Top 10 Traits of a Person with Aries Astrological Sun Sign

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You’re one of those energetic, confident, independent and brainy people if your birthday comes between March 21st to April 19th. The first sign of zodiac is Aries and that’s exactly the way people born under this sun-sign want to be: always first. They are pioneers of the zodiac and their fearless attitude helps them to reach all the heights. Aries will never be a follower and would always like to lead irrespective of the fact whether what they do initiate gets completed or not. The leadership quality of Aries is simply amazing, so you better don’t be surprised if you see a ram rallying the troops against all odds. Be it any kind of obstacle, they are always ready to tackle them all. They never give up no matter what come their way. Aries is a great combination of energy, strength and dynamism, more like a Pied Piper, mesmerizing people with its charm and charisma. They are brainy and clever enough to understand the situation and be efficient in every endeavors of their life. Their confident and fearless character can be positive or negative or more likely, a mix of both. Positive behavior can lead to accomplishment and negative to failure. Now it’s all up to you how to make that negative attitude of yours positive. Some of the famous Aries personalities are David Frost, Charlie Chaplin, Celine Dion, Bismillah Khan and Ravi Shankar. Listed below are ten most common traits of Aries:

10. Goal-oriented

goal oriented

 When it comes to achieving their ambition, all Aries are very goal oriented and can do anything and everything to achieve them. They always want to be first and are efficient enough to take up and follow through on every project they undertake. They will never give up no matter what the difficulties come and they will move ahead, to achieve their goals. Their energy, vivacity and eagerness is an inspiration to others.
9. Straight forward

straight forward

For an Arian, the grey part doesn’t exist. Everything is either black or white to them. They are known for their directness and clear-cut attitude. They are strong enough to take a stand in any issue and stick to it forever. Their straight-to-the-point approach is usually appreciated and is effective in situations where a strong decision making is required like strategy meetings. However, at times, this blunt attitude can be offensive and hurt others. Also, it is difficult for an Arian to come and smooth over someone’s hurt feelings as tact and diplomacy does not lie in their nature. It is likely for sensitive people to find them sharp-tongued and blunt.

8. Adventurous


Being spontaneous also makes them adventurous, as it requires one to be full of energy and passion. Hence, they never think once to get on long drives or faraway journeys. The positive Aries have a questing nature and loves to take full advantage of opportunities coming their way. They are highly independent and versatile and are generally nice people to hang out with. Arians are adventurous, passionate and fun-loving as a lover, friend and partner. They like to be challenged, to get over and around obstacles and to keep abreast of new things going around the world.

7. Energetic


The crazy energy level that an Arian possesses is not something that can be missed. Even in the middle of the night, they will be up for some outdoor activity or fun with all the energy. And not just alone, they’ll ask you to accompany as well even though they won’t force you for anything. But,at the end, their dominant nature will triumph and they’ll manage to drag you into it slowly, making you recognize sports are not as uninteresting as they seem to be. Their immense energy makes them forceful and restless, aggressive occasionally, stubborn, quick tempered, easily hurt and capable of holding grudges if they feel themselves insulted.

6. Romantic


Aries Moon Sign people make a very enthusiastic and romantic partner. They cannot see you getting close to someone else, so will hold your hand, hug you a lot, and be possessive in public to ensure and make you realize that you are “theirs.” They are very devoted, and also somewhere deep inside they have this fear of losing you to someone else. However, it is often said that once you have established yourselves as a couple, they will be less attentive and a little less available. But, this can always be talked out as Arian’s are very straightforward and will talk about such issues fairly. Arians are not show-offs, it just in their nature. They will not stop jumping or do something special for you once they are sure they’ve won your love! Arians are highly romantic for someone they love and if that lucky person is you, get ready for some sweet moments ahead!

5. Courageous      


Aries are known for their immense courage and leadership traits, mostly because they are  always ready for any sort of action. The need for excitement and thrill forces them to be a part of something new — and as long as they are ahead of others and are leading people demonstrating the confidence they possess, chances of them giving up are rare. Arians fight for what they believe to be important. But more than being fearless, their courage is more of a commitment to get over the fears.They will always fight for what they believe is important and defensible.

4. Leaders and not followers


The trait of an Arian to be the first always doesn’t allow them to follow anyone and they always want to take charge of everything. They are usually unwilling to obey and submit to things which they do not agree or behind which they see no reason. Aries subjects are courageous leaders with a little concern for those they command. Rarely, they use their subordinates to fulfill their own objectives as leaders. They are more concerned about themselves- both positively as self reliant and negatively as self centered and are more into themselves, their own personal advancement and physical satisfaction. They are not people who would like to be ordered by someone and work under anybody. That is why most of the Arians prefer doing business or work at a place where they are not accountable to anyone and do not have to answer anyone. This also works well because they are brainy, and have very creative and original ways of solving dilemmas and problems that may come up in life.

3. Trustworthy


One of the best and worst characteristics of Aries is that they blindly trust people which often let others use and mistreat them. They are repeatedly back stabbed, hurt, abused, but still an Arian never seems to learn. They expect everyone else to speak the truth as they do. No matter how often their trust is broken, they always get up, forget the hurt and move on. Consequently, they are let down, taken advantage of and disappointed, and used – repeatedly. So, if you are Aries make sure you never repeat the same mistake of blindly trusting people in this self-centered world again.

 2. Selfish


Aries have a very competitive nature and are single minded in their aims without giving a genuine consideration to others needs and feelings. The negative Aries uses energy and enthusiasm to get involved in a variety of things but they avoid using their energy. They are quick learners and get quickly bored when people can’t match with them. This attitude of theirs often results in a conflict or one-upmanship games.

1. Short-tempered and impatient

 short tempered

Arians jump to conclusions and are often insensitive to what their decision means to others. They are impatient and lose their temper quickly and cannot tolerate any delays. They don’t even think before insulting others out of temper. Aries will route to lies rather than be troubled by the unwanted, or be forced to do that which they do not want to do. Impatience is clear-cut secondary, and innovation is a huge strength. Aries loves to start new things, but find it difficult to sit still and finish. So, if you are an Aries, you better finish off the next work you take up patiently.


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