Top 10 Ways Kids Get Bullied in School

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Bullying is a term too wide to be overlooked by the souls in a society. Nevertheless, we do witness such acts in and around us or to say, with us sometimes. To fathom what it means, we need to try to scan every aspect of it. We come across bullies and the ones bullied not bothering to pay any heed, treating it to be another oh-so-called a normal societal or human instinct. But is it really so? As kids, our society tells us to be “perfect” in almost every sense so as to manifest an exhilaration at the compliments received to us by others. A kid who gets bullied is sometimes seen as a disgrace in the eyes of a society. A person who is overweight, has ugly physical features or who is suffering some psychological disorders are the easy targets for the bullies. Ironically, people blame them for they believe that they in some way contribute in attracting bullies toward them.

But the ground reality finds itself towards the other end of the pole. It does not lie with the target. It is not the victim who is to be blamed but the bullies. Anyone can fall prey to a bully at any place and at any time. Bullies learn to bully probably because of the way they are mushroomed or they even might be going through some mental torment that leads them bully and rile others up.

The parameters vary. Usually, people of any age group can become the target or be a bully. We all have seen, heard and perhaps some of us have even witnessed others (adults) being bullied. But this cruel act can widely be seen among kids. Most often kids are in a fix when it comes to do something about the bullies. They try doing certain things like talk to them or even beg them to not bully them ruthlessly but in vain. Nobody has got the right to bully others. However, it happens almost every day, especially in schools. Kids face such bullies each day and despite of being a regular victim, they prefer remaining quiet, afraid not to let know about it to their parents or other elders lest getting bullied even more the next day.

There are various reasons as to why kids are being bullied and is solemnized by the bullies after they get success from a target. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why a kid gets bullied at school.

10. Race/caste


It is seen that kids belonging to a different race or in case of India, caste group to that of the bully are being subjugated to ill treatment. They would often pull out a dirty prank on the target and do things that hurt the sentiments of the victims. Often, the bullies are found to be segregating them, calling them by names and throwing racist or ugly remarks. These initials can sometimes also lead to disastrous and impetuous behaviour from the bully’s side, resulting in a serious aftermath. The victims find themselves falling into depression, isolate themselves and even commit suicide, for that matter. It happens with all races and caste groups. For instance, the White students may single out and bully the Black ones.

9. Religious or cultural beliefs-


A kid also gets bullied on the basis of what religion they believe and/or what culture they follow. This most often has to do with the way a kid is being nurtured and conditioned in a society. A kid might find the religion of another inferior to his and in the process, the latter is ridiculed for his beliefs and practices. The bully feels his culture or religion to be the topmost in contrast to what others follow and often find ways and means to dominate their victims, whom they think are inferior, suppress them and behave like total sadists. Not to forget the fact that they still are kids and are oblivious to many things. One glaring example of bullying in reference to religious and cultural issue includes the treatment received by the Muslim students after the 9/11 attack, not only in the US but also worldwide. Prejudice plays the game here and bullying follows.

8. Different sexual orientation-

sexual orientation

Often, kids are being bullied for being gay. Homosexuals face bullies at every step of their life and this continues until they breathe their last. Bullies find these people to be someone not belonging to the category of the so-called normal humans. This makes the gay kids an object of immense laughter and scorn. They have to take in all the bizarre, vile and repulsive actions and behaviours and the sexist remarks delivered by the bullies. This becomes a great ordeal. Adding to the fact that homosexuals are not legally accepted by the society even today, bullies can have their way with them on a large scale. They are seen to be sometimes physically harassing the victims in school. In fact, most of the brutal bullying incidents have considered children who are bullied for their sexual orientations. And the common yield we get to hear is- suicide.

7. Less or no friends-

no friends

Kids with fewer or no friends tend to be an easy target for the bullies in contrast to those who experience no bullying. They may have been rejected by their peer for some reason or the other and usually spend their lunch and recess time sitting alone somewhere at a corner. This lone feeling at times grows so conspicuous to the bullies that the victims do not escape their notice and end up getting bullied. This results into a fierce and untold battle between the bullies and their targets but since the latter is devoid of any friends and nobody to express their grief, s/he carries on with the desolation. This exposes their area of vulnerability and attracts as a magnet to the bullies to torment them even more, by degrees. What the bullies do is either peeve their targets using various means to the extent that they get frustrated or turn to physical assault. And the presumed frequent upshot- depression followed by other consequences.

 6. Popular and well-liked kids-

popular kid

In most cases, the popular kids or the ones liked by everyone becomes the prey of the predator. It is usually seen that the student loved by all becomes the eye of jealousy. Others cannot stand the sight of them and start bullying in order to bring them down in the eyes of everyone or to say the least, take out their frustration for not being loved unlike his target. In a way, it seems to them as if their status has been nicked off of them or being threatened by those “well-liked” kids resulting into such bullying. They get a sharp pang of jealousy, getting green eyed and this hammers them so much so that they furnish their way out to bully the popular kids.

5. Intelligence and Creativeness-

intelligent kid

Students with extra calibre or potential tends to be a target for others, the bullies. The kids score well and give out best performance over years. They may have more wit and are not dunce. This results in extreme and out most jealousy faced by other students who fail to ace in their schoolwork or are lacking far behind from those who excel in studies and other fields, making them the bully and the intelligent ones, the bullied.

4. Excellent in all fields

kid with ace

Many a times, some kids will be bullied because they get good response from others in their school for whatever they do considering their aptitude and receive lots of positive lauds for something they excel in. They come up with great zest in everything they do and this can be anything from excelling in sports to studies, being the class monitor to participating in various extra-curricular activities, so on and so forth. These may act as the source for bullying for the bullies who think their talents have been sheathed and feel inferior even though they lack that potential, thus triggering their bullet on the victims. Jealousy contributes as the pivotal factor in this case.

 3. Personal weakness

personal vulneberality

Introversion pops up as one of the prime vulnerability of a kid unlike those who are quite extrovert in nature or are outspoken. In fact, some researchers believe that kids who lack self-esteem or security attract kids who are prone to bully. It is often assumed, or we can say seen that kids who are quiet and reserved, who keep mostly to themselves are the ones bullied most. The targets have a fear within them which shows well and good on their face and this makes them vulnerable to bullies. They would never dare to take any action, tell someone or fight back, technically giving way to the bullies to bully them more. The more they sink back into their shell, the more they get bullied.

2. Physical or mental illness

physical or mental illness

Often, bullies target the ones with some disability or illness or to be precise, the gifted children. Kids with disabilities like autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, down’s syndrome and such other psychological disorders become an easy prey. They are called by different names in context to the disabilities they are suffering from and get mocked every now and then. This further demoralizes the victims. Their life is made worse by the bullies who fail to fathom the sentiments behind the targets. They become an object of mockery and live their whole life listening to such pessimistic remarks. What’s more, they are not able to fight back or speak up against them

1. Physical features

physical feature

A kid with an oversize physic or someone who is lanky gets reeked by the bullies. Physical appearance is what seeks attention of the bullies to their victims. A large nose, pot belly, dark complexion, ears that stick out, etc are some of the features that call in the bullies to bully kids. Almost any type of physical characteristics that’s different in its own way proposes bullies. Even someone with large glasses on, or a face full of acnes are prone to get bullied. For instance, a fat kid with big glasses on might be called by various “creative” names which are particularly being tagged to him by the bullies. There would be remarks like “ Hey! You look like an elephant” or someone who has got a bulged eye would be commented as “ Your eyes resemble bulbs”, etc. This shows the effect physical features have on the targets.


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