Top 10 Tips & Ways to Be Chivalrous

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Chivalry is a code which is associated with institution of knighthood. It arose from a German custom during medieval times. According to the chivalric code it was stated that all knights should help and protect the ones who are not capable of protecting themselves. They were considered the ones who use their powers in order to protect the defenseless and weak. They should also watch over the honor of all other knights. Basically, they are the ones known for their strength and courage and also for their skills. But over the time, the meaning of chivalry has been redefined to emphasize on qualities such as maturity, loyalty, honor, courage, generosity, valor, dexterity, love, courtesy and courtly. Chivalry is the sum of all these ideal qualifications of a knight. It is something that separates the men from young boys. A chivalrous person is the one who possess all these qualities and that too not only towards the opposite sex but for all human beings. Nowadays, chivalry is considered to be on the verge of extinction and many even say that it is dead. This article provides with the top ten tips that you can use to stand out in a crowd and to be a ‘one perfect gentleman’. These tips will not only help you to impress your lady but will also make you the unique one.


take her out on a date

Women love going out for a nice dinner and women like spending time together. Take her out for a dinner to her favorite restaurant or place and make sure that all the food is of her choice. Remember to get out of the car and wait for her at the door. Avoid calling her out by blowing the horn as no woman like to come running to her date on demand. If you are waiting for your lady to get ready for a date, then always stand up when she enters the room. While on a date, let her order first unless she says otherwise. Also, never let her pay first unless and until the date is set in advance and she wants to give you a treat for a special occasion.


behave like a gentleman

There are many things that a man does which makes him a gentleman. Opening and then holding the door and let the other person enter first and especially if it is your lady as it shows respect and care for her and also that you are glad to be seen with her. Pulling out the chair for her is a way of making her comfortable. Opening the door of the car depicts how much manners you possess and also that you know you to interact with a woman. Offering her your coat or jacket when she is cold shows that you care. All the above gestures should be followed, if you want to be chivalrous.


romantic gestures

Women like surprises and gifts. If you want to impress a woman, you can do it by doing simple things. It is not the price that matters, but the intentions which takes away a woman’s heart. Send your lady flowers or simple notes or messages saying that you miss her or thinking of her. Women love it when they know that someone is thinking about her and this feeling can brighten up her day. Keep reminding her by heartfelt notes or phone calls that she is remembered every now. Taking her for a date every weekend and not giving her time for the rest of the days is not a way to be gallant.


be loyal

Loyalty is something that every woman wants in her man. Do not ever cheat or in fact show any kind of behavior that gives her the feeling of disloyalty. Even if you think that you both did not hit it off, then tell her this in a kind and nice manner with courtesy, instead of playing games with her and keeping her in dark. Do not take much time in telling her that you do not feel for her, as she may start getting serious for you. Always know that a woman can handle breakups but she never accepts cheating.


compliment her

Women likes compliment but only the ones which are genuine and heartfelt. Telling your lady that she is looking beautiful, her cooking is great or appreciating her in any other way makes her feel acknowledged. You can compliment about anything which you likes the most in her be it her smile, her intelligence or anything which according to you is her best quality. Try to compliment her semi privately as it makes her feel that you are proud to be with her. Also, keep your compliment short and sweet as poetic and big compliments generally have a misleading appearance. Most importantly, when you compliment her, smile and keep eye contact as it is the body language which decides the sincerity of the compliments.


respect her

Bossing around or attempting to control your lady is not something which is considered as chivalrous. Being condescending, leading or talking down the woman makes her feel that she is disrespected. Men should always honor and uphold women. Bad mouthing or cursing her, deriding her, putting your hands on her in public or in private and calling her names reveals that you are selfish, immature and weak. To be knightly, one should be well mannered and considerate and should treat the lady with respect.


be protective

Protecting your lady and standing up for her is something that separates chivalric man from all other men. You should never let anyone to disrespect your lady and especially any other man to touch her inappropriately. Support your woman in arguments with your family and stand up for her if anybody tries to hurt her. There are many other simple expressions that makes the woman feel protected such as placing yourself closest to traffic that is on the outside while walking, walking her to the door when you came to drop her off, carrying the shopping bags and offering her help when she is holding something heavy.


keep up your promises

Make promises only when you have the capability to fulfill them. Keeping up the promises shows that you are reliable and that you respect her time. Firstly, only make a plan when you are sure that you are free at that time. If in case something really urgent arises that can prevent you from keeping up your promise, you should inform her as soon as possible. Cancelling the plan at the last moment is not appreciated by women and it shows lack of character.


listen to her

Listening to your lady is like giving her both your attention and time. Sometimes, the only thing a woman wants is her man to listen to her may it be her problems, her routine, any good news or anything which she has to share. She does not demand any kind of help or advice. The only reason she shares her feelings is because it makes her feel secure that someone is there and will be, whatever the situation may be. To be chivalrous, one should learn to listen to her lady.


make her feel special

There are many little ways in which you can make your woman realize that she is an extraordinary one. You should not ignore her, take out time for her, respond to her calls or messages, take pictures with her, share your secrets, take her for walks or drives, do not deny to introduce her to your friends, holding her hand while walking and many more actions are there in which you can make her feel special. Just remember to keep reminding her that she is important for you and that you love her.


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