Top 10 Tips to Gain Respect

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Respect is what every human craves for. Some may show the desire for being respected others may not. No greater honor can come to any man than the respect of his colleagues. It is a virtue of the noble, only the ones who deserve it gain it. If you respect a man he will do all the more to gain more and more respect. There is nothing in the world that can satisfy oneself than someone’s respect. As it is aptly said ” be beautiful if you can, wise if you want to but be respected  that is essential.” Respect is earned. It is something one should achieve without any effort or trying or greediness. True respect is given to those only who deserve it, hence it is precious.

10. Ambition


People these days count on others on the basis of their status, success, fame, name, etc. and not on what the person actually is. So inorder to gain respect in the society one has to be ambitious. He should always have the desire for personal achievement, because that is what counts the most at the end of the day. If a person has a strong desire to earn honor, success, fame then he will definitely achieve it and that will help him gain respect in the society. It may sound a bit irrational, but that is exactly how the world is today. People treat you in power with them only if you have become something or achieved something. So inorder to gain respect one has to achieve something in life. Achieving something does not only imply to achieve something big. It implies one should achieve anything small in his day to day life. And to achieve one has to aim.

9. Modesty


It is rightly said “you gain respect only if you respect yourself.” This surely holds a lot of weightage in today’s society where people are starstruck and are so blinded by the world of glamour that they go to any extent to gain popularity and wear clothes which are exposing. Little do these people know that this only degrades their personality in the long run. Hence one has to dress modestly so that he or she is looked up upon by everyone. One should see to it that they don’t encourage sexual attraction in others by their dressing sense. Modesty is the flower of manners, the honor of our bodies, the grace of the sexes, the integrity of the blood and the guarantee of our race.

8. Language

good language

Abuses, verbal assaults, do no good but only degrades one’s standards to the lowest level. A person who abuses very often and doesn’t mind his language while speaking to others will never be able to leave a mark on others and hence will never gain respect. Language is one of the most important areas of human development. And development of any form brings in respect from people around us. Hence it is very essential for a person to speak well, in a decent manner inorder to gain respect from others. Language skills also involve opportunity, motivation, interest and purpose. Everyone loves to speak to people who know proper English or be it any language. One must make it a point to master what he is good in, only then will he gain respect.

7. Rumour mongering:

rumor mongering

People creating rumors are disliked by everyone. Some people have a very bad habit of spoiling others name. They become insecure about other’s success and hence create rumors about them. Such people never gain respect from anyone. One has to be decent and should avoid interfering with other people’s lives. A person who is decent and is least bothered about the on-goings in others lives is the only one who is respected in the long run. People may even ask advice from such a confidential person as he will be trustworthy and respectful.

6. Discipline


A person living a disciplined life is bound to gain respect from others. Self- discipline is a must in everyone. It is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state. It is a very important personal development tool available to us which will help us to gain respect from the society. A well disciplined man is always looked upon by others. He becomes a man of substance in due course of time. Discipline builds self confidence in a person and confident people are strong pillars of the society.

5. Honesty


Honesty in today’s world is cherished by everyone because in a world of deceit and hatred everyone wants that one man who is honest and who can be trusted, be in monetarily or personally. A man who is honest is loved and respected by everyone. Ever company needs honest men who will carry out their work sincerely.  If people know you are honest they will put their trust and faith in you. And they will be more willing to help you if you need help with something. Hence it is very important to be honest than being the young boy who cried wolf when one was not actually there.If someone is sincere, honest and self effacing it is easy to respect them.

4. Perseverance


Every person should be hard working and sincere in their work. A hard working individual is loved and honored by everyone. Even if he has nothing much in  life but if he is hard working people will look at him in awe. If a student is hard working and yet is not scoring good then people won’t talk about it much and yet respect him but if a student is not hard working and is scoring poorly he will not gain respect anywhere. Hence it is very important to a hard working individual to gain respect. The most hard working people in the world are easily adaptable and the most congenial to employ and gain respect.

3. Generosity


Being generous is being noble. A generous person is free from smallness or meanness of mind or character. A person who helps another person when in need is always remembered and respected. Everyone seeks for that one person in life who will be ready to help at anytime of the day without expecting a thing in return. A person who gives selflessly is always loved selflessly. A generous person is always rewarded in some way or the other. A generous heart never goes unnoticed by God. If you want to attract love and respect you need to be generous. Being generous does not only mean giving more than the others, it means giving what little you have.

2. Courtesy


A Courteous attitude goes a long way in gaining utmost respect in a a society.Rash behavior and rude words are not tolerated by youngsters as well as adults. Certainly one has to be very polite and considerate towards others needs and   behave accordingly. Un-courteous behavior is self defeating as well as unpleasing to others. One should deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements. All people matter and deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy. Being polite and courteous is a very effective way of getting people on your side.

1. Character:


It is rightly said “characters and manners maketh man.” A man is truly judged by his character alone. Good character is always appreciated  by the society.  A good character person is always trustworthy and reliable. A good character person is always a good citizen. A person should try and make himself a very genuine person. A person who is loyal, genuine and sincere will gain respect from everyone because of his character. We must not forget “Character is destiny”. It is not the money, the fame, the deeds we do etc. which count at the end of the day but, our character.

All these points hand in hand will genuinely help one to gain respect in the society.


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