Top 10 Way to Help the Poor and Needy

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It is a beautiful thing to be able to change someone’s life for the better. In our busy world today we seem to have little or no regard for anyone other than ourselves. We need to start caring about the people around us, because if we won’t, who will? There are some very simple ways through which we can help those who are in desperate need of it. A few moments of our time can do wonders in their lives.

10.Donate money

The least you could do to help a homeless or needy person is donate money. You could either donate the money to an NGO or give it to them directly. Note however, that your money may or may not be put to good use. A lot of the money donated to NGO’s goes into the salaries of the employees, the maintenance of the offices and other expenses. And on the other hand the money you give directly to poor or needy may be used to buy drugs or alcohol. However you could find an efficient charity, on that preferably uses the donated money to buy necessities for the needy instead of just giving them the money.

9. Get them in touch with a charity organization

If you don’t know or have the time to help the needy, and nor do you want to donate money to an NGO or otherwise for whatever reason, a way you could really help the poor and needful is by getting them in touch with someone who can. Many churches and nunnery’s do a lot of charity for the poor. They utilise money collect through donations and during masses, etc and you can be rest assured that the money will not be used to pay someone’s salary. Most poor and homeless are already aware of the various charities around them, however if you know of one that offers something better or if they don’t know of one, find out the criterion these charities have and get the needy in touch with them.

8. Give them food

If you are uncomfortable giving them money and if you have a few minutes to spare, you can run to a store nearby and buy them something to eat or drink. Aim to get something as nutritious as possible as junk food, though cheaper is neither filling nor healthy. You never know where they will get their next meal from and like your mother probably said, you can’t live your life on junk food. If you’re passing by them and you have some food you don’t really want to eat, don’t hesitate to offer it to the needy. If someone asks for food, do your best to give them some. The very fact that someone needs to ask means that they must be starving. Even when you go to a restaurant and here’s food left over, ask for a doggie bag instead of wasting. And give those leftovers to any poor and hungry that you may see.

7. Donate clothes and shoes

If you have clothes or shoes that are old, not to your liking or don’t fit you any more, donate them to the needy. The poor don’t have the means to buy clothes for themselves and anything you donate can go a long way. Wearing the same dirty clothes day in and day out can cause infections and skin irritation. If you don’t know how to go about donating clothes you could simply drop them off at a charity or an NGO or any other form of donation that your country may have in place.

6. Help out at soup kitchens

Almost every country across the globe has soup kitchens in place for the poor and homeless. Most often these kitchens are understaffed and require volunteers to help out in serving people and keeping the place clean. Find out where and how these places around you work and how you can help out. Doing this will benefit both you and the poor. You’ll feel better about yourself and will be able to appreciate what you have, and at the same time you will be able to help those in need. Soup kitchens however, most often require a certain level of commitment and expect you to put In a certain number of hours. So consider all these things before signing up for things like this.

5. Help them clean up

The poor generally live in very unhygienic conditions. They tend to have little or no access to sanitation. If you have a few hours to spare you could help them clean up where they are currently living, or even help them clean up themselves. They probably haven’t had a shower in weeks or even months and that can cause a number of diseases. You could look up a nearby shower facility and accompany them to it or you could merely direct them and they could go on their own. But make sure the facility you look up is cost free or that you cover the expenses as the poor person cannot.

4. Take them for a doctor’s appointment

There are many free or cheap or free medical clinics which are built for the free or inexpensive treatment of the poor. Most poor however may not have the means to get to those clinics or may not even know of existence of these clinics. You could schedule a quarter yearly or half yearly appointment system with the poor and needy to get regular check ups from the doctors at these clinics. They are exposed to many germs and infections that we living in our sanitised environment have probably never even heard off. Regular checkups will ensure their health is taken care of. If there are kept healthy the will be capable of doing some productive work with their lives.

3. Spend time with them

It is rather simple to put a few dollars in poor man’s cup, but to have to sit down with him and give him a few minutes of your time, now that’s a little hard. Financial help can only go so far, after all we are all human. We all crave for human interaction. People who are poor and needy are under a lot of stress. They have no fixed income and are always unsure of when their next meal will be. You don’t have to sit with them on your own, you can take a couple of friends and maybe sing a few songs for them. Spending a little time with them once in a while will be a great motivation and de-stress therapy.

2. Help out at charities

Charities and NGO’S often need volunteers to help out with various workshops. If you are good at teaching, or serving or some skill like that you could give a few hours of your time helping out. They generally have long term volunteer programmes but you could find something that fits into your schedule. This is a great way to truly make make a difference in someone’s life. Things like education will make these poor applicable for jobs and hence can earn an income.

1. Get them a job

This is a big one. It will take a lot of work but at the same time will make the biggest difference. The poor and needy will now be able to support themselves and will not need to rely on others for their survival. However this is at me long and painful process. You first must determine that their skills attend aptitude is. You could do this either by actually getting tested, however that could be expensive, or you could simply infer from your own observations. You then have to make sure they get rid of their vices, like drinking or drugs by getting them to join and attend an alcoholics anonymous or something like that. And then finally you have find them something they can do and excel at given their available resources. After all if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.


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