Top 10 Tips To Create Good Impression

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First impressions are always important and creating a good one is a daunting task. It is like leaving a good long memory that one will cherish forever. People have the misconception that they are well aware of the impression they have left on someone. But they are wrong most of the time, studies have proven this. People don’t take much time in forming a view about you when you meet them. Good first impression is very necessary as people make a view about you in their first meet which does not change with time. There are many things that a person may like about you while the other person may not approve it. There are times that you meet people and walk with the words “stupid” or “idiot” on your mind. Are you afraid that you might also leave this impression on people when you meet them? This article will help all your fears dissolve:

10. Keep a proper posture


Body language is something which can tell a lot about you. Your body language is enough for a person to make the first impression. Not only this, it even reflects your confidence. Don’t keep fidgeting as this shows that you are getting nervous. Don’t droop and sit straight as drooping is a sign of insecurity. If you want a person to think of you as confident and strong always stand straight and tall. Biting the fingernails while talking is another sign of nervousness; keep your hands on your side or on your laps while talking to someone. Sitting straight is good, but don’t appear like a robot, Relax!

9. Be presentable


When you meet a person for the first time your appearance is the first thing that he/she notices in you. So dressing properly is among the most important things you should keep in mind while meeting a person for the first time. No one is asking you to dress like a model for that iconic first good impression on someone. You should dress yourself according to the occasion and the person you are meeting . Like if you are going on a job interview you should be dressed in formals. Go easy with the perfumes, instead of pouring the whole bottle on yourself, just spray a little. Keep the makeup natural and let your charm do the rest of the work.

8. Don’t be boring

dont be boring

When you meet a person try to find the commonalities. This will help you to keep up with the conversation and you won’t appear boring to them. Every one shares some common links even if they are from different traditions or cultures. Don’t try to be funny, just be humorous. Using stupid jokes will not make you sound interesting, it will only make you sound stupid. Talk some common sense and be witty. Just blabbering about you and not listening to the other person is definitely not a good trait.  Remember no one is interested to know how you got hurt while campaigning and stuff like that, this will only push you away from the group. You can talk about interesting facts, movies, music, common interests. Ask questions and hear their views.

7. Don’t pretend

dont pretend

People think that acting in the way the other person wants you to will help you leave a good impression on him. But that’s where you judge wrongly! Instead of pretending to be someone  you are not, be yourself. There are few aspects you must know, when you pretend you will always be looked upon like someone else forever. No one will get to know the true you. Let your personality speak for you, instead of trying to impress anyone.

 6. Show your manners


Your manners reflect what you are. Be respectful to people and behave in a civilized manner. If you are a man then you should open the door for the lady, if you are sitting with people on the table then keep your hands off the table while talking,  don’t speak while eating. These things may sound obvious to you but people forget to do these simple little things and they leave a bad impression. When you are meeting elderly people, address them with their title or first name so that they don’t think of you as the “new generation brats”. Don’t forget to greet a person with a utmost genuine smile and leave with a good line like” it was a pleasure meeting you” or “pleased to meet you” to have a memorable impression on the person.

5. Concentrate on your hygiene

concentrate on your hygiene

Bathe daily! Wear clean clothes! Brush your teeth! All this is very necessary to make a good first impression. Grubby looking people are never admired by anyone. You don’t want to kill the person you are talking to with your bad breath so keep a check on your breath. You can also carry mints with you when you meet a person. There are some people who sweat profoundly, but keeping a deodorant or perfume handy will help you not to be misjudged as a stinker.

 4. Smile


Smile creates your personality and also defines the type of person you are to others. It is a type of communication where you do not need to use words to communicate. Smile can bring people closer, it is important to make an impression on someone. A meaningful smile is just enough to make a person think well about you. Don’t transition from a smile quickly to a usual face, this looks very fake. When you meet a person or while you giving a presentation, start with a smile and the things will go well. The smile iscontagious, so when you will smile the world will smile back to you.

3. Speech

watch your language

It is very  important to be expressive and lucid while you communicate with others. Keep the profanity in your closet when you talk to someone. Talk sweetly and with manners so that a person can feel good while talking to you. Don’t speak too loudly and don’t be too soft. When you don’t talk loud enough, this can irritate a person if he/she has to ask you again and again to repeat what you said. Talking too loudly can also be irritating. Don’t talk too much and most importantly don’t brag about yourself.

2. Be confident

be confident

If you are confident and the easy going types, others will find it more comfortable to connect and talk to you. Confident people are more welcoming. If you are not at ease with yourself the other person will find it difficult to be at ease with you. Confidence is the foremost thing that a person should possess. It is the key to making a good impression. If you have confidence then people will surely notice you. How you carry yourself is more important than the way you look and appear. Confidence can help you to communicate easily with people creating a good impression on them. Confidence can be built up during any part of the life; it is not something a person has inherited. Stand tall and shake your hand firmly to create a good notion.

1. Stay attentive

stay attentive

Keeping an eye contact is very much important as it tells the person that you are interested in listening to him/her. If you keep your focus on something else than the person can feel unwanted. Maintaining eye contact does not mean to stare, but it means to stay attentive. It is important that you do not interrupt the other person while he/she is speaking. It is better to wait for him/her to complete whatever he/she is trying to convey and then put your point forward.


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