Top 10 Tools Used in Molecular Cuisine

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In the last few years, more and more people have started to show an interest in molecular cuisine. The truth is that this type of gastronomy stands on the borderline of science, borrowing a lot of technical methods and tools from this field. In order to achieve amazing dishes, molecular food experts take the actual cooking process to a whole new level, recreating ingredients through unbelievable physical and chemical transformations. Below, you will find the top ten tools used in molecular cuisine.

#10 Citrus sprayer


The citrus sprayer will save you a lot of time, as it allows to instantly transform lemons into spray bottles. You can use it when making cocktails or in food recipes that can greatly benefit from a mist of fresh lemon.

#9 Plastic pipette skewer


The idea behind the plastic pipette skewer is that you fill it with a delicious liquid and then into a certain type of food. You taste the food and then release the liquid in your mouth, which makes the whole bite even more delicious. A few recommendations would be shrimp with cocktail sauce, liquid mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and roasted mushrooms with sauce.

#8 PH indicator paper


The PH indicator paper is necessary to anyone who is into molecular cuisine, as it can make the difference between a successful dish and one that is ruined. It allows for the quick measurement of the PH and it has a wide range to offer, so that you can get the best results. Use it to determine whether a substance is closer to an acid or an alkali base.

#7 Food whipper


If you want to give a modern edge to the dishes that you make, then a food whipper is exactly what you need. Easy to use, it is recommended for both hot and cold dishes. The whipper brings out the flavor in any type of food and it allows you to present it under a variety of textures. With this rather useful tool, you can make foams, sauces and creams, all of them perfect for the most delicious desserts.

#6 Spherification spoon


Spherification is a molecular cuisine technique in which liquids are shaped into spheres that resemble caviar. The spherification spoon is an essential tool to have, as it will allow you to remove the spheres once they are ready. One of the most important things is that you should not break the spheres and this is why this spoon has smooth edges. This represents the perfect addition to a bath container.

#5 Hand-held smoker and aromatizer


This is one of the most popular tools used in molecular cuisine, allowing you to add flavor to the wood smoke. You can add the herbs and spices you love the most and the result will be amazing, to say the least. With the help of this tool, you will be able to test on the most creative applications of the smoking technique. You can use it to smoke solid foods, liquids in blenders or shakers and even for butter or cream.

#4 Hot infusion siphon


The hot infusion siphon is recommended for those who are interested in making hot cocktails or other hot beverages, such as coffee or tea. The biggest advantage is that you can mix and match flavors, adding liquors of all sorts, fresh fruits and other ingredients in order to create some of the most delicious drinks. This brewing machine is versatile and easy to use, so do not hesitate to get one for yourself.

#3 High precision digital scale


In molecular cuisine, you have to be able to measure ingredients to the most precise level that is possible. With the high precision digital scale, you have the possibility to measure ingredients with a precision of 0.1 g. You can choose between the different types of measurements and measure up to 600 gram, with the highest accuracy and reliability.

#2 Immersion circulator


The immersion circulator has a capacity of 20 liters and it allows for a water circulation rate of 6 liters per minute. But what does it do? Well, it will permit you to cook in a water bath that has a precisely controlled temperature. According to molecular cuisine experts, this will guarantee enhanced flavor and perfect texture for any dish. You can also use it to maintain a side dish at a serving temperature.

#1 Dehydrator


When it comes to molecular cuisine, the dehydrator is an absolute must. This will allow you to dry fruits and vegetables but also to make crunchy and crispy things. For example, there are powerful dehydrators available on the market that are perfect for making herb dust or crispy bacon. The dehydrator can also be used for making meringues, which are both delicious and savory.

Molecular cuisine is part of an ever changing industry. Chefs are constantly coming up with new recipes and new tools, surprising molecular cuisine fans with their creativity and style. Who knows what new tools are going to appear in the near future?


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