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You are so romantic! You are such a jerk! You are so kind hearted! You are so bossy! Everybody on this planet gets to hear something of this kind or the other. We all have heard lectures about improving our personality at some point or the other in our school lives. We are judged by the people on the basis of our personality. Our personality traits etch out our identities and we often end up in good or bad circumstances, due to these traits of ours only. We too form our opinions on the basis of the way people behave, talk and react to day-to-day situations. The very intrinsic and inherent qualities,whether good or bad, make up a person’s personality. In this article of ours, we are going to familiarize you with the different types of personalities. The top ten  types of personalities are:

10) The Kind One

kind hearted

The people who are associated with this type of personality are the ones who are always in the good books! And why should they not be? These are the kind hearted ones. These people are calm and composed in their general behaviour. They tend to forgive people easily. They do not hold grudges against anybody. These are the people who are also termed as “sweethearts” in colloquial terminology. For instance, that girl in your office who stays back to help you out in your work is a kind hearted one. The boy who performs the mammoth task of teaching you the entire syllabus one night before the examination is a kind hearted sweetheart. These are the people whom you never want to do away with.

9) The Mean One

the mean one

These come up together and form an entity that we know as “more than half of the world” or more fondly, the jerks. These people are completely opposites of the kind hearted sweethearts. These are also known as selfish drudges. They are strong followers of Nietzche and the likes. The mean ones always put themselves before anybody else, in all cases, except dying (much to our misfortune). They use the people around them and believe in the policy of utilitarianism more than Mill. The mean ones are the ones that our moms always ask to beware of. This trait of the mean people makes them quite infamous. They are hated by all except the people belonging to their mean clan. We strongly urge our readers to stay away from such people as far as possible.

8) The Shy One

shy one

That girl who always hides her face in the library behind books. That guy who has a blush on his cheeks each and every time a girl talks to him. These are the people that generally define the word “shy”. These people are also introverts at times. They get quite uncomfortable when talking to somebody. They are said to be pretty wild from inside, which comes to the surface when they are with the people who make them super comfortable. However, many times misfortune falls upon them and they are taken to be arrogant people like Mr. Darcy.

7) The Bully

the bully

Remember the stock character of huge bully in high school comedies? The bullies are generally identified with the features like abnormal sense of ego and pride. They are the true sadists of the world. These people are out there to make the life of innocent ones even worse than hell. Such people, on a more psychological level, are said to have faced the same problem of being bullied by someone or the other at some point of their lives. Psychoanalysis shows that when people bully others, that act is an act of revenge on their part, which they are seeking against the society. These people however make the basic living conditions like breathing, eating and peeing turn into nightmares. They seem to be devils incarnate for the victims and their presence is generally marked by the famous evil laugh in people’s heads.

6) The Happy One

the happy one

Harvey Ball would undoubtedly be the best example for this one. He is the guy who invented the famous yellow coloured circle with two dots and a curve, representing a happy human face, in short, the smiley. The happy people are the most infectious of all. Their reflective, dazzling smile and cheerful nature is ought to wipe away your blues. These happy people have the lowest risk of heart diseases. They are true optimists and do not worry for petty things. We strongly urge you to find such company, in order to live a life full of zeal, zest and fervor. They can even act as stress buster for all those grudging, cribbing souls!

5) The Melancholic One

the melancholic one

Remember the famous Jacques of Shakespeare’s As You Like It? The person who was always sad and upset about life. These people are at an all time low in their behaviour and attitude. For them, getting high is as significant as an infant crying in the operation theatre. Nothing in this whole wide world seems to be working in their favour, according to them. They are bitten by the perpetual bug of gloom and darkness. Their world is monotonous. They keep whining and are a huge turn off for the people around. These too, like the happy ones, are very infectious. However, unlike the latter, we urge you to stay away from such personalities. They can be seen around anywhere in the contemporary world. Just open your eyes and there you have them! We just hope you do not find them in the mirror though. *fingers crossed*

4) The Wannabes

the wannabes

People like to call these people by various names. However, the popular survey showed that the term “wannabe” is the most preferred one. As the term suggests, these are the people who “want to be”, as in, these are the ones who have a low sense of Self and deal with extreme levels of inferiority complex. They want to adorn the personality of somebody who they think is cool and famous. In a more judgmental way, we can say these are the ones who have no individuality and all the concepts of self worth and self-esteem are Greek to them. Such people are terribly annoying and you would definitely want to stay away from them, lest you should be a bully. *evil laugh*

3) The Agony Aunts


We all read or have read those articles/blogs where people pour their heart out to some stranger and ask for a wholesome solution to their problems. The person who solves or at least tries to solve them, no matter how chaotic and neurotic the one seeking help gets, are known as agony aunts. This term is gender specific. However, in today’s world where hearts are getting broken and mended in a jiffy, the male and trans-gender are not behind too. This problem or rather “duty” is a universal problem. Some people just assume these duties and are out there to lecture you on your relationship problems and how immature and stupid you are. This can also be termed as “the agony aunt’s burden”.

2) The Loud Mouth

the loud mouth

That one person who speaks anything and everything without giving it a nano second of thought is known as a loud mouth. The silly statements passed by such personalities become so redundant that they are not even paid heed to. These people are caught in a foot-in-mouth condition n times, where n tends to infinity. The person who said that the person, who is not well informed, is not entitled to have an opinion has clearly not met such people. These people break all the so-called norms of thinking and reflecting upon one’s own words. Due to such an attitude, they always manage to be in the spotlight, though only for the negative reasons.

1) The Charming One

charming one

Yes this phrase just creates a real/imaginary face in front of us and we are left to make googly eyes at them. Such people cannot be characterized. They have an aura of their own. This is not gender specific. The charming personality is the ideal compliment for anybody on this planet earth with sane thoughts and mind. Such people are attractive in the very basic essence and make anybody go weak in the knees. The kind of flamboyance and elegance of their nature or the toughness of their character, anything can make a person charming for the other person. The concepts of charming personality are very subjective in nature and no matter the plethora of variations present in the human market, this type of personality is to die for. Hence, the top most position in our list goes to the charming one.


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