Top 10 Useful Time Saving Tips

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Someone has rightly said that time is the most valuable thing in life. It influences every single moment and every step we take in life. To manage time is to manage life. Once we become independent and take responsibility on our own for everything from cooking to grocery shopping, from cleaning to childcare, from bill paying to every other adult necessity. Apart from all this hassles sure we would love to spend an extra hour with ourselves. And the good news is that it’s possible to use little tricks that will help us stop wasting our precious time. From simple household tricks to office strategy here are some of the true time-saving tips.

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” – Anonymous

10. Call instead of texting

Call instead of texting

In office setting or even in personal life if you want to exchange some vital information, a small call is far more effective than a series of text messages. Messages generally digress, go off topic, or reaches to inanities like “sup” and “hmm” that does not mean anything. In an official conversation, once things have been finalized just draft a mail and forward it all the people involved in it. We do not realize but every day we waste all most over an hour in messaging. So, next time call rather than texting.

9. Use automatic bill pay

Use automatic bill pay

The easiest way to save time is to opt for online banking and automatic bill pay. It is extremely convenient even though it is surprising to know that common people don’t take advantage of it. The easiest way to save time is to apply for automatic online payment for monthly bills. If we set up a system that covers the minimum amount then also we can avoid late fees for past-due payments. Online bill pay service is usually free. Together with convenience it saves a large amount of paper. Hence, this service is a great option for paying bills on time each month without losing most of the worry.

8. Restrict social media

Restrict social media

We do not realize it but Social media sucks so many hours out of our day. Although it has made lives easier in various ways, allowed us to connect to our friends and family and also a great way to share updates with them. But at the end it is one of the biggest ways to waste our precious time and we can do it effortlessly. The temptation to postpone our important work while we are busy with Twitter, Facebook, orkut etc is very common.  It can ruin our best efforts to save our time. Once we go on these sites, we know what happens then. Therefore to control it stop checking such sites constantly. Instead, restrict your viewing time to 5 minutes, not more than three times a day. This will not only keep you updated but will also regain plenty of hours out of your day.

7. Say No to rush hour

Say No to Rush Hours

Everyday thousands of people commute to work. Most of them are frustrated with the amount of time they waste in commuting. By doing a few simple things, and working towards to know how to avoid the traffic, will make commuting easy. Carefully plan your route and mode of transportation before leaving home. Arrange your things as much as you can the night before, so that you can leave home on time without any last moment hassle. The major rush hour is between 8-9am. If you can leave home at 7:30 instead of 7:45, you can avoid most of worst traffic. And once you reach office, you’ll have extra time to relax and catch up with your pending work. While driving back home, try to avoid 5 o’clock which is usually the worst time to go. Either leave by 4:30 or wait until 5:30. Again, just 15 minutes can make a huge difference especially in urban areas.

6. Use Technology

Use Technology

The advices on shortcuts and ways to save an hour a day is needed in nearly every area of your life. Along with tricks and time-saving strategies to increase ones productivity and efficiency by use of technology is another option.  In this technology oriented world, while using computers or laptop less typing equals more time. There are softwares that reduces the number of keystrokes. Such as Text Expander, autocomplete or autofill etc, they not only simplify repetitious tasks like adding up signatures, writing unvarying letters, completing forms but will also save hours in the long run.

5. Delegate work to kids

. Delegate work to kids

Maybe you think that you can do it all and you are best at it. But we are wrong. Initiate by delegating work to all the family members and especially to kids. This will not only reduce your work pressure but will also make them responsible. Even if you are out on a business tour or some extra time in office, you know that kids can manage things really well on their own. Above all this, once everybody is done with your daily chores you have plenty of family time left to spend with each other.

4. Find a place close to work

Find a place close to work

Do not ever choose to stay far from work place. Even if the rental and home prices are low we do not realize it how much hidden cost we incur on commuting. Not to forget the booming prices of gas and transportation that can add up huge amount to your monthly expenses. It is better to move and have higher housing costs and gain an hour every day.

3. Restrict TV watching and playing games

Restrict TV watching and playing games

This is for all TV lovers who absolutely can’t break the TV habit, try Netflix or Hulu so that you can skip commercials and spend less time viewing your favorite shows. If we watch 3 hours of TV a day, we actually lose an hour to commercials and promos. And then when it comes to playing games sure they’re fun. But they easily eat up huge amounts of our leisure time without any benefit. Best option is to delete the games and see the result. Productivity will increase automatically along with ample of free time for family, friends and off course for you. The other option is to use public transport while commuting. It might be that you are giving up the privacy of your personal vehicle, but you’ll gain extra time to play your favorite game or to watch TV programs.

2. Always use a list and prioritize task

Always use a list and prioritize task

Always keep a paper or note pad handy in your bed room or drawing room. Even you can opt for to do list fridge magnet. Keep a pen nearby to it and write all the important work as it comes to your mind. From preparing grocery list to weekly activities, important calls you have to make to plan the whole week’s menu.  Most of the people while grocery shopping uses list, this helps them not only to save time but also money. With a list in our hand we can shop more efficiently and get in and out much faster than if we shop without it. While making list prioritizes items, place most important things at the top. Use A for the items that needs to be done urgently, B for the second most important tasks, and C for the tasks which can be delayed for a while.

1. Simplify Your Morning

Simplify Morning

The best way is to get ready for morning the night before. Try to set out everything possible from preparation of breakfast ingredients to clothes, from backpacks to lunches. Do this all before going to bed. It will leave you with fewer things to think about when you wake up. Shower or take a bath at night, instead of doing it in the morning. Decide the night before what to wear the next day rather than struggling with your cupboard in the morning. Also pack your work/school bag the night before, Keep your wallet, purses, keys by the door in a basket or at one place.



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