Top 10 Tips to not to Fall in Love with your Ex again

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You fell in love, were together and broke up some day. That’s really a difficult situation to cope with and you ultimately enter into a state of bereavement. This is the time when both or may be any one of you might want to reconcile or you might experience constant insistence from mutual friends to make up with your Ex. Under such circumstances its possible that you incline towards him/her once again.
There are certainly reasons when you split-up and if you don’t want to deal with those reasons again then its important for you to avoid any soft feeling for your Ex. You need to stay away as much as you can from all possible things that can procure you to get closer to him/her once again. To avoid falling for your Ex boyfriend or girlfriend you must know how to hold your feelings and accept that the relationship is over. Here, read through 10 effective tips that are useful enough for the purpose.

10. “I’M HAPPY”
Remind yourself that you are happy. Although breakup normally causes depression and stress, yet its important to get over the woe so that you do not tend to fall for him/her again. It all depends on your will to accept that you are no longer together. Feeling gloomy and upset will only hurt you always and will do nothing more than that. Thus its needful to realize that you can still be happier and there are many more reasons to stay happy other than your Ex-lover. Do not keep thinking over it and lamenting all the time. Feel new and pleased. This will help you get away faster and much easily.

Friends excellently add joy and wonderful memories to life. If you are afraid that you are involuntarily minded towards making with your Ex partner once again then just hang out more and more with friends. However, you must avoid being with group of mutual friends that remind you of your relationship or discuss about your past days. Stay closer to friends who do not know much about your Ex. Try making new friends, go out with them for parties and picnics. Spending more time with good friends will make you forget about your Ex soon and shall also instill in you fresh life and hopes.

Do not appear lonely and devastated to him. If you happen to face him/her sometime, somewhere then try to meet him/her confidently and gaily. This shall develop in you a feel of self-assurance and you can keep off being emotionally weak or sentimental when you face them. Much better will be if you initiate saying “Hello!” on having encountered them at a gathering or workplace. Pick up any topic, except that of your relationship, to talk about. Avoid discussing with him about the time when two of you were with each other. That can bring up your love and affection for him/her.

Most of the time keep yourself engaged in volunteer activities. Begin painting, internet surfing, decorating your interiors, reading magazines and the list is clearly endless. You can remain busy doing anything that you enjoy. Involve yourself in activities that you’ve missed doing while in a relationship. Get back to those and find yourself. Avoid sitting alone and idle as you’ll be automatically reminded of your love specially when it has been only a few days to your breakup. You will certainly have no time to think about patch up if you are busy with your favorite activities for the whole day.

Listening to romantic songs is the best way to think of love. You will obviously be reminded of your relationship and lover if you keep listening to all romantic songs. Try not to listen to sweet love songs and start enjoying rhythmic happening music, more often. Listen to the songs that make you tap your feet. This is sure to rejuvenate you. Fast and loud music will help you forget your love days and shall encourage you to give life another chance. Strictly, do not try being drifted away to the past memories of your love while getting lost in the love songs.

It is genuinely works. So, better to end up all contacts on social networking sites, that are a medium to make you aware about the new relationship status or other life events of your Ex. This will make the going tough for you. You’ll find it more difficult to move on and control the arousal of your one-time love for him/her. Keep reminding yourself that now you are no more related to him/her and it hardly matters to you that what he/she is through with. This may be hurtful but is important if you do not want to fall in love with your Ex again. Cutting down contacts on social networks will be rather useful.

Sounds quiet petty, but is really effective. Once you are out of your relationship and have decided not to get back then there is no use of keeping your Ex’s contact number and old messages in your cell phone. So, delete those immediately after the breakup. You need to get rid of his/her phone number and messages in your inbox, if you want to stop thinking about him/her. This will prevent you from being tempted to text or call your Ex. So, do it and don’t give it a second thought. It will be helpful to curb all kind of communication with him/her whether you mean it or not.

Realize that its not that now when you’ve broken up, you are left with nothing. You always have much better options for anything if you are confident enough. Do not undergo melancholy while constantly thinking that now you’re ruined. Motivate yourself by realizing that everything isn’t over yet and you still have many more opportunities. Realize that you can find love again. Try to communicate with people who have faced similar situation and found great love later on. You’ll feel confident and comforted and thus attain strength to keep away from your Ex.

Do not fear from shedding away tears. Crying relieves you from the ultimate suffering and loss. Curbing of feelings and controlling the tears forcefully may cause a flood of grieves within one’s heart. So find out time to sit alone and cry out as much as you want. This will not only help you release emotions but will also let you forget about him/her after you’ve cried to the fullest. You’ll feel good and normal again. And perhaps you’ll become more intransigent to patch up with the person who’s responsible for your limitless anguish and sorrows.

If everything seems too unmanageable and hard to practice, and still you wish to avoid falling for him then just start remembering the reason of your breakup. Keep reminding yourself about why you split up. This is because, that’s the most important thing that’ll provide you courage to stay away from him/her. You’ve obviously dealt with some adverse situation and that is why you broke up. So, you will not even tend to fall in love with your Ex again, till you will not forget about those adverse situations. Don’t derogate the things that disappointed you or those you hated about him while in the relationship.


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