Top 10 types of mangoes

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Mango is known as the ‘king of fruits’ and belongs to the Mangifera  It is the national fruit of India and national tree of Bangladesh. The fruit has 0.82 gram proteins and 0.38 g fat. Being rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat, it prevents many diseases like cancer. It contains some compounds like querctin, isoquercitin and methyiagallit and protects us from prostrate and breast cancer.

Mango also helps to clean the skin both externally and internally. Vitamin C helps to control the cholesterol, mango is very rich in in this vitamin. For eye patients it is necessary to take 25%of vitamin C, hence one cup of mango supplied it.

There are different ways to select the vegetables and fruits like some are chosen by seeing the shape, size and texture. Mangoes needs to be examined carefully before buying:

  • Don’t focus on the colour.
  • Squeeze it gently, otherwise it will get soft.
  • Always judge by feel

And you will get a delicious mango to taste.

Unripe mangoes should be stored at room temperature. It can be peeled and placed in the refrigerator for several days.Many dishes are and cuisines are made from mango like pudding, mango apple smoothie, mango belini, mango cake, mango margata etc. Raw mangoes can be used for chutnies and curries. A famous drink ‘ Aam Pana’ come from ambi ( a type of mango) is widely served in the households of India during summer.

Mango has a greater cultural significance in India. Mango leaves are used to decorate the houses during the days of Ganesh Chathurti. Mango are also found in Kashmiri Shawls and Knchipuram silk sarres. Here are the 10 types of mangoes.

10. Alphonso

This is one of the sweetest and tastier mango with aromatic fragrance. It is also known as the ‘king of mangoes’. It is best grown in Ratnagiri, Raigad and Konkan. Many items like sweets, candles, smoothies and drinks are made. It is a foreign fruit named after Alfonso De Alburquerue. They are also exported in foreign countries and are known as haffos.

9. Badami

Badami mango remains fresh for longer period time, with same taste and can be consumed raw in form of shakes. It is tasted best when it is cooked. It comes earlier before the Alphonso mango. They are also known as Karnataka Alphonso.

8. Baiganpalli

One of the largest and heavier mango, with weight of 350-400 gram. It was named by the mango cultivator Baiganpalli. The pulp of the fruit is fibreless,firm and yellow with sweet taste. These mangoes are grown under the hygiene environment and are highly demanded.


Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of dussehrt mango, which is very sweet in taste. When it is cultivated in the fields, the sweet smell of the fruit is high in the air. It feels loyal when anyone taste this mango in the scorching heat, which is all most intolerable in some parts of the country. It has a green pulp but a yellow sweet taste

6. Kesar

It is a oblog shape mango with medium size. They are famous for their quality, attractiveness, taste and flavor. Many dishes can be made from kesar mango like jams, squashes, concentrates etc. It is mostly grown in Gujarat. It has a golden saffron glow and a rich smooth pulp. It is very popular among chefs.

5. Malgova

When one taste this type of mango, it feels like you are tasting honey which is very sweet. It is slightly less juicy in than the Baiganpalli mango. They are considered to be the Alphonso of South India. The taste of malgova has a milky and sweet taste because farmers feed the roots of the mango  with the mixture if milk and water.

4. Raspuri

Widely used for making ice creams, smoothies, juices, jams and jellies. These mango is rich in vitamins and minerals and known for their health characteristics  They are rich in Carotenes, a component of Vitamin A. It is widely grown in South India just like Tota mango and Alphonso.

3. Sindura

A mango which is free from off taste. It is a smooth and well matured ripe fruit. It has deep red (sindoor colour) and green skin colour. These mangoes has a greater significance for the Hapoos region. It indicated the culture of this region. It influenced brides to wear the red and green bangles.

2. Chausa

Chausa means ‘to suck’, as the name suggest to suck; when one start eating this mango we are lost in the flavor of mango. It is mainly produce in Multan. It is widely known as the best mango for its rich aroma and juicy pulp. It is widely demanded in Middle East.

1. Neelam

The shape of neelam mango is different from other shapes of mangoes, as it has a unique shape of fat cashew net with yellow bright ripe. It can be stored for longer time, this factor helps its for marketing technique. This mango hits in the end of the season.



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