Top 10 Traits of a Person with Cancer Astrological Sun Sign

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Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac and is represented by the crab, symbolic of a tough protective shell which contains within it something vulnerable and soft. Cancer is ruled by the moon entirely unlike the other signs which share planetary rulers. This along with it being a water sign makes cancer a very unique sign of the zodiac since they physically, mentally and emotionally respond to lunar shifts. The influence of moon and the water also makes them sensitive to a lot of things, (giving them the dictum crabby) but being sensitive isn’t always a bad thing, it makes them just as sensitive to people, memories and even psychic sensitivities! Cancerians are also rooted to their family, friends and home. Some may even call them the underachievers but only because they don’t boast or have an uncannily large ego to support the competitive nature of today’s world. Like all the zodiac signs cancer has positive and negative traits but here are top 10 traits of a person with cancer Astrological Sun sign which finds expression in a major percentage of people born under it.

10. Don’t like publicity.

People born under this sun sign don’t like being the center of attention and are always laid back and easy when it comes to work. Traditional astrologers even call this tendency “dark” and “nocturnal”, which is true to a major extent since the constellation of cancer itself lies in a dark region of the night sky and doesn’t have many stars to its name, instead it’s composed of nebulous cloud like cluster where energy dissipates which is a reason why people born under this sign lack vibrancy and are generally passive and need a lot of shaking up to do before they can gather themselves to work. But all said they still end up in the public eye somehow.

9. Unconventional thinkers.

Caner is the only sun sign in the zodiac that rises backward in the sky this combined with the slightly tilted gait of the crab is an insight into the thinking of people born under the sign. There is certain hesitancy before taking decisions thus they don’t act quickly and don’t give an immediate response because they weigh the different possibilities, this protects them from impulsive rash decisions and any superficial glib that they might encounter. Though the logic and analysis of cancer might not be so clear to other people but this gives a different angle to their vision, making them unconventional thinkers. This gives them an edge in financial and marketing matters. They will circle around all options before settling on a deal.

8. The need to look back

Cancer is also associated with memories. This is another significance of the constellation rising backwards. People born under this sign will have a keen interest in history, personal genealogy and a desire to protect customs and kin. Though this can sometime lead to them being clingy to things and events from their past and not letting go of any issues or hurt that they might carry in their hearts. Therefore they have a tendency to take hurt easily and they also can’t forgive with ease.


7. Regard loyalty and are dependable

People born under this sign are very loyal friends and lovers. Though they take time in openly showering their affection, once past the reflective and seemingly detached attitude that they have towards everything, they can be very affectionate and caring. This also makes them dependable in times of dearth. They can go to any extremes to help and support people they love but at the same time also expect the same favors returned from the other side and often feel hurt and detached if they don’t see their feelings reciprocated. Now, owing to the tough outwardly nature of their shell they won’t express disregard out rightly but at the same time they don’t easily forget any instances of mistrust.

6. Persuasive

Cancer women are often the agony aunts of the group. Cancer being under the maternal influences of the moon has the ability to persuade people to open up and talk. On the other hand the ability of persuasion also makes their understanding of people’s motivation apt. This also makes them get their way around people often since they can sense and adapt to the atmosphere they are exposed to, be at work or home. They have strong personalities once they overcome their initial shyness and can hold key leadership positions. But they need to be careful as to not smother people too much with their persuasive tendencies, as they can strike as over bearing, repressive and often dominate.

5. Oversensitive and often Self-absorbed

Cancer is the most sensitive to all the signs of the zodiac. Accompanied with a dreamy nature, being sensitive comes both as a virtue and a vice. They are sensitive to a lot of issues but sometimes might get carried away and get too involved with things they don’t really have a part to play in. Or they might become too attached with their own feelings and opinions and strike off as self-absorbed or even pretentious at times. Cancer’s over-sensitive nature is an attribute of the water which makes for the slow nature of their movement and responses making them appear self-engrossed and at times lost.

4. Sympathy and Empathy

This is the upside of being sensitive to emotions. They are able to reach out to people and understand the undercurrents of emotions. Just as the water makes them slow it also makes them adaptable to the needs and wants of those around them, being a keen lover of family and friends they are understanding and sympathize with almost everyone around them. Being sensitive also makes for their artistic capabilities and combined with the unconventional thinking they possess, it makes them very open to different professions and they might often consider social work.

3.  Prone to pessimism and suspicion

What goes on in a Cancerians head is very different from what they let on to the world. They won’t be overtly obsessive and possessive like the Scorpio but like Fitzgerald said no one knows what a man can store in his ghastly heart. Their suspicions stems from their sensitive nature and the fear of getting heart. The suspicion and paranoia about the unknown makes them pessimistic and sometimes even cynic about relationships and situations in their life. But sometimes the questioning and suspicious nature of a Cancerian might supplement his/her decision making capabilities.


2. Caring and protective

The cancer sun sign of crab itself screams protection and security. Since they are very loyal and demand loyalty themselves, protectiveness comes like second nature to them. Moreover guided by the maternal nature of the moon, they have an irrevocable need to care and provide for their kith and kin against all odds. They also have a tendency to care for the underprivileged and contribute to charity work.

1. Moody

People born under this sign are wavering souls who have more than fair share of mood swings. Affected by the lunar cycle of the moon cancer sign fluctuates between emotional highs and lows. Like the fluidity of water which gives it no shape, emotions of Cancerians run astray and might catch them and people around them off guard. The energy levels too vary with their moods. Don’t mistake them for perpetually depressed. They might be one of the most social people in a group and next minute they will be sitting by themselves, distant, and lost in concerns higher than the ones at hand. This makes their mood swings highly startling for people who have only seen them in social settings. You really won’t get to see their mood swings until you are around him frequently, and if they feel at ease with you.


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