Top 10 Most Unconventional Career Choices you can Make

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, said Confucius. The wisdom associated with these golden words is laid bare when we think of renowned names which have tasted undisputed success in the most unconventional careers owing to their great caliber and the sheer love for their job that they nourish. Most of us run after success day in and day out, but it still remains a distant dream; a mirage. We try our best to emulate the people we idolize and gear up to tread on the paths taken by them before. But how many of us actually dare to traverse the ‘road less taken’? Have you ever stopped to reckon what interests you the most and makes you happy rather than imagining what will fetch you more amounts of currency notes? Perhaps not! You must have read ‘n’ number of articles on successful persons. However, I am being optimistic and with infinite hope in my heart, I am writing this article to make you understand that success and happiness can walk in the same lane, hand in hand leaving you with a life full of sheer joy and radiance. Dreams do come true, Miracles do happen, and God does exist. I present to you the

10 most unconventional career choices…

10.  Politician


‘Politics is a quagmire of dirt.’ This phrase can be heard with strong vehemence when you tell a person to describe politics in today’s time.  However, an honest politician is revered in society and treated as equivalent to God. Politics enables you to run the system efficiently and to work upon the glitches. The vitiated political environment still has scope for altruistic hearts who are willing to work “of the people, by the people, for the people.”


9. Musician


Music transcends across a paradigm of emotions.  Music enchants and mesmerizes one and all. No soul remains untouched by music. Music strikes a chord right through our hearts and supplements the feeling called love. Music is power to rule. Pursuing music as a passion and career offers ample opportunities. A lot of eclectic music is appreciated the world over. Music is a fusion of cultural influences and traditions. Music lends a distinct identity to an individual. So, if music is your inclination, Get set and keep rocking!

8. Writer


A large percentage of people in this world write! People pen down bizarre day-to-day accounts, anecdotes, poems, stories, autobiographies and personal diaries. However, the sad part is that a major chunk of this population sees writing as a hobby, not meant to be taken seriously. This one is for all those people, “Just have the courage to spread your wings, in no time you will realize that the sky is yours.” Writing is considered to be a profession of the dreamers but what is life without dreams? Nowadays, an author can create a huge stir in the world of publishing and earn enormous royalties. Books cut across geographical boundaries and propel people towards scratching their heads and thinking on important issues. Books prove to be a person’s best friend and companion when alone. Books are a true manifestation of the author’s soul. So, put your heart and soul into this wondrous profession and it will help you climb the ladder of success in return.


7. Couture Designer

couture designer

This glamorous profession welcomes everybody with open arms, but unfortunately sustains only a few. ‘Survival of the Fittest’ is the success mantra in this profession. However, to give vent to your intrinsically artistic bent of mind, this one volunteers itself to be the right choice. This mesmerizing and illustrious industry promise you fame, money and recognition if you are aware of the vivid details of style, finesse and glamor.


6. Auctioneer


Do you envisage yourself selling out antiquities for the best-bid prices? If yes, then welcome to the world of auctioning. Fascinated by this largely unexplored art but hesitant to step out and carve a niche for yourself in this uncharted territory? Auctioning is a world wrapped in gold, in itself. It is a business model that has proven  to be far more successful than anyone could ever imagine. Within a year, the art auction market for Indian art grew nearly ten times, from 5 million to over 50 million dollars in 2004. Auctioneering involves a lot of hard work in collecting and making available a variety of products ranging from art works to jewellery, real estate, antiquities, collectibles and more in the international markets. Providing authenticity, doing background research and building credibility is a very difficult as well as incredibly important part of the business. The business thrives on people’s growing interest in rare commodities and international markets. All you need to do is harness this interest and channelize it for creating profits.


5. Cricket Commentator

cricket commentator

India is a cricket crazy nation. Cricket unites the nation and the world together and creates fraternity. Cricket has never ceased to grip one and all in its frenzy. However, the voices behind this incredible game are as charismatic and significant as the players on the field. Cricket commentators have won multitudes of fans in this country with their perfect voice intonation and wealth of information. This profession can never witness a downfall. Verdict- Be a master of the mic!


4. Wine Maker

wine maker

Wine-this classy beverage keeps getting better and better with age. Viniculture is a lesser known career but has a lot to offer. Traversing this unconventional path will never disappoint you as the wine remains in demand the year round. Viniculture opens up a whole new world full of possibilities before you. You can travel across the world to explore the vineyards and enjoy their fabulous scenic beauty. Moreover, knowledge of different varieties of grapes and cultivation methods is essential. Raise a toast to life!


3. Mountaineer


Do you find yourself out of harmony in the midst of corporate, urban life? If yes, then you surely need to give precedence to your love for the outdoors and yield to the irresistible urge of your heart. I can guarantee that you won’t regret your decision even for a moment. Mountains provide a tranquil, calm and exhilarating experience. They have a placating effect on the mind, body and heart. Mountains echo the sound of ‘oneness’ and integrate every speck of the universe together. All the adventure lovers out there, Gear up to romance the mountains!


2. Food Explorer

food explorer

If the fascinating world of flavors and aromas captures your interest like nothing else in the world; then, this is the perfect career choice for you. You will get to relish sumptuous delicacies that transcend across international borders. Not only this, this exuberant career gives you a license to roam about and explore this enchanting world and its equally enchanting dishes that will tickle your taste buds and give you a rejuvenating experience. You have to opine about food and give your readers a truthful and detailed insight into the world of food, food joints and eateries. You will find profound delight in meeting new and interesting people and representing your country in international seminars. I believe this job is a roller-coaster ride if you savor the food from diverse regions and love to experiment with different varieties of food.


1.Disc Jockey

disc jockey

“Musicians create music, while Disc Jockeys run it.” Team work, commitment, drive, energy and knowledge of public taste are the formulas to adhere to in order to succeed in this testing and challenging, but amazing profession. Who does not want to be a dazzling DJ rocking the dance floor with the perfect frequency of music and setting the mood of the crowd dancing to his tunes filled with over whelming amounts of energy, joy and fun? Electrifying the atmosphere with unparalleled ecstasy is a Disc Jockey’s  job. This is the perfect epitome of a career that can never ‘bore’ you.


So, guys and girls, choose your pick before it gets too late!


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