Top 10 Toughest Decisions in Life

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Life as we know, is not a bed of roses. We face thorns too and in most unpredictable situations. There comes a time in every individual’s life when he is in a dilemma and does not do what to do, which path to take, which decision to make. Very few lucky ones get their lucky omens and follow that. But alas! Most of us are left to choose one between the two following our instincts and sometimes even randomly. Listed below are 10 of the toughest decisions almost all of us have to make at some point of time. For some, the results are lucky and for some they are just disastrous. But life goes on. Let’s have a look.

10. Ice Cream Flavors

Shocked? Wait, go through the point. Remember the time when we were kids and would go out to play during our vacations when the ice cream seller would pass by? We had a tough time convincing our mothers to let us have one. That battle won, the next battle begun when we had to choose one particular flavor. Every picture on the menu card was so appealing that we would spend several minutes staring at it and yet not come up with anything. It was heart wrenching to have to choose only one among so many. The golden days they were!

9. Gift

So it’s that dreadful time of the year when it is someone’ birthday or anniversary and you have to buy him or her gifts. You start planning about what probable gifts you can buy in the given budget. But it seems like forever to be able to zero in on one particular gift. You seem to like every item the gift shop has on display and just hop ion from one corner to another in search of that perfect gift, because you want your gift to be unique and special for that person. Finding gifts for our friends, relatives and families is really a tough job.

8. Job or Higher Studies

Okay, this is literally tough I would say. Undoubtedly, all the studying and mugging up, late night studies, dangerous exams, hard work to be in the competition was all because we wanted to get a good job that would pay us handsomely and make up for all these years of torture and nightmares. But in the greed of earning more and qualifying ourselves more and more, the quest to study further never stops. The dilemma arises when we get a job offer which is hard to refuse and we want to study more. It is really tough choosing any one between the two and letting the other one go. The ultimate choice varies from person to person after putting in a lot of thought.

7. Stream of Studies

There are many who have a clear plan in mind after high school, but for many, they are just clueless about what to do after school. With such a wide variety of subjects every college has on offer, the poor students get more confused as to which stream they want to take. One tick in the box and our future is decided. No wonder, the level of thought and reasoning that goes into selecting a particular branch of study is always high. One wrong decision can ruin the whole life.

6. Be in the Rat Race or Follow Our Dreams

I personally had this dilemma after finishing college, with everyone choosing to go for their Masters immediately after college. This is a very common problem with today’s generation. Most of us have big dreams. But fulfilling dreams was never easy, it just got tougher. And if you don’t fulfill your dream, someone else will hire you soon to fulfill theirs. You know your heart wants to go and chase the dreams you have had since you were a kid, but your rational mind asks you not to. The mind says to be in the rat race for survival. And choosing between heart and mind is no easy task. I chose to follow my heart and drop years before pursuing my Masters.

5. Choosing Between Partner and Family

Love comes with its own set of complications. Before reaching that ’happily ever after’ phase, one has to go through a lot. The family does not approve of the partner, the lovebirds are ready to take on the world, families do best to separate them and so on. Now choosing between our family and our partner is not an easy task at all for obvious reasons. It is sad how most youngsters decide to choose their partner after endless nights of crying and thinking and trying to introduce logic into our thoughts.

4. To Let go of People

At several points in our lives, we all have to bid goodbye to the one person we have always been very attached to, for the better or for the worse. That friend whom you trusted with all your heart, that partner whom you love unconditionally and may be some more. It is rare that feelings are equally intense on both sides and lucky are the ones who get to experience that. But the world is a tough place. For most, one cares too much and the other caress too little. That’s when the problem arises. After holding on for quite long, we realize that it is better to let go of them. And arriving at that decision is a tough process in itself, knowing that life is never going to be the same again!

3. Let Somebody Come in

This decision is tough because of the previous point I mentioned. As I said, not everyone is lucky enough to find the right one. The beginning of every relationship and friendship seems beautiful. After the initial spark, it all becomes the same. As we grow up, our hearts break all the time. So it is tough to be able to decide whether we want to let somebody in. The fear that this person too, would take advantage of our trust and break it and mold us creates the dilemma for us.

2. Marriage

Marriage is a different level altogether. It has the widest range of emotions involved. As we grow up and reach the danger side of our twenties, the thought creeps in and freaks us out. Life takes a U turn after marriage. For the ones who are in love and are meant to be together, even they seem to be in a fix at the mere thought of getting married. Marriage means letting go of the independence and freedom we enjoy and taking up hundreds of responsibilities. No wonder why people are in double minds when they decide to get married.

1. Choosing between the Heart and Mind

This age old battle between the heart and mind is never going to stop. In fact, if we think about it, most of our lives is spent in making a call and let one take over the there. The mind, the brain infuses logic in us and the heart just does not let it do that. No matter how much opinion and help we take from our near and dear ones, it does not help. The ultimate decision is ours and that takes forever to arrive to. The heart and the mind can never agree.


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