that you keep a peaceful state of mind. Take things slow and stay calm. Making mistakes will make you more sensible towards further problems.

Often with the addition a new life to take care of, the parents lose a part of their relationship. They get so much involved with the whole baby thing that they end up neglecting each other. In fact they even argue over small issues. Both have their own opinions over different topics. Therefore they disagree most of the time which leads to endless arguments. Criticizing each other for mistakes is useless. What you have to do is respect each other’s parenting style. You need to build up a better understanding with each other. As you are going through a new phase of life try and act more cooperative. Don’t compromise upon your relationship. Act responsible. Let this baby bring a new happiness in your life.



Acting all possessive and concerned for the baby is a normal reaction of new parents. They try to become super moms or dads most of the times. They usually don’t trust anyone when it comes to their baby but this is just an overreaction. If someone offers to watch your baby while you get to spend some time with yourself then accept it. What is wrong in doing that? As the whole baby thing keeps you so busy spend some quality time alone. Take a stroll down the road and relax you mind. This might help you in relieving stress.


This point is specially referred to the new mothers. Just after the birth of the baby it is advised by the doctors to feed the baby with the mother’s milk. The only nutrition which the baby receives is the mother’s milk for at least six months. As an infant the health of the baby depends upon the mother’s diet. Therefore the mothers should act responsible and take a proper diet at this time. Taking care of the baby is a hectic task but do not miss out on your health.



As soon as the baby is born your whole day revolves around it for some time. It would be advisable for the mothers to take a leave from work in case of being employed. The first few days after the baby are cumbersome. The house is in a chaotic state. At this time the parents have to maintain a balance between work and home. The father should be attentive towards the baby too. Moms alone can’t handle the whole thing therefore the dad has to act supportive. He has to been on work but at the same time take care of his wife and baby. You can divide work among yourself for being just. This will help you in doing things in a proper manner.

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Taking care of the baby also includes maintaining hygiene when it comes to diaper changes, washing clothes and more. Infants are prone to infection too soon. Therefore their surroundings must be kept clean. Diapers should be used. Adding on they should be changed whenever needed. All the clothes of the baby must be washed in antiseptics or it may lead to infections. You must use sanitizers for yourself too as our hands might contain germs. All these things should be paid attention too.


Parenting a small child is not an easy task. It takes a dozen of sleepless nights, shrieking alarms that wake you up just when you are about to doze off, refilling milk bottles, changing diapers and more. Well in order to be a parent this is a necessary phase where you have to accept stress. The birth of a baby leads to happiness but also a pinch of stress. You have to get used to it. There might be times when you feel too stressed out to even take rest but do not miss out on sleep. Your body needs a nap of at least 5 to 6 hours a day. Ignoring it will simply leave you all the more tired. So take sufficient rest. For handling this you can chart out a proper time for everything. Do things in an organized manner. This will help you in relieving stress.


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