Top 10 Ultimate Dream Jobs in the World

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Although dream jobs can be hard work too, it’s always more enjoyable and productive if you are doing something that you love. Now, we all have had childhood dreams of living a Rockstar fantasy or being a baker or being paid for traveling around the world but to materialize these dreams requires dedication, unwavering faith in your capabilities, reasonably good decision making capabilities and more than anything patience (Rome wasn’t made in a day!). What most people, who opt for unconventional career choices, complain is that they aren’t taken seriously by the people around them- Family, friends etc. Well, for one, before anyone else you should start taking yourself seriously and sketch out a plan as to how you are going to accomplish all those dreams you have been weaving into your head. Everything is possible, you just have to vouch for it and stand by yourself in times of dearth! Here are Top Ten Dream Jobs which are off the beaten path and continue to be a source of living for those who don’t want to walk to walk the same old career options which lead to closed cubicles and a closed mind!

10. Video game developer or tester

The good news is even if you flutter at school with your grades and aren’t able to make it to the developing sector of the video gaming industry, you could get paid as much as 100,00$ for merely testing  the upcoming video games. But of course, you would need some knowledge and history of the gaming industry.

9. Photographer

In the age of camera-phones and digital cameras, everyone tries to be a photographer to some degree, but so few are actually good at it. If your skills are sharp, perhaps you’ll click in this role. Although it is quite hard to bag a full time photographers job, with all the amateur photographers popping up due to the spur in the digital market. However, it is still a dream job for many to make a living with just their camera and gear. Exploring different genres of photography is the next step if you want to be a photographer. From Avant-grade of fine-art photography to stock photography and fashion photography for magazines like the Vogue, the number of prospects is numerous. If only you can dare!

8. Food critic

A food critic or a food writer is someone who analyzes the various variety of food cuisines, restaurants and other aspects of the food industry and writes about it in form of a review. The most accessible job for these food-enthusiasts is to write for a daily or magazines. With the extension in the food industry around the world, there are specific food related magazines which are always on the lookout for fresh breed of critics. Though there are some negative points to being a food critic: people who run the restaurants mostly have extreme views about you and you have to work really hard to keep up your reputation. But then you get to eat for free, eat at extremely expensive, exclusive and exotic restaurants that you’d otherwise never get into, and often be the first to try a new dish or restaurant. And you make a living out of it! That’s all you have got to do for the rest of your life. Eat and critic! Anyone with a flair for baking (or even eating) can start on it. Though you would need some credibility to your name before the big bucks and fame can roll in. Maybe a degree in the related disciplines of the food industry is what can get you started?

7. Supermodel

Being a supermodel is a dream for many fashion enthusiasts, the realization for which starts out maybe with a Beauty pageant and an exposure to a plethora of magazines and TV shows boasting off the glamorous lives of models across the globe. However, their is a considerable amount of work and diligence that goes into working your way up as a model which includes a tight and organized diet plan and exercise routine. And then there’s the bad side of the ultra glamorous industry and not to mention the harassment issues that some might come across. Being a supermodel however is still a dream for many in their prime years!

6. Artist

Creativity is the key to a happy job, but is happiness enough to support the many other things that you may want from life? Well, for artists across the world, the material is not something they crave. Give them enough to sustain themselves and buy the required equipment and they can happily spend their lives living off painting in the hills or by the sea or sketching strangers to see that smile on their face stretch from ear to ear! Though being a successful artist in terms of the salary and the lifestyle might be tough, it’s not impossible. With the kick in the art business, if you are really good and can manage to bag few exhibitions to your name, the material might not seem all that bad, considering it would be within reach now!

5. Professional Traveler

What if your job description was to go on vacation, a fully paid for vacation at that? That’s what numerous travelers around the world are doing. A number of magazines and websites pay in six digit figures to their correspondents, for them to travel around the world, and live and record their liberating experiences. The job profile might range from videography to writing about your travels, all with perks of the travel being fully sponsored (with health insurance!). For the traveling enthusiasts, this might be all they need for a Good Life!

4. Musician or Singer

Music has been moving people to live off the beaten path for ages. Musicians are often stereotyped in today’s world of bandwidths and YouTube, but being a musician or a singer has a certain aura of awe attached to it. For those who breathe and live music, reaching out to people and making them see the world they see it, is all they can imagine doing in a life while for some the limelight and the lifestyle that comes with wooing people off their senses is what makes being a Musician or a Singer so coveted.

3. Writer

We all love a good story, storytelling has been a part of the way we as humans have structured our lives. All of us constantly telling stories, whether it’s our personal stories or the ones that we make up. The need to let the world know that people just don’t fade into oblivion, what they did and are doing has a meaning which might inspire generations to come. And some of us are so much in love with reading and writing stories that that’s all they would want to do for a lifetime. Reach out to millions across the world, just to reaffirm the fact that we all are really the same! Well, the way to being a full time writer is pretty tough and chances are you will need to polish and prep your skills before you can walk into a publishing house with your story.

2. Actor

Yeah, we’ve all dreamed of being a Al Pacino or Angelina Jolie, the lights, the fans, the glamor. How could you not love being a famous star of the screen or stage? With all the added bonuses that come with being an actor, for some it’s just about the thrill of doing what you love. People may call you naive but it’s not impossible to sketch a career as an actor, if you are good at it. Start working on it as soon as you decide that this is what you want to do in life. The necessary academic qualifications might not be as important as the need for you to be really good at what you are doing and who knows with the right number of correct choices you might be the next Robert deNiro!

1. Working for a charity organization.

Considering the present state of affairs, it’s no wonder that many people want to work in the social sector full time without paying head to the many difficulties and financial insecurities that come with the job. Maybe that’s what keeping you from jumping off to your nearest NGO but keeping the inhibitions aside some people are bold enough to take a stand for what they believe in and their search for a meaningful life takes them take the plunge into shaping a better world.


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